s, wide shoulders, and a narrow waist, the whole person is like a poplar.
After two years, the nickname “herbivorous male” was given to him by his seniors and has continued to this day.    


He is introverted and humble, treating others as gentle and friendly as a herbivore with almost no aggression.    


Therefore, Lu Yicheng really couldn’t figure it out.    


Could it be that the deep, hidden characteristics of his heart are very bad?     In Lu Yicheng’s cell phone address book, there are only four women.    


One is his mentor, two are the parents of the students he tutored, and the other is his aunt who married far away.    


Originally, he thought it would be a bit troublesome for him to contact Jiang Ruoqiao, but the child could recite the phone number, but he just didn’t know if Jiang Ruoqiao used this number now.    


Lu Yicheng’s fingers were long and slender and well defined.
He paused on the phone screen for a long time and then solemnly sent a message: [Hi, are you Jiang Ruoqiao? I’m Lu Yicheng; I need to talk with you.


At the same time, it rained in Xishi City, dispelling the sweltering summer heat.    


Jiang Ruoqiao casually flipped through the novels bought by her little cousin.
For her, the novels were more effective than melatonin.
After reading two or three pages, she fell asleep.
A small lamp by the bed was still on, and the old air conditioner was still making a whirring sound, Jiang Ruoqiao fell into a deep sleep.    


Back home, sleeping on this small bed, Jiang Ruoqiao usually felt very peaceful.    


It’s just that she, who usually has dreamless nights, unexpectedly had a dream today .    


It was a not-so-wonderful dream.    


It was at a cocktail party, and she was looking at a man and a woman not far away.
The man was dressed in a well-tailored formal suit, and exuding an aura of aloofness.
He was surrounded by people who were flattering him.
There was a hint of impatience between his brows, and his icey and stern face would only melt when looking at the woman holding his arm.
Then the face would be covered in tenderness and doting.
Whoever looks at it would only think of the word “love.” The woman beside him was petite and lovely, holding his arm longingly.
For some reason, she stood on tiptoe and whispered something in his ear, and the man kissed her forehead comfortingly.    


In the dream, Jiang Ruoqiao was watching like that.    


The man glanced at her sharply.    


The scene changed, and it was drizzling outside, Jiang Ruoqiao was distressfully walking down the path with her arms folded across her chest, her skirt was dirty, and her hair was wet.    


She shivered from the cold and walked forward with difficulty in a bent posture, as if stepping on a sharp knife.    


Suddenly, a black Bentley slowly stopped beside her.    


The car window lowered slowly, and the man looked at her with cold eyes and said with a sneer, “Beg me.” “Beg me, and I’ll let you go.”    




Jiang Ruoqiao was woken up by a noise.    


Grandpa and grandma are getting old, and their hearing is not as good as before.
They tried to communicate quietly, but the sound insulation of the old house was poor.
She got up and stretched casually, picked up the mobile phone on the bedside table, and pressed the screen to check in.     In addition to Weibo and advertisement reminders on the webpage, there is also a text message and several WeChat messages.    


The SMS is an unknown number.    


The WeChat messages were sent by her boyfriend.    


Jiang Ruoqiao grunted and clicked on the text message.    


She frowned, Lu Yicheng?    


And he said he was looking for her for some reason?


Do they even know each other well enough?  

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