Chapter 2.1

“It’s good to go back to Beijing now.”

Although Jiang Ruoqiao was puzzled, she still replied to his text message: [Lu Yicheng, I’m Jiang Ruoqiao, what’s the matter with you? ]

If Lu Yicheng hadn’t stated his identity, Jiang Ruoqiao would have delete such text messages immediately.

How could she put it, although Jiang Ruoqiao is not familiar with Lu Yicheng at all, but she knows that Lu Yicheng has a good reputation among her classmates.


Her boyfriend and Lu Yicheng live in the same dormitory, and they have a good relationship, so she has also met Lu Yicheng a few times, and he is indeed a pretty good person.

The name Lu Yicheng appeared frequently in their dormitory.

Among the students who can be admitted to University A, who was not a top student in high school?

University A and other universities set up freshman scholarships for top students in each province and every year, the top schools in each province will compete for the top prize.


This freshman scholarship can basically cover four years of tuition fees.
It is already very good to be admitted to a prestigious school.


If the tuition fee can be waived, then the winner is obviously a fighter among top academics, and Lu Yicheng was the number one student in science that year.

A smart person always has a halo around him.
What’s more, Lu Yicheng’s appearance and demeanor are so outstanding.

Of course, in Jiang Ruoqiao’s view, even if a boy is not good in appearance, as long as he is clean enough, he will get points.

Lu Yicheng is very clean.
Not only his clothes, shoes, hair, fingernails, but also his temperament.

Some boys not yet twenty years old, are very greasy, without any refreshing qualities at all.

Lu Yicheng is clean and refreshing, he is very popular, gentle and friendly to others.
He is still humble even though he receives a scholarship every year.

Even to someone as picky and tricky as Jiang Ruoqiao, such as person was praise worthy: Apart from having no money, he is simply perfect.

However Jiang Ruoqiao’s standard for “no money” is too broad.

In fact, those who can get into University A, as long as they work a little harder, they will not be so poor.


College students are already popular in the tutoring market, let alone top students from such prestigious schools.


Jiang Ruoqiao had heard from her boyfriend before that Lu Yicheng could earn a lot of money every month just by being a tutor, and the other two people in their dormitory would borrow money from Lu Yicheng when they had no money.

Many people will be a little slack in their studies after they go to university, even Jiang Ruoqiao and the others will skip classes sometimes.

Lu Yicheng has never been “joined the bandwagon”, even if the course is an elective and the teacher doesn’t check for attendance, he will not miss classes.

It was also because of such a serious and hard-working personality, Jiang Ruoqiao heard that there were a few powerful seniors in their school who started their own companies, and even invited Lu Yicheng to work part-time, and the salaries were all ideal.

All in all, anyone can see that Lu Yicheng is a potential stock with unlimited future prospects.

Lu Yicheng replied to the text message in seconds: [Are you in Beijing now? ]


Jiang Ruoqiao soaked the fried dough sticks in soy milk, and then replied: [No, what’s the matter? 】

Apart from her boyfriend Jiang Yan, Jiang Ruoqiao and Lu Yicheng have no intersection.
They are not from the same department, nor are they in the same circle of friends.


No matter how big a brain Jiang Ruoqiao is, she still can’t guess what could have happened to make Lu Yicheng go looking for her.

Lu Yicheng: [If it’s convenient for you, can you come to Beijing? 】

Jiang Ruoqiao: “…”

Is there something between them that they can’t talk about over the phone or in text messages?

What could that something be?

Before Jiang Ruoqiao could reply, Lu Yicheng said solemnly again: 【It may be a bit abrupt, but I have to tell you this matter in person.
If it is convenient for you, you can give me your ID number, and I will buy you a ticket and book a hotel for you.
If it is not convenient for you, I will find you.
It’s really important.

Jiang Ruoqiao is very curious now.

It may be that Lu Yicheng’s reputation is too good, and it may be that she has a good impression of him.


Faced with this nonsensical request, she did not immediately refuse it.
Instead, she weighed it.


Instead of going back to school during the school season, when it will be crowded and hot, it is better to go back now.

Maybe the dream did have some influence on her.

In the dream, she saw that Jiang Yan was like a rotten leafy vegetable, first flirting with other women, and then boldly asking her to beg him.

It’s too disturbing.

Jiang Ruoqiao has long outgrown the age at which after having a strange dream, the first thing she does the next day is to search for Zhou Gong (Chinese book of dream interpretation) to interpret the dream.

Her current attitude to her boyfriend cheating was; it’s not a big deal.

Emotions such as pain and hesitation were all wasteful.
Just thinking about it, didn’t people just throw away the garbage from their homes? Who ever felt nostalgic over kitchen waste, right?

It’s good to go back to Beijing now.

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