cceptable, and this child is very pampered.


The child is only five years old, and the father in his heart is not financially troubled, and he is responsive to his requests.


The five-year-old cannot understand the embarrassment of his twenty-year-old father.


He wants Lego, drinks milk in the morning and evening, how many kinds of fruit he wants to eat, reads various picture books, and buys models of cars and airplanes.


Taking a step back, even if the child is not a high-needs baby, with Lu Yicheng’s conditions, he can’t afford it.


What’s more, raising a child is not enough to have enough food and clothing.


At least the kid has to go to school, right?


But the child doesn’t even have a household registry.


Lu Yicheng couldn’t help thinking: No wonder many people say that raising children should be considered cautiously.


No wonder there is a need to set a marriageable age.
At the age of twenty, he has no time or conditions to raise children.


Fortunately, the son is not his alone.


Fortunately, he knows his son’s mother now.
If there are two people…there should be more ways, right?


Children require a lot.


He didn’t like the toothpaste Lu Yicheng bought him in the supermarket two days ago.
Lu Yicheng had no choice but to go to the import supermarket, and buy the toothpaste he wanted according to the child’s prompt.


More than 50 yuan for a small bottle, 50ml.
At ten past eight, the child finally woke up.
Maybe it’s genetic, but his hair has some natural curls, which is very cute.
Lu Yicheng’s family doesn’t have the gene of natural curly hair, he thought, maybe it’s the gene of Jiang Ruoqiao’s side?


“Si Yan, me and…” Lu Yicheng still couldn’t bring himself to say it, he paused, and his voice was as calm as possible, “I have an appointment with her, but you promise me first, when you meet her you can’t call out to her like when you met me.”


The child’s name is Lu Siyan.


He is very smart and already knows how to write his own name.


Lu Siyan was immediately upset, and said with his head of curly hair: “Why!! I miss her so much!”


It is obvious that he is closer to his mother.


Lu Yicheng: “She will be frightened.”


A week ago, the child rushed towards him like a small cannonball, calling for Dad loudly.
At that time Lu Yicheng thought he had run into a ghost.


Fortunately, it was just dawn at that time, and there was no one there.


Lu Siyan couldn’t accept this reason and asked, “Are you guys going to get a divorce?”

Otherwise, why didn’t you let him call mother!


But even if they are divorced, that is still his mother!


Lu Yicheng has been in contact with him for a week, and he has a simple understanding of him.
Talking about time travel to this child… It seems that it doesn’t make sense, and the child may not have noticed something is wrong.
For example, Dad is so poor now that he even became short of breath at the check out counter when he went to pay for his toothpaste! For example, Dad is younger than before, but even so, children of this age cannot understand their own adventures.


“No divorce.” Not even married.


No, there is no such process as falling in love.


The child breathed a sigh of relief.


Lu Yicheng has always been smart, no matter how difficult the problem is, in his hands, it’s like a mess of wool balls has found a way to be sorted out, and all difficulties are easily solved.


But now, he was helpless.
After thinking about it, he gritted his teeth and said, “Promise me, and I will take you to eat KFC today.”


Lu Siyan pouted and raised a fat finger, “I have to eat Pizza Hut.”


Lu Yicheng: “…”


He finally understood what the uncle in the unit next door said; when raising a child, one day’s wages is nothing, when everything is included.

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