m also honored to come to RongCheng as a representative of the Academy of Science of Hua University.”

“Sure, Ye Zhen,” Rong Cheng Jue said her name with a touch of spring.
“These red plum blossoms are very suitable for you.” He said and handed her the flowers in his left hand.
“Here you are, Ye Zhen.”

Xi Gu: …..

Two rows of people: …..

“Thank you,” Ye Zhen said politely.
“I like it very much.”

Perhaps because Ye Zhen’s serious attitude was too good, Rong Cheng Jue finally remembered the feelings of the onlookers.
He briefly introduced the two rows of executives beside him and then said, “About the following cooperation, let us go to my place to talk about it in detail.”

“Very well.”

Following him through the rest area, Ye Zhen entered a Chinese-style office.
The office was large, luxurious, and inconspicuous, and the layout was somewhat scholarly.
Except for the red plum blossom bonsai in front of the screen, which had been stripped bare.
It was a bit miserable.

“Pfft hahahaha—” Xi Gu pointed at the bonsai and then at the plum blossoms in Ye Zhen’s hand, laughing almost to death on the couch.

When he heard this, Rong Cheng Jue’s forehead twitched for a moment, but then he said as if nothing had happened, “What would you like to drink?”

Ye Zhen looked at the coffee table and said, “Mineral water is fine.”

Hearing what she said, Rong Cheng Jue also sat down and got down to business.
“From what your Academy of Sciences told me, Ye Zhen, you came to Rong Cheng for a specific research topic.
But I don’t know what exactly it is?”

“My major is applied mathematics, and my research direction is naturally related to that.”

“Applied mathematics? That’s great!” Rong Cheng Jue clapped his hands.
“Our company is a comprehensive company, but generally speaking, it is guided by internet thinking.
We attach great importance to big data and cloud advertising.
Our group also has a data center and a research and development center.
You can see their business content in detail and give your opinions.
It will be best if we can work together.”

“I’m sorry, President Rong Cheng.
I want to work in the IP Expansion department of your group’s entertainment division,” Ye Zhen reminded him.
“You just met me at the interview yesterday, didn’t you?”

“I thought you were just going to the interview for fun,” Rong Cheng Jue said.
“But there is no data-related work in the company…”

“Do students who have studied mathematics need to deal with data? 

“Aren’t mathematics students supposed to work with data?”

“Well, according to your theory,” Ye Zhen tilted her head and said playfully, “shouldn’t a student who has studied law have to learn magic?”


“Just kidding,” Ye Zhen returned to the subject, “I think you might have some misunderstanding about applied mathematics.
Applied mathematics is about using mathematical knowledge to solve real-world problems.
More specifically, it means going deeper into reality, understanding the market, users, products, technological innovations and other variables, and then building a mathematical model based on that to solve problems. 

With my experience from Hua University, you don’t have to worry about the mathematical model.
But the practical problem is that if you don’t allow me to go to the front, how can I know what RongCheng Entertainment needs?”

“Then you don’t have to go to RongCheng Entertainment.
It’s too unworthy of your talents to go to a subsidiary.”

It never occurred to her that Ye Zhen would waste her time arguing with Rong Cheng Jue about such matters.
She could only be patient and said, “Mr.
Rong, isn’t the purpose of President Rong Cheng’s establishment of the IP Development Department to occupy the market and capture the source of content? This will also lead to a series of products such as games and peripherals.
This is the future direction of development.
How can I be inferior to such an important thing?”

“Well, you’re right,” Rong Cheng Jue seemed convinced, but there was some emotion in his words, “It’s hard for Dr Ye Zhen to think so much of RongCheng.”

“President Rong Cheng is joking, I came here out of my own selfishness.”

Rong Cheng Jue raised his eyes, “Oh? Tell me about it.”

“I hope to gain some skills and become a producer in the future.
I want to make at least one film.”

“You want to be a producer and make a movie,” Rong Cheng Jue said with a bad feeling, ” Don’t tell me you want to make a film based on the book about the domineering CEO?”

“Maybe,” Ye Zhen said.
She unconsciously put her hand in her pocket and stroked the old poker card, imagining the strange smile of the clown on it and the words ‘JOKER’.
“Someone likes it.”

Haha, what kind of brain-damaged person likes this and makes Ye Zhen stoop so low?

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