is newbie truly wasn’t acting. 

It turned out that there was never a shortage of good people in this world.
It was merely that she used to assume the worst about people. 

Only after Li Mo was pulled out to the surface by Luo Xi did she find that Gong Xu and the others were gone.
The two stayed afloat on the sea.
After finding Xie Ze, they saw no one else again.
They guessed that others were swept far away by the waves. 

Li Wei didn’t know how to swim.
She only hoped that the three of them were together.
In any case, Gong Xu and Mo Nan could watch out a bit for Li Wei. 

Li Mo was abruptly poked by Luo Xi.
Exhausted, she turned her head while using her eyes to inquire her. 

Luo Xi blinked.
She pouted her lips at a not distant place, “Is that…..a leopard?” 

Her knowledge about the creatures on the Earth was seriously insufficient hence her question was asked hesitantly. 

Li Mo didn’t think much of it.
She stared at the animal swimming not afar from them with wide eyes. 

The leopard’s gold-colored fur was covered with black round spots.
Only its head was exposed.
It was small and round and had short ears.
Its eyes were almond-shaped.
Whiskers adorned both sides of its mouth.
From time to time, one could see its white fangs. 

Although it looked a bit like a cat, based on its appearance and size, one could tell that it was definitely not a kitten!  

“…..leopard? Why is there a leopard on the sea?!” 

Li Mo freaked out a little.
That animal kept coming closer to them.
The animal that tried its best to swim was clearly a leopard.
Looking at the color of its coat and the pattern, it must be purebred.  

“Maybe it was swept into the sea by the tsunami?” Luo Xi took a glance at the leopard.
Oh, this fellow had quite a lot of meat.
It could be eaten, couldn’t it? 

“Leopards generally inhabit the forests, wetlands, or arid terrain.
No matter how powerful was the tsunami, it can’t carry here a leopard!” Li Mo thought that this newbie’s general knowledge was worrying.
That was not a seal but a terrestrial animal. 

“Maybe it is from the island.” Luo Xi said nonchalantly. 

She didn’t care about the leopard’s origins.
This leopard had so much meat.
Under the current circumstances, it was their proper food stock.

A chill ran through the leopard that was swimming toward them.
It had turned its head in perplexity.
Only after confirming that no deadly creature was in the sea for the time being did it continue to swim toward Luo Xi. 

Li Mo’s teeth began to chatter, “I-it is coming.
What does it want to do….could it be that it wants to eat us?!” 

Luo Xi murmured: “It’s not certain who will eat whom.” 

“What?” Li Mo did not hear her clearly.
She muttered nervously: “Didn’t you have a good affinity with animals? Could it be that he came to make friends with you?”  

“I don’t like fluffy animals.
They’re difficult to tidy up.” 

Luo Xi took trunk debris and compared them with each other.
It was quite suitable for smashing the leopard.
If she knocks it out, she can tie it up and take it away. 

When the leopard swam over, Luo Xi raised her hand and, under Li Mo’s unbelievable gaze, hit the leopard’s head with a sturdy and heavy wooden block in a fast, firm, and accurate fashion.
It has produced a sharp and loud sound.

Li Mo: “!!!”

The leopard was stunned by the hit.
Its almond eyes rolled up. 

Upon seeing that one strike didn’t knock it out, Luo Xi immediately hit again. 

Unbeknownst, whether the leopard was exhausted or dizzy from the two consecutive smashes, it wobbled as if going to lose consciousness. 

Luo Xi deftly fished out the leopard.
She tied it up properly with the vines and fastened it on the same tree trunk as Xie Ze.
One was tied on one end while the other was shacked on the other.
Even if the leopard woke up, it won’t be able to bite Xie Ze.
The floating object under Xie Ze was big enough to enable a man and a leopard afloat on the sea. 

Li Mo was shocked by Lou Xi’s move.
It took her a while to mumble: “…’ve hit a grade one state-level protected animal.” 

Luo Xi was stupefied.
She asked abruptly: “Can you eat a grade one state-level protected animal?” 

Li Mo: “…….”

Li Mo wiped her face, finally understanding Luo Xi’s train of thoughts.
She uttered quietly: “You can’t.” 

Treating a leopard as food stock.
What’s more, knocking it out with a wood brick.
Do you have to be so cruel?! 

“So you cannot eat it…..” Luo Xi was disappointed.
It had so much meat, yet it couldn’t be eaten.
It grew into such a big proportion for nothing. 

“You cannot eat it.
If you hand it over to the country, you will probably be rewarded.” Li Mo quickly said, afraid that Luo Xi will slaughter the leopard. 

“Reward what? Food?” 

“A commendation covered by the news, admirable people, and exemplary deeds pennant I presume…..” Li Mo has never saved an endangered animal.
From what she saw on those few occasions in the news, this seems to be the case. 

Luo Xi turned up her nose, “Humans are such hypocrites.
Why is it all bogus?”

Li Mo thought that her words were full of points for roasting.
Yet, for the time being, she couldn’t call to mind what was odd about it.
Thus, she could only utter: “……there should be also an award money.” 

When Luo Xi heard these words, she tightened the vines that tied up the leopard.
The award money was not bad.
She wondered if it was enough to build a swimming pool. 

As they were talking, that leopard woke up.
The wild animal’s vitality was indeed powerful.
It was just when those leopard’s eyes opened up, they seemed to be a little at loss.
The throbbing pain on its head made it recall how it ended up being like this.

Translation notes:

[1] Taiyi Zhenren was the savior of all beings of the ten directions in Traditional Taoism (read here to learn more)

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