Ruthvens eyes opened as he was standing at a Familiar location, The forest path. ” Looks like its about to begin ” his voice had no enthusiasm in it. He took a deep breath, ”Alright lets begin ”With a stern look on his face he followed The path.

As the light began to Peirce through the forest he stopped on his journey. ” This should work ” he said as he stretched his body and climbed a tree. Starting at the giant System panel on top of the village, ”What are you ” He questioned the existence of the being that caused his death.

”Hahaha, This truly isn the regression I imagined ” You could feel the pain behind those words. Before The sun could set Ruthven was Observing The village that was marked as his Target. Night soon came ” This should work, ” Ruthven said as he started to set out.

The village gate was guarded by 2 young men with Sticks in their hands. Taking the Darkness to his advantage He began to Snick his way in through the wall. After climbing over He hid behind a house that was situated near the wall and In a faraway distance, he could see a house with items that resembled lanterns.

Moving by the shadows provided by the night and the cramped Housing, He slowly made his way to his Target. He reached the house with the strange lanterns and he began Looking in the window to see if anyone was still up.

He suddenly heard moans They were loud yet weirdly arousing Moans. He saw what seemed to be 2 Shadows, One was of a woman bent down while the other was of a young man who stood next to it as he moved forward and back at the woman. ” Sex really ” Ruthven thought as he realized what they were doing.

” But Thats perfect, ” he thought as he realized he wouldn be heard if he opened the door. Moving to where the door was situated He Slowly opened the door while Making less noise Than the 2 Villagers. Snicking His way to the lanterns He slowly took them off the shelf.

With the lanterns in hand, he began to run towards the wooden wall, ”This spot should be fine ” he thought as he opened one of the lanterns. He started to pour what seemed to be gas on the wooden wall.

The strange liquid was not enough to fulfill his needed requirements As he soon saw this with his own eyes. ” finished already ” his voice was disappointed as he put the faintly lighted lanterns on the ground.

Not wasting another second of his quest he Rushed to the village well and After a hard trial of taking out the water, he poured it on himself. ”Why is it so god damm cold, ” He thought as water would flow its way on his body.

After his preparations were done, He ran back to the wall and Shoved the fading lantern on the wall, Fire slowly spread out as it was engulfing the wall in a crimson red. ”This is strange liquid, ” He said as he slowly backed up and went into hiding.

As the fire started to spread a bell-like alarm rang and the Guards Rashed back inside the village. When the Guards had completely left the gate alone, He rushed to it at an incredible speed But instead of running away, he closed the gate with him and the Villagers inside.

” Am not gonna take any chances ” His voice was shaken but he realized something if the Villagers were to live by some miracle he would have to experience the Deaths of those who were left alive and the tutorial would start again. The villagers were so busy turning off the fire at the wall that they didn notice that a house was also caught on fire.

Ruthven took this as a chance upon himself. As he walked into the house and he could hear the screams of a woman, On his way to the woman, he found a Stone knife on his path. ” I was looking for a weapon ” His personality had changed as a means of surviving. He knew that if he wanted to survive he had to evolve into someone perfect for the job.

He reached the woman who screamed but her reaction was uncalled for, Ruthven Appeared in front of her and she began putting on a horrible expression as she peed herself. ” *#*#$#*_*$* ” The woman spoke in a language Ruthven couldn understand. ” It would be nice if I knew what you were saying ” Ruthven said as he started to stab the woman countless times.

<[Notice] Targets 54 >

Ruthven reacted badly to the notice as he jumped away out of fear. ”Why why is it hear ” Ruthven still feared the system. He walked out of the house without checking it as he went to the next target. ” am not ready to deal with this ”

while the Panel was left alone


< Solution identified> (Diit)

The panel window disappeared.

Ruthven went from House to House as he checked if the was anybody inside, So far the has been no one in any of the houses. This was what He had come up with, To ensure that no one will be able to hide in the Houses he had checked He had to burn the house he went to.

He opened a door to another house and this time He heard crying but he couldn hear it clearly as the screams of the Villagers from outside came into the house. The crying was vague but it was still possible to follow. ” Dang it where is it ” he became impatient as he searched the house. He finally opened the door to the last room In the house and inside he saw his target.

<[[ Name: Unknown ( TARGET)

Level : 0

Race: Human

Age : 0 yrs and 10 months

Occupation: Baby

status: Scared

Health : [ 69/ 100]

Strength: 1

Stamina: 1

Mana: 1

Vitality 57. ]]]

Seeing as the baby had a target mark Ruthven couldn control his emotions. ” Wh…. what your kidding right ” his angry tone was all that came out. He thought of it over and over about how to deal with the baby but in the end, he decided to leave it be.

But as soon as he was able to leave The deaths of 54 people terrorized his mind. Ruthven stopped at the door as he now muttered ”Am sorry am sorry am sorry × 100 ”

He slowly walked towards the baby and he began to hold her in his arms, When he saw the face of the baby tears followed from his face like a waterfall, When the baby saw this she stopped crying and played with Ruthvens cheeks.

Ruthven smiled gently at the baby and started to hold the baby up. ” dada ” The baby said as she smiled warmly. Ruthven stabbed the knife in her stomach at an incredible speed, The baby didn have time to feel pain as her death was quick.

The door opened And a young lady came walking in, she saw Ruthven putting the baby Down and Then a knife that was filled with blood. The woman screamed as she tried to run away, But for some reason, Ruthven was faster as a knife was stabbed into her head.

”Bloody system, ” Ruthven said as his voice was saddened. Ruthven dried his tears up, ” Alright lets continue ” He said as He began walking toward the other villagers right after he set the last house on fire. The villagers who were busy with the fire didn notice him, He was only noticed when one was going to get more water.

”*#@#&_-$# ” The strange language again. ”What the ** are you saying you morons ” Ruthven screamed with hate for this language.

He slowly picked up his speed as he started rushing toward the villagers. Ruthven had felt it too, the increase in his power.

With his knife he pushed some of the villagers into the fire, The 2 gate Guards tried to fight him but their speed didn allow it as they were soon cut through in their throats. The other villagers felt fear from seeing this but they all charged at him as they left the fire alone.

His fight with the other villagers continued for half an hour. though he wasn able to kill them, both sides were injured more so the villagers side. They were all distracted long enough so the fire could spread through the wall this was Ruthvens Original plan.

Running Towards the well he drew water from Ruthven and made sure that the Villagers couldn follow as they had injured legs and arms, they would have no time to catch up with their injuries.

Soon Ruthven would reach his destination and Without thinking about it Ruthven jumped in as soon as he saw the well. The water Splashed as soon as he was in the water. A light red Started to show in the water, This was blood from Ruthven. Floating in the water he now tried to rest, but he was disturbed by Breathing inside the well.

It was the old man who looked like the village chief, Ruthven seeing his face caused painful memories to return. Ruthis anger was not subdued as he remembered the way he failed his quest the second time. ”#$_*$#$* ” The Old man chanted, Thought Ruthven couldn understand the Language he knew what that meant. He jumped and started to stab the old man in the well countless times, Soon the water was dyed a bold red. ” Argh Weren you dead ” Was the old mans last words

” Now you speak something I understand, ” Ruthven said as he put a fake smile on his face. Soon Screams started echoing down the well. ”Why did they have to be so noisy, ” Ruthven said with an indifferent tone

<[Notice] The host Has Completed the Quest.

Distribution of rewards shall begin Momentarily]]

Having finally accomplished the Quest Ruthven began to breathe in peace as he fell asleep.

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