The teleportation had already begun and a Man Wearing a red Tuxedo but not too bright with a black coat that reached his knees, and his hair Tied up in a ponytail position. Ruthven had been teleported into a forest. ” What a familiar scenery ” He thought as he remembered the Village. Ruthven put his hands in his pockets and began to walk, He didn know where he was going but he felt that the was something ahead of his path.

He slowly began to live in the forest as he noticed the light that kept growing on his coat. Getting out of the forest he was greeted By a giant Game panel that could be measured above 50 meters . ” Huh looks like this is gonna be Troublesome ” he said as he put a dissatisfied look. Ruthven slowly started to understand the Quests, And if a Quest Panel was that big, It meant that the Quest was on a Large scale. Even Though Ruthven was Dissatisfied he Started to read the Contents.

<[Information (1)] Thousands of Years have passed after the Great War, The battle that had split the world in 2 had now unified it as the world had a common enemy on the Battlefield. "THE BLUE EYED DEMON ". It appeared from nowhere, Wearing strange torn-up Clothes and Hair that reached to its knees. The Demon spoke the Same language as them and out of pleasure It began to massacre the soldiers, But that didn last as it was Stopped by the four Great Generals]

Ruthven got a strange feeling as the Quest information had said thousands of years had passed, He knew that this would affect his age yet again, But he expected as much as he no longer paid much attention to his age. As long as he acts like a teenager nothing Would be a problem.

As He was browsing the Information He Saw the name, BLUE EYED DEMON. ” what a cheeky name ” He thought as he was embarrassed that the name was referring to him, As Ruthven got closer to finishing the Information he realized something When he heard The four Great Generals. ”Ohh isn that the Cowards the ran away, ” He thought as he was in a Momentarily trans.

<[Information(2)] The four Great Generals were revered as heroes From the South and North to the East and West They were The pillars of humanity, But they soon Died of old age. After the Slaying of the Demon, the world would soon be affected, When Normal animals Would change and become Monsters. After a hundred years The demons were born again in the World. The monster where natured by the once scares strange energy (Mana) That had now filled the World, The Blue-eyed Demon was an entity of a high world as it left Mana in the world, It was once Scares but now it was free to everyone. The Monster started gaining Intelligence and some Started to have a resemblance to Humanity.]

” Wow so they are like my descendants ” Ruthven felt proud that he had left Something in the world, He was also angry That the Cowards who ran from the battlefield were treated as heroes for defeating him.

<[Information (3)] The war between the Humans and Demons began, The humans started to lose as they had lost Their heroes. Thats when new beings were born from the world... Spirits,

[Spirits Bare resemblance To the nature of the world, Fire, Earth, Water, and Wind sometimes the where those who were born from the energy given to the world e.g Light, This created light Attribute spirits. Dark(Shadow) They were born from the things that happened in the dark]

They were beings who were called descendants of God. They whey Capable of giving blessings To Humans at least that was what the humans believed. The truth of the matter was that They gave Blessings to beings who deserved them. The birth of Spirits gave Humans hope As e Heroes were Born among them. This Created balance between the new forces.]

”Ohh isn this like those mangas I used to read, ” He thought as He remembered Earth. ” So Now all thats Messing is the demon lord. ” Where his thoughts as he held a sinister smile on his face.

<[information (4)] The Balance Lasted For a decade when A New Demon who held powers similar to The Blue-eyed demon appeared. He was hailed by All demons as the demon lord. The balance that had now been created was disturbed again. The humans were being pushed back Till new magic Was developed, Summoning Magic. The humans started to summon beings from other worlds to fight and this was the Birth Of the True Heroes. Balance was restored as No side held power Over the Other]

”Hmmm So truck-Kun was busy in Japan ” He made this remark as he missed Japan.

<[Information (5)] As the war continued for years And no side saw victory in their grasp it was suggested that a peace treaty be formed. At first, neither her side could stand the other but time slowly Changed and Humans Began to live with Demons side by side. As the Current Era was Known as The Demonic War.]

”Hmmm, it ended better than I thought ” Though Ruthven said that he did not mean it in the slightest.

<[Quest] The long Lasting peace Is Not needed by a future Evil God. The war between the Demons and Humans has been requested.

<[Duration] You have been given Three Years To Create War between the two Races.

<[Rewards] Shall be calculated upon Completing.

<[Penalty] A Quest Shall be issued to Other Candidates To End Your Life in The Cruelest way Possible.[Notice] The host is still Under Tutorial Restrictions So it is impossible to die]

Ruthven understood multiple things from the penalty. 1st If he failed the Other Candidates Will be Exposed to his location Meaning He might lose the world where he undergoes trials. 2nd Not dying Means He Shall be Killed by a thousand Beings. ” Mmm well guess I should Begin another Possible Massacre ” Was what he said As his Crimson Eyes Turned Black.

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