All the humans in front of him had turned into giant animals.
If a woman wearing high heels passed by him, her footsteps sounded like thunder.
Terrified, Ye Yixing carefully walked along the buildings on the side of the street, fearing that he would encounter a “traffic accident” for the third time and be turned into cat food in the blink of an eye.
He would be the first cat in history to be stepped on to death because he didn't know how to walk! Thinking of this extremely tragic ending, Ye Yixing ran in fear, his ears folded back.


Suddenly becoming a cat, it was quite normal to feel uncomfortable with this change.
However, there were advantages to being a cat as well.
A distance that took a human ten minutes to walk could be covered by Ye Yixing in just two minutes as a cat.
Feeling the speed he had never experienced before, Ye Yixing even enjoyed the feeling of lightness and jumping.
He felt as if he was racing freely with the wind that had no resistance, and it would be even better if he didn't have that little bag hanging on his neck.


Being a cat wasn't bad at all, Ye Yixing thought to himself.
In the future, if he wanted to take a night stroll, he could just run a few laps by himself.
There was no need to buy a car.
He had even been tempted to buy one when he went to the car show with Yang Qu a few days ago, but now he had completely given up the idea.


As a cat, the greatest advantage was to move without making a sound; and as a black cat, the greatest advantage was to move like a shadow! With a flash, Ye Yixing sneaked into the hotel without anyone noticing.
Even if the security guards found him, they wouldn't be able to catch him.
At this moment, the black cat had already run up the stairs.
He didn't want to be crushed by the elevator.
He took a few steps and arrived at the fourth floor.
Now he knew why cats could climb trees so fast…


He remembered that the private room was 401B.
Ye Yixing looked up at the huge door of the private room, straining his cat neck.
Although the sound insulation effect of each private room was quite good, Ye Yixing, who now had the sensitivity of a cat, had such good hearing that he almost wanted to lift his paw to cover his own ears – it was too loud! There was singing, laughing, and noise.
He could even hear eerie moans from the small compartment in the corner…
he didn't need his nose to know what was going on inside.


Places like this were all the same, regardless of whether it was a five-star hotel or not.


With a snort of anger through his cat nose, Ye Yixing sneaked around the fourth floor service desk, unsure why no staff were around.
He glanced at the computer on the desk, which was emitting a “beep beep beep” sound that sounded like a QQ call.


“Tsk tsk, there are unprofessional people everywhere,” he thought to himself as he found himself in front of room 401B.
Inside, there were clinking cups, lively chatter, and upbeat music in the background.


Ye Yixing hesitated whether to wait for Yang Qu to come out of room 401B, but Yang Qu was the protagonist at the gathering in the center of attention, and the party should have already started.
Who would remember Ye Yixing, someone who hadn't arrived yet?


As he struggled with his thoughts, Ye Yixing suddenly heard Yang Qu laughing, “Wait a minute, everyone.
I still have a brother who hasn't arrived yet!”


Someone chimed in, “Isn't it Vice President Ye? Wow, acting like a big shot, he's almost half an hour late, hahaha!” It should be a member of the Literature Department named Liu Ting.


Then another familiar voice said, “Quick, prepare a case of beer, and when he arrives, let's drink him to death in one breath!”


Ye Yixing broke out in cold sweat.


Yang Qu continued, “I don't know what happened.
He said he would arrive in ten minutes on the phone, but it's been half an hour now, and the phone has been off since then.”


“Really? Could he have gone to see a woman?” It was unclear who said this, but Ye Yixing was so angry that he clenched his fists.
How could he, a respectable young man, be described so vulgarly?


Someone laughed and tried to mediate, “Hey, hey, Huang Ji, be more courteous.
There are female comrades here!”


Ye Yixing's cat ears pricked up, and he clenched his cat paw.
So this was “Huang Laoji”, and he would remember him.
Then he heard someone say, “Be careful.
Maybe handsome Ye is standing outside listening.
He's famous for his 'If someone doesn't offend me, I won't offend them, but if someone does offend me, I'll destroy them' attitude.


Ye Yixing was shocked.
Who was this person? He had been spotted at the door by someone else.
But at the moment, he was just a cat in their eyes, not Ye Yixing.
And did he really have such a revengeful personality? What did they mean by “If someone does offend me, I'll destroy them”? It made him feel like he was dropping an atomic bomb on Hiroshima, Japan.


In the heart of Ye Yixing, he thought to himself that squatting like this was not a solution! If someone passed by, he would definitely be found out.
Usually, hotels do not allow pets like cats and dogs to enter.
If he had bad luck and was discovered by the staff, he might be thrown out.
Moreover, Yang Qu might not come out.
Even if he called Ye Yixing, oh! Call? Yes, the phone was in the bag around his neck.
If it was too noisy inside, even if Yang Qu wanted to make a call, he would come to the corridor.
Therefore, he had to find something that could prove his identity before Yang Qu made another call and take the opportunity to ask for help!


Identity, identity…


In an emergency, a bright idea flashed in Ye Yixing's mind, and he ran to the service desk.
There was indeed a printer!


At this moment, he was a little grateful that the staff had neglected their duties.
He jumped lightly onto the swivel chair and used his cat paws to manipulate the mouse to open WORD, which was still relatively simple.
When his cat paw moved to the computer keyboard, Ye Yixing almost vomited blood: a cat paw had only four fingers, right!! And one was decoration! One palm pressed down, and four keys, right!! Oh my god!!


He used all his strength to open his paw, and carefully and cautiously used only one cat finger to press the keyboard.
Oh my god, was there a cat as clever as him in the world at this critical moment? Even if it took half a minute to type a word, he absolutely could not press the wrong letter! Otherwise, the delete key would be a challenge to his cat paw again!


After finally typing five words, Ye Yixing breathed a sigh of relief, and as expected, his phone rang with a crackling sound.
He then conveniently used the mouse to print, and then the cat bit his teeth and jumped off the chair, holding the newly printed A4 paper.


Everything was ready! Ye Yixing quickly rushed to the vicinity of 401B, excitedly thinking to himself, buddy, you're here! Come and rescue me!!


As expected, Yang Qu had already come out of the private room, but the door was still half open.
He turned his head and glanced at Ye Yixing, who was squatting not far away from the corridor wall, holding his phone with suspicion in his heart.
Oh! How could there be a cat?”


The person inside could not see the situation outside.
Ye Yixing calmly squatted at the corner of the wall, looking at Yang Qu with bright eyes, holding an A4 paper in his mouth, and a gift bag hanging around his neck.
The phone in the gift bag made a crackling sound, matching the dialing status of Yang Qu's phone…


Yang Qu frowned and walked over, squatting down to confirm that the sound coming from the cat was indeed Ye Yixing's phone ringing! He took the A4 paper from the stunned Xiao Hei cat's mouth, which had only five words written on it: “I am Ye Yixing”.





Suddenly, Yang Qu's face twisted and he burst into laughter, almost rolling on the ground holding his stomach.


The people inside the private room looked at each other…


Ye Yixing had a very bad feeling…


After finally finishing laughing, Yang Qu supported his waist and stood up, panting and unable to catch his breath, shouting towards the direction of the elevator, “Ye Yixing, come out for me, April Fool's Day joke…”




Upon hearing his own meow, Ye Yixing wanted to instantly go berserk and strip all the fur off his body.
“Am I an idiot? I'm a cat! I'm a cat! I'm a cat now! What the hell am I even meowing for?!”


The people in the private room erupted in excitement as they realized that the meowing they had heard was actually from Ye Yixing, a cat.
A few curious girls walked over and saw their adorable black cat classmate looking troubled.


“Ah!! So cute!!” The group of women rushed over and started to pet him, passing him around to one another.
At this moment, Ye Yixing couldn't help but feel both sad and angry.
“I was wrong.
My appearance here didn't scare them to death, but rather it will be a group of women who will kill me with their affection.”


Desperately, he glanced at Yang Qu who was still in a foolish state and tried to reassure himself, “Stay calm, Ye Yixing! Stay calm! Change your strategy! If they believe that you are just a joke for April Fool's Day, then let it be! You're not Ye Yixing.
You're just someone sent by Ye Yixing!”


Suddenly, someone took off the bag from around Ye Yixing's neck and handed it to Yang Qu.
Feeling as if he had just been released from the confines of a spell, Ye Yixing quickly slipped away from the group of women who had been mistreating him, taking advantage of his agile body.
He ran towards the opposite corner, but the room was full of people.
On the other side were the male students who, when they saw the black cat running towards them, became excited and started to play with him.
Some pulled his ears, while others tugged on his tail.
Ye Yixing couldn't even cry at this point.
He had never been so embarrassed in his life.


Panicking, he jumped onto the body of a male student who felt relatively calm, and at that moment, the crowd of people didn't approach him anymore, but kept a certain distance, looking at him and the man behind him with strange expressions, some awkward, some curious.


Oh? Was this male student immune to crowds? Ye Yixing hadn't even turned his head yet when he found himself being lifted up and turned around by the male student, and what he saw was the face of He Yanlu.
His face was flawless and beautiful, with bright red lips slightly pursed and distinct features.
His long eyelashes were curled up, and his amber eyes gazed at him, as if his gaze could see through his soul.


This person was He Yanlu, the number one beauty in the Literature Department.


He had an elegant temperament and was low-key.
He was polite to people on the surface but actually kept his distance.


He Yanlu had another identity unknown to others – a popular internet fantasy novel author with the pen name “Zhiyan”.
She was also Ye Yixing's one-sided opponent.


What made Ye Yixing both laugh and cry was that when other people mentioned He Yanlu and Ye Yixing, they never said “opponent” but “match”, because Ye Yixing was recognized as the number one handsome guy in the Literature Department.


Appearance, talent, friends, family background…
from a young age…



Six months ago, when he accidentally found out that the beautiful senior he admired was actually Zhiyan himself, a sour taste surged in his heart.
Was it surprise? Admiration? Or jealousy?


He didn't know.


The more he listened, the more he cared, but the prouder he became.
Since then, whenever he heard something like “He Ye CP”, he ignored it and pretended to have no interest in that aloof and cold senior.
He would rather try to shine and be an attraction source, than to lower his status and become a potential pursuer, or worse, someone who would be rejected.


And at this moment, he was being held in the arms of He Yanlu, and those mesmerizing eyes of his were leisurely and calmly gazing at him, which made Ye Yixing unable to bear it – his heart kept accelerating, and his brain was short-circuited.


How fortunate he was to be a cat now! And a black one at that!


His face was burning, but he wouldn't show any redness on his fur!! What a magical way to disguise himself!


He Yanlu's slightly cool hand was between his arm and body, and even though he had turned into a cat, he could still fully feel the sensation of being intimately touched.
It was not just a simple hug, He Yanlu was also gently rubbing the fur on his body with his long fingers.


Ye Yixing couldn't express this joy and excitement that he didn't want to admit with words.
It was an uncomfortable feeling that he had been comforted, and he didn't want anyone else to know.


The onlookers were all somewhat surprised and delighted, thinking that He Yanlu in front of them was somehow different from his usual self.
They had never seen him with such a smiling expression before, as if a cold and beautiful person had melted slowly in the spring sunshine, elegant and gentle as jade.


“It seems like it's not afraid of me,” He Yanlu said softly, then put the black cat on his lap, and gently covered its head with his hand, tenderly caressing it.
“So cute.”


The last three words were like a honey-coated sword, piercing Ye Yixing's heart fiercely, sweet and painful.
Being touched by a very comfortable force, Ye Yixing, as a cat, eventually suppressed his human rationality and subconscious resistance.
He slowly relaxed on He Yanlu's legs, and with his front paws supporting his head, he thought drowsily, “Now, in front of He Yanlu, I am just a black cat, not me, Ye Yixing…


It really is just a black cat.
If it were me, I would never let him touch me…


So, right now, I'm just a cat…


(Well, Kitty Ye, your self-explanation is really hard to believe…)

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