Ye Yixing couldn't believe that he had fallen asleep on a man's lap because he was being touched so comfortably!


Of course, he wasn't completely asleep, and he still had some vigilance.
However, after running all the way to the hotel and experiencing so many unexpected events under mental tension, he just wanted to close his eyes and relax.
Moreover, being stroked by someone while lying on their lap felt so “enchanting” that the tired Ye Yixing lost consciousness in just five seconds.


He Yanlu covered the black cat's back with one hand and played with its little paws with the other.
He said with a hint of surprise, “It fell asleep…”


Everyone stared in amazement at the harmonious scene of the beautiful man and the cat.
They were secretly excited in their hearts: the beautiful man was smiling ,the cold beautiful man was actually smiling! What kind of legend is a cold beautiful man? To hell with that! He's laughing so brilliantly, like the sun shining on snow!


Someone brought up the topic of the cat again, which had been a distraction.
“Did Ye Yixing bring this cat? Where is he?”


Only then did everyone realize and look at Yang Qu with doubt.


Yang Qu furrowed his brow and opened the gift bag in his hand.
Ye Yixing's white phone was lying quietly inside, along with his keys, bank card, and an unopened square box.
He took it out and looked at it.
It was the PRADA wallet that he had mentioned to Ye Yixing before as a birthday gift.
Ye Yixing was thoughtful enough to buy it for him…


Feeling touched but also worried and suspicious, Yang Qu thought, if Ye Yixing's personal belongings were all here, then where did he go? He said on the phone that he would be there in ten minutes, but then there was no news.
What happened to him? The note was very suspicious.
Why did it say “I am Ye Yixing”?


Now that he calmed down and thought about it, he really felt that something was strange.



Yang Qu couldn't believe what he just saw.
The black cat in front of him seemed to be carrying his friend's wallet and keys.
But how was that possible? His friend, Ye Yixing, was not the type to play such childish pranks.
And even if he did, where was he? Shouldn't his personal belongings, especially his wallet and keys, be kept close to him? And since when did Ye Yixing have a cat? The strangest thing was the gesture the black cat made to him.
For a moment, he felt like he was looking at Ye Yixing himself!


No, no, he thought to himself, this couldn't be happening.
He shook his head to clear his mind of these bizarre thoughts and put Ye Yixing's belongings and the folded A4 paper in his bag.
“Ye Yixing had something urgent come up and can't make it,” he explained.


“Oh, then whose cat is this?” someone asked.


“It's probably a stray cat that accidentally wandered into the hotel,” Yang Qu replied, scratching his head.


The group seemed disappointed, especially the girls.
One of the younger girls from the Literature Club asked, “Why didn't Senior Ye come?”


Liu Ting, who noticed Yang Qu's confusion, quickly diverted their attention and invited everyone to sing and drink.
He said, “It's not just Senior Ye.
We have Zhang, Wang, and Li, too.
You can't just focus on one person!”


Another guy chimed in, “Exactly! Look, we have Senior Zhang, Senior Wang, and Senior Li here.
Hahaha, don't just hang on one tree, girls!”


The young girl pouted mischievously and said, “But you guys don't look as handsome as Senior Ye!”


Huang Ji indignantly said, “You girls only care about looks! Let me tell you the truth: handsome guys are not good guys! They rely on their appearance to deceive you, and when they eat you up, you'll regret it too late! Come to the warm embrace of Huang Ji now!!”


The girls just rolled their eyes and sighed.


“We just love to look at handsome guys, and we'd willingly be eaten up by them!” A bold and beautiful girl retorted with a laugh.


“Yeah, that's right.
Not only do we love looking at handsome guys, we also love seeing them together with other handsome guys…” Another girl said while rubbing her two fingers together.
like this!!”


“Hahaha…” The girls burst out into “terrifying” laughter, and the atmosphere immediately returned to the lively and relaxed state it was in before.


Huang Ji felt itchy with anger, but watching the girls laugh together, he couldn't help feeling conflicted joy in his heart.
“Looks like I'll have to go to Korea for plastic surgery in this lifetime…”


A boy sneered, “Huang Laoji, even if you undergo surgery, you won't be as naturally beautiful as He Xuexiang! Don't waste your time and money!”


“That's right! If it doesn't go well, you'll end up making headlines: 'F University male student dies during failed plastic surgery!'”


“F University will become even more famous then!!”


One burst of laughter followed another.


“It's just great to be good-looking.
It works on both guys and girls…”


No one noticed the pale face of He Yanlu, who was sitting in the corner, listening.
Then someone said loudly, “Not just that! Even cats can't resist…”


“That's right! They all snuggle up to He Xuexiang and fall asleep!”


“Being a beauty has its perks!!”




“Hey! Is this cat male or female?” Someone asked the question, and everyone immediately became excited.


A boy exclaimed, “Quick! Let's check its gender!”


A group of people surrounded the cat, and one of them said, “Hey, He Yanlu, can you turn it over for us to see?”


Although He Yanlu was unhappy, he didn't want to make a scene.
However, his expression had turned cold as he looked at them.


Huang Ji noticed the change in his face and quickly tried to defuse the situation, “How could we trouble He Yanlu with something like this? Let me do it instead…” As he reached out to grab the black cat, the cat suddenly woke up…


Ye Yixing looked at the people around him with horror.
Their eyes were glowing green, and their expressions were extremely fierce.


But was it just his sixth sense playing tricks on him? Why did they all look like they were going to rape him when he woke up?


(=皿=) At this moment, as a cat, he deeply realized that danger was approaching and his chastity was in imminent peril…



Ye Yixing arched his back and slowly backed away, feeling his tail touch He Yanlu's waist (having a tail was a strange feeling…).
He immediately controlled himself and retracted it.
Then his back pressed against the other's abdomen, and he had nowhere to go…


Ye Yixing stared at them, baring his teeth and growling – Don't come near me!!!


“Meow – Ouch – Wooooo~”


(=口=) What is this?? Why does my meow sound so unimpressive?! Instead, it has a taste of coquetry and seeking protection…


Several students who were observant of subtle changes couldn't believe He Yanlu's expression instantly softened again.
He reached out and grabbed the black cat's front paws, binding them together and lifting them up, revealing the cat's chest, belly, legs, and private parts to everyone…


Ah ah ah ah~ Ah ah ah ah!! My Yahweh and Shakyamuni!! What kind of ghostly thing is this!?


Ye Yixing didn't even have time to struggle, and he felt a cold sensation in his lower body…


Someone's slender fingers had already touched the space between his legs, but they only lightly touched before letting go.
Then he heard He Yanlu's low voice gently brush over his head like a gentle breeze, “Male.”


“Oh oh oh~ Male~”


“So it's a male~”



As Ye Yixing felt a sudden tightening in his groin, his three souls left his body and his six spirits returned to the heavens.
His whole body went limp and his cat brain became congested, causing him to faint.


Before passing out, the mournful voice of Ye Yixing's soul lingered in his cat brain, “He Yanlu!!! You are so ruthless!!!!”


Several women hugged each other in excitement and screamed, “A male cat! A male cat! A male cat!!!”


A male student who didn't understand the situation wondered to himself, “What's so exciting about a male cat? How happy would they be if it was a female cat?” Yang Qu glanced at the male student calmly and thought to himself, “It's only a male cat that can get them this excited…this little kid still has a lot to learn.
Let him mix in for a few more years…”


“Okay, okay, stop making a fuss over a cat! Am I not the protagonist today?” Ye Yixing interrupted.


“Oh my, we almost forgot about President Yang! Shame on us, shame on us!” Everyone quickly raised their glasses to toast and congratulate President Yang, shifting their attention away from the black cat and He Yanlu.


What couldn't be shifted away was Ye Yixing's soul, which was floating aimlessly in the air.
“I was publicly touched in the balls, was it by He Yanlu? This kind of humiliation…I will not rest until I have my revenge!”


Wait a minute! Am I currently lying on…He Yanlu's leg?


So…that was close = _ = …


Someone's soul returned to their body in an instant.


He Yanlu lightly rubbed the black cat's ears and looked at its pitiful appearance as it shivered and curled up with its tail on his lap.
He thought to himself: This little guy is actually shy…


Just as he was about to laugh, he suddenly noticed that one of the black cat's front paws was slowly and deliberately rubbing against his…legs…!


He Yanlu froze in shock, staring in disbelief as the paw pressed against his private area, and then quickly withdrew…




Does this animal think I don't have any feeling!?


He tightened his grip on the cat's ear–




Ye Yixing's ear was twisted.


The cat was in so much pain that it jumped up, trying to escape, but He Yanlu grabbed its ear tightly, and even…the tail was caught in his hand! An indescribable tingling and pain spread throughout the body from the tail, as if pulling on that part of the body would activate all the nerves in the body…the tail really wasn't a good thing to mess with! Damn it, he now had another vulnerable part! He really wanted to turn his head and bite him hard!




“Little pervert kitty…” He Yanlu looked at the trembling cat with both anger and amusement.
He loosened his grip but still didn't release the cat from his hold.


In his heart, Ye Yixing comforted himself: Stay calm, Ye Yixing! Revenge is a dish best served cold!


With lively characters like Liu Ting, Huang Ji, and others, Yang Qu's birthday party was full of excitement and joy.
President Yang was already drunk and had been left on the side.
Even He Yanlu had been forced to take a drink by everyone.
He Meiren couldn't hold his liquor, and after a few sips, he became flushed and sleepy.
He hugged the cat and leaned against the sofa, closing his eyes to rest.


Ye Yixing was relieved that he wasn't there.
If he were present, he would definitely be forced to drink with everyone else.
Their goal was to make the most famous person drink as much as possible, and they would keep pouring until someone passed out.


Although Ye Yixing could hold his liquor, his tolerance was not great.
He tended to speak his mind when drunk, answering any question asked of him.
He had even been ridiculed before, with people saying that he wouldn't need to be interrogated if he ever committed a crime; just get him drunk and he'd spill everything.
Additionally, Ye Yixing became very bold when he drank.
He was like Wu Song, daring to fight tigers after three bowls of wine.
He would do things that he wouldn't normally do but became impulsive when drunk.


His most embarrassing moment was at a high school reunion.
He had been challenged while drunk and had tried to tear the pants off his young homeroom teacher in front of everyone…
Although he didn't succeed, as he was dragged away amidst the teacher's screams and panic, he was left feeling humiliated.
He never had the face to go back to his old school and see his teacher again.


Since then, Ye Yixing had made a rule for himself when drinking: it was okay to get a headache or even bleed, but he couldn't get drunk to the point of losing control.


Looking at all the miserable classmates collapsing around him, Ye Yixing was once again grateful that he had become a cat.


By 11 o'clock, the girls had to leave early due to the curfew in the student dormitories.
A group of weak boys also used the excuse of “escorting the girls back” to leave.


He Yanlu took out his phone to check the time, then got up, stepping over a few “corpses” to walk over to Yang Qu.
He pushed him and Yang Qu, who was still groggy, opened his eyes to see He Yanlu taking a pen out of his pocket and handing it to him, saying, “This is a gift from Chu Wenxing for you.”


Yang Qu immediately became sober, propping himself up with his sore and swollen head.
He took the pen and asked, “Where is he?”


“He went back to his hometown for his grandfather's birthday today, so he asked me to come…
Happy birthday” said He Yanlu.


Yang Qu nodded and smiled.
“Thank you.”


After finishing his drink, he held his pen, tilted his head, and fell asleep again…


Ye Yixing looked at Yang Qu with a twitching expression, thinking to himself: Hey man, you're not even good at pretending to be drunk, are you?


He Yanlu looked around and found that almost no one was sober.
He touched the black cat in his arms and said, “Looks like everyone's drunk…”


Ye Yixing's paw grabbed onto He Yanlu's shirt, afraid that someone would drop him off in the drunken mess of the black private room.


“Do you…want to come home with me?” He Yanlu whispered to the black cat in his arms.


Ye Yixing's poor heart, which had experienced several ups and downs, began to beat wildly…


Go home with He Yanlu…go home with He Yanlu…


That would mean living with him? Eating, sleeping, and going to class together? (Hey, who told you that?) And he could even see how He Yanlu wrote his novels…


All his curiosity could be satisfied, and he wouldn't be discovered as Ye Yixing!


Excited, thrilled, and ecstatic!!! Brother wants to go home with you!!!


“Meow~ Meow~”


Ye Yixing purred twice, instinctively drooped his ears, and rubbed against He Yanlu's chest, indicating his definite answer.


He Yanlu smiled lightly and said, “…little guy.”


After leaving the hotel, He Yanlu exhaled a breath and his eyes were no longer hazy.
He held the black cat and walked lightly to the side of the road, hailed a taxi, and sat with Ye Yixing in amazement.


“Is this guy really drunk? Is he really, really drunk!?” (=皿=)


Ye Yixing was extremely frustrated, thinking to himself that he was too outdated!


He needed to change his principles – he'd rather pretend to be drunk or just sleep, but he couldn't get drunk!!


He Yanlu calmly took out his wallet and spoke in his usual calm and clear voice to the driver:


“Could you please go to No.
16, Xingyue Garden on F University's South Road?”

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