“It's true that it's dead, otherwise how would I be in this situation?”

“Where you hit it, does it still hurt?”

“It's nothing.”

“Does it hurt?”


Going to bed?”

“No, I haven't showered yet.”

“You are like this now, can you still take a shower?”

“Did you bring your phone? Lend me the light.”

“I don't have it.”

“You really didn't bring it?”

“I climbed up through the window from downstairs, why would I bring my phone?”

“Then just take me to the bathroom door.”

“I can help you wash.”

“Don't be ridiculous.”

“I'm not joking.”

Ying Ruoyun took a deep breath, “No, thank you.”

After taking a messy shower and blow-drying his hair, Ying Ruoyun came out of the bathroom, and had just taken a couple of steps while holding onto the wall when he was picked up and placed on the bed in the bedroom.

Shu Jingzhi began to unbutton his shirt.

Ying Ruoyun swallowed and grabbed his hand, “Conductor Shu, this is not appropriate, is it?”

Shu Jingzhi paused his movements, his eyes teasing: “What's inappropriate?”

“What do you think?”

“We've already done everything that's inappropriate.”

“We've already broken up.”

“It's okay to be broken up.”

“Shu Jingzhi,” Ying Ruoyun gritted his teeth, “don't go too far.”

“If I force you, what can you do?”

“I'll make you regret it.”

“Oh? I'd like to hear more.”

“I haven't thought about it yet.”

“Then may I assume that you are helpless against me?”

“Shu Jingzhi, there are limits to self-righteousness.”

“Do you like being forced by me?”

Ying Ruoyun sat on the edge of the bed as Shu Jingzhi knelt down and wrapped his arms around his waist.

“You really have changed too much.”

“You have too, haven't you?”

Ying Ruoyun suddenly wanted to see if he still looked the same as he remembered.

But tonight, he couldn't do it.

Shu Jingzhi said, “You buttoned it the wrong way.”

His fingertips brushed across his skin, a touch that seemed to tantalise the heart.

“This habit has been going on for so many years, how come it still hasn't changed in the slightest.” Shu Jingzhi unbuttoned his pyjamas one by one, and then carefully buttoned them up again: “With your personality, how can you be alone in a foreign country…”

Ying Ruoyun's throat was a little sour, and the hand holding his shoulder trembled.

“Forget it, it has nothing to do with me.” Shu Jingzhi finally straightened the folds of his clothes for him and kissed the corner of his forehead that was red from the impact, “Good night.”

“You're leaving?”

“Do you want me to leave?”

“Can you, just stay a little longer?”


The night was tender, and his tone was gentle.

Ying Ruoyun suddenly had an illusion; it was as if his former lover had returned to his side.

He knew that this night would pass, that tomorrow would come, and that they would once again be unfamiliar with each other.

But tonight, he could indulge himself a little.

The curtains were drawn back, and the silver moonlight poured into the room.

While ordinary people hate the light of the night, Ying Ruoyun loves the hazy beauty of it.

At this moment, for example, he could perceive the moon's slight brightness and trace his silhouette in his mind.

With his scent in my nose, I could sleep easily.

At midnight, he was a little thirsty.

When Ying Ruoyun woke up, he touched the light switch at the bedside, but it did not respond.

Was there still no electricity?

Shu Jingzhi should have left already, Ying Ruoyun thought, so he should bear with it and wait until the morning.

He turned around, but was surprised to bump into a warm body.

Shu Jingzhi hadn't left yet?

He touched it subconsciously, but the feel of it, mhmm!

Wait, why was he naked?

Why does Shu Jingzhi sleep without clothes on?


Is he a pervert?

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