owly and raised the lantern I had.

The corridor became brighter.

“Since you are a family member of the duchy, you may already know.”

“What do you mean?”

I heard a legendary story once.
Among the ancestors of Empress Dowager, there was a rare chance that someone with demon blood would be born because of the mixed bloodline.
If someone with that constitution eats the right herb, they can wield immense power.”

I took a deep breath.

He was telling my story, albeit with some differences.
How did he know?

“I traveled around the country looking for that herb before the duke.
But I couldn’t find it.
However, I felt it during the recent war.
There must be medicine for that tireless stamina.
You’ve already found it, haven’t you…?”

“I, I don’t know what you’re talking about.
I’m just a lowly employee.
I don’t understand what you mean…”

I think you know.”

He took one step closer.

Although he only came closer, an irresistible pressure was felt.

“It’s better, to tell the truth.
If you lie even a bit, I’ll go straight to the Duke.”

His words made me freeze up even more.

“I don’t know what Young Lady is looking for, but… I’ll keep what you tried to steal a secret.
I won’t tell anyone above me… Instead, help me.
If you find that medicine in the castle, I’ll give you whatever the Young lady wants.
How about it?”

“Do you know what I would ask for?”

“Just say anything.
I have more wealth than the Young lady thinks.”

So, the MArquis Caeyon knew that blood could be turned into medicine.

The medicine was made from herbs.

It was understandable that he didn’t know.
Leonie’s blood was strictly kept a secret.

“Are you asking me to become a spy?

“If we win, the Young Lady won’t be a spy.
She’ll be a legitimate whistleblower.
She might even become a revolutionary.
As someone who exposed the Duke’s corruption.”

Although I didn’t get to open the warehouse, couldn’t I escape using this person?

If I could use this opportunity to my advantage…

It seemed like Plan C was forming.

I nodded my head.


“My room is on the second floor.

He took out a key from his pocket and handed it over.
The golden key was excessively flashy.

It was the key to a room for high-ranking nobles staying at the party.

“On the night of the party at 9 p.m., come to report the information you’ve found.”


On the day before the Duke’s birthday, a small party was held in the hall.

Although it was called a small party, it was a gathering of almost all attendees to promote friendship.

Suren tilted my head.
Her eyebrows twitched slightly and then relaxed.

In the mirror, the tired face of a woman with pearl jewelry was shining.

Suren tapped powder on my forehead.

A brilliant sparkle settled down.

“If you sprinkle glitter on your hair, it’s hard to wash.
It even sticks to your pillow.”

“I can’t help it.
It’s the trend here in the capital.”

“I passed by the hallway, but I haven’t seen anyone else like you.”

“Looks like only those who are behind the trend have come.”

It had already been two hours.

I thought that as more external guests arrived, there would be fewer people to notice if I went out to pick up some tree branches, but the plan had gone completely awry.

I stretched.
After sitting in a chair for two hours, my whole body was stiff.

“It’s such a hassle.
Do we really have to dress up?”

“Well-known nobles will be gathered, so you should make an effort.”

“Why do we have to go that far? What does it matter if I look plain?”

“All of the high-ranking nobles are said to be wealthy.
They must have come wearing the latest dresses in vogue in the capital.
Would it be okay to show up in a shabby look? And you, Lady Leone, are almost like the representative of the Duke’s household! It would be nice if you could even decorate yourself with flowers.
It’s a shame that the Duke’s household doesn’t have any flowers.”

She let down the hem of her dress.
The pale pink fabric flowed softly down her legs.

“The dress is so beautiful.
I’m glad it fit in advance.”


In Leoni’s luggage, there was only a shabby dress that I hesitated to take out.

Maybe this wasn’t even the dress she wore to the previous party.

No, did she even attend the party?

“And who knows? Maybe your destiny will show up, lady! Catch a good young man at this opportunity.
I heard from the maids at the restaurant that the list of attendees is better than most imperial-sponsored events.
Even if you just randomly pick someone, they’re all of decent status.”

For some reason, Suren seemed more excited than me.

“But Suren, even if I catch someone, can I get married? I’m stuck here, living like a prisoner.”

“Well, that’s true, but…who knows? If the Duke becomes Emperor, he might release you!”

So…the Duke will never let me go? I don’t have time to waste looking for a good man while trying to escape with all my strength, saving my energy, and running away.

And anyway, I was planning to wander around, obviously searching for a spy report to give to the Marquis, instead of finding a decent fiancé in the hall.

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