ly, I got hit in the leg far from the heart, but I have to move my leg to walk…”

I turned to the soldiers.
Everyone was exhausted from the long walk and was breathing heavily.

“Keep your body as low as possible and hold your breath.
I need a stretcher.

She bit her lips and shook her head.

I left all my belongings in a hurry to escape.
There was no stretcher.

It was getting dark everywhere.

I’ve been tactless, but at this point, I know.

This is the work of one of the opponents fighting for the throne, and their plan was to assassinate him today.

At night here, they might attack him again, who had lost power.

It’s still a prologue, but I can’t even start the main story and die in droves?

Deon can survive like a male protagonist.

But I am not the main character.

Besides, all the soldiers here are not the main characters.

It was a story that would not be strange if they died here at any time.

This sacrifice might be used as an opportunity to awaken him strongly and firmly.

And it will be recorded

[He vowed not to forget the humiliation that took place in the estate.]

I could see the sentence slowly being engraved into the prologue.

It’s too harsh for these numerous deaths to be used as awakening material for the main character.

As I walked slowly, everyone followed my stride.

We should arrive soon and everyone should be treated.
I don’t know if we’ll be able to get to the Duke’s residence today at this pace.
There were too many wounded.

One of the soldiers in front fell down.

I could feel the poison slowly spreading.
My lower thighs throbbed and tingled.

I carefully rolled up my pants.

It is indeed poisonous.

The skin hit by the arrow became darker than before.

The color that came up through the dark blue blood vessels was noticeable.

I stopped my limping leg.

And she spoke loudly to the group ahead of her.


He turned around, his stiff face, her complexion whiter than usual.
He looked very tired.

“Go ahead, I’ll be fine.”

I stopped walking.

Everyone looked at me in unison with unexpected expressions.

“Can’t we just call people over? Bring the doctor and the stretcher then.”

At my words, everyone was hesitant and couldn’t get out of the way, but the Duke said.

“Help her, I will return to my fiefdom without fail.”

He said that and turned his back.

A soldier approached and held out his hand.

“Let me help you.”

I slapped the soldier’s hand away and shouted louder.

“Duke! Please leave me.”

He turned his head away at the remark.
His eyes were sharp.

“The sun is setting.
Do you know how cold it is on the northern nights? If we leave it like this, it will freeze to death.”

“I will light a fire.”

“There are animals.”

“I’ll climb a tree.”

“It’s still the same that you don’t listen to me until here.”

His brow wrinkled.
And as if she wasn’t even worthy of an answer, he turned away.

I followed him with a big stride, dragging my limping leg.

“Duke, I am not asking you to give up on me.
Think rationally.
Would it be better to move slowly here, or would it be better to leave me behind and bring the trainees and medical staff?”

“Leoni, I know you want to rest because it’s hard, but the situation is such that you can’t.”


I approached him and uttered his name once more.

The droopy blue eyes shake.
He was agitated

His expression was still the same as usual, but his eyes were filled with embarrassment and faint fear in the face of an extreme situation.

Perhaps he, too, has a vague idea that he could die here.

He, who is called the victor of the war, was just a young man in the face of an urgent situation.

“The contract, remember? Saying that I will decide on my place.
I should be here now.
Leave me alone.”


“This is my seat right now.
You promised.”

“… I shouldn’t have promised you.”

He replied as if he were being mangled.

He took the lead and rearranged the ranks.
He unwrapped the cloak from his shoulders and covered me.

The leather cloak weighed heavily on my body.

He kicked the sheath to the other side and held out his hand to me.
He didn’t intend to leave me until the end.

I didn’t hold hands.

As a result of reading the map beforehand in the mansion, I felt it.

The Duke was going back a long way, leaving a shortcut for me.

Because the topography of the mountain is rough, the weak Leoni won’t be able to climb it.

At that time, the soldiers ahead shouted.

“Be careful.
Here is a crevasse.”

In front of me, I could see the terrain with holes like cliffs.

The hardened soldiers jumped over the crevasses one by one.

But that was within reach of a long-legged, athletic man.

Each time the soldiers crossed, the snow piled up on the edge and collapsed, widening the hole.

I followed them and stood in front of the cliff.
It felt like a long distance.

It was too much for me to jump because I was dulled by injuries and clothes.

My legs were trembling.
As I stood at the edge, the snowball fell into the deep cliff.

It was a depth that could have been 5 m.

He also jumped over the cliff following the soldiers.
Long legs crossed the cliff with ease.

“Young lady… can’t cross”

The Duke who was watching me from the other side opened his mouth.

“Don’t move, wait a moment, Leonie.
I’ll make you a ladder soon.”

The duke drew his sword and cut off a tree branch beside him.
And he cut off the twigs from the tree.

You’re going to make a ladder now?

In winter, the days are short.

I looked up at the sky.
The day was going fast.

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