Krika was bored.

On the condition of receiving a large payment from the noble of Northern Seldam Kingdom, he crossed over from Arisha to this place.

It wasn’t a bad condition since he was paid, but there was nothing to do.
The nobles who hired him because he was a high-class man power was nice.
He enjoyed it at first.
Who would refuse such an easy task?

But it was so boring as it turned into his daily routine.
Fortunately, the mission started when the employer bought elf slaves…

‘Like a gatekeeper.’

And since elves were strong and needed, people might be targeting the elf slaves, he stayed there.

The problem was the scruffy basement.
He was immune to the musty smell because of his pets, but just being in this humid and dark place was annoying.

If he had received a smaller amount he might have protested, but he couldn’t complain since the money given was huge.

At that time, he heard Emilia crying.

Emilia was one of his summons made by improving the breed.
It looked like an intruder came, but since Emilia was there, they couldn’t do much.

With that in mind, Krika closed his eyes and took a deep breath.


Until he heard that roar.


Emilia couldn’t make such sounds.
Krika hurriedly went outside and was shocked at what he saw.

“You bastards!”

Then he summoned a bright red troll, Hiah and the real problem was after that.

“That one is named Emilia.


His cute little baby who he had loved for a long time and had fed since she was young.

The guy who killed his kid was laughing at his child.

Emilia!! This revenge will be done by your father!!

“Hiah!! Kill them! Avenge your sister!”

“Puah! Sister? Monsters.
That man must be playing a family game with monsters.
So funny.”


Krika’s ties of reasoning broke.

The Lito clan of  was a clan of summoners born with the ability to tamper with monsters from generation to generation.

And he was one of the best summoners in the world.

“Hiah! Unleash your rage!”


The bright red troll screamed and the red eyes flashed.

Alex gulped as he watched the troll giving out such a terrifying wave of energy, following the Hellhound, this time a troll, a blood troll whose skin turns bloody due to the extreme regeneration factor, appeared.

This troll was more dangerous than the past one.

“L-Look here.
It is really dangerous this time.
This one is different from the last one.”

Her name is Hiah.
Looks so ignorant but the name is pretty cute.”

Alex didn’t know what to say looking at the relaxed Venna.
It was a blood troll which could cut down even an ogre.

Even a 5th class battle magician will find it difficult to win.

Yet, Venna was laughing.

“Still, at least he doesn’t smell bad.”

Was it because the troll was far away?

Venna added that, and spinning her hammer walked to the blood troll.

Alex didn’t even have the time to stop her.

“Hiah! Pull out the limbs of that bitch! And bring her alive to me!”

In a voice full of anger, Krika commanded his summon.


[I don’t like dirty things either.]

Venna smiled as she listened to Philion.
Philion’s head opened with a blue jewel inside.


Stomping, the troll ran towards Venna.
The giant double-edged axe in its hand was red with old stains.

Venna who watched that, mumbled.

“If I do a good job, the Master will praise me, right?”

And swung Philion.
Light shone and it engulfed the troll.
The light swept through the basement.
At the rushing light, Krika covered his face.

Alex looked at the light with a blank expression.
The light which spread out, soon wrapped around the woman.

At first glance, a shadow of something on the wall was seen and then the hammer fell at a frightening speed.


That kind of sound.

At the same time, the light vanished and the sight in front of his eyes shocked Alex.

“No way…”

The dreadful troll was smashed, its arms and head smashed horribly.

Venna landed on the ground and put her hand on her skirt to keep it from rising up.
In front of her, Krika stood shocked.

“… Hiah.”

From Emilia to Hiah.

Both hit by this pink-haired girl.

And both with a single blow.

The pink-haired woman looked at Krika.

“It is done.
Now where are the elves?”

“… my cute children.”

“Honestly, they weren’t that cute.
How can you look at those disgusting things and call them cute? Ah, the names were cute.
Emilia and Hiah.”

“You're laughing again!!”

Krika couldn’t stand it.
He pulled out his dagger and drew a long cut on his left hand.
Blood flowed out.

“You make a mistake.”

[Venna, this one is dangerous.]

Philion warned her.

The blood which fell gathered to one point.
Venna had no intention of waiting.
The opponent didn’t tell the location of the elves, but tried to attack her.

“You brought this on yourself, don’t complain later!”

Venna used the hammer and swung it towards Krika.

Philion shone in blue again.

“Demonic Beast.”

A black liquid was seeping from Krika’s arm.
It soon wrapped around his arm and a whirlpool shaped horn popped out.

A ‘demonic beast’ was a beast from Devildom.

He summoned a ‘pelveron’ which is known to be quite dangerous.

“Black magic?!”

“I didn’t mean to use this, but you made me this angry!”

Krika was one of the strongest summoners among the Lito tribe and was expelled from his clan for violating the taboo.

The taboo he committed was trying to tame the Demonic beast.


His anger at the loss of his precious children was unbearable.

[Venna, you should avoid this….!]

Although Venna had the strength to overwhelm the troll, this beast’s horn seemed dangerous.

The moment the horn touched anything, it could erode it and there would be no medicine.
But, Venna didn’t avoid it.

Without taking her eyes away from the horn, she held out Phillion.
In an instant, her hair turned deep red.

When the horn came close,without any hesitation she moved to the horn.
Using that, she turned her body to the side.

The Demonic beast’s horn pierced the air.


Krika was flustered.

Venna stepped on the horn and jumped up.
The blue jewel in Phillion was shining.

“You shouldn’t get so flustered by these anymore!”


And the light flashed again.

Alex saw Venna running beside him.
A little while ago, she defeated the summoner.

Embarrassingly, Alex just watched it happen.
It didn’t seem like this woman even needed his help.

“Where are they?”

“… I feel something from there.”

Fortunately, there was one thing Alex could do.

It was to locate the elves.
He wasn’t good at fighting, but he learned other utility magic.

And finding elves wasn’t that difficult.

“Found them!”

Venna ran to them with a joyful voice.
However, seeing the elf man and woman, she covered her mouth.

Alex too, had a miserable face.

“It is terrible.”

The elf was hanging with both arms tied up in a naked state.
Their perfect bodies were covered in hideous scars and their eyes and mouths were restrained with mana.

Their legs too were immobilized, with chains.
Until a moment ago, they were being harassed.

Alex put his hand on the locked gate and opened it.

“We need to bring them down for now.”


Venna nodded and approached them.
But the elves, startled by the unfamiliar sound, started to tremble.
They shook their heads trying to make noises thinking someone was back to torment them.

“It is fine.
We are here to rescue you.”

Even if she said it, the elves didn’t trust her.
Her voice couldn’t even reach their ears.

“Let’s just bring them down first.”

Alex snapped his hand and the restraints were released.

“S-save… save me.
I’ll stay still.
Don’t hit me.
Don’t stab me.
Not the water too.
I don’t like water.”

“Kill me, kill me.
Kill me.
Just kill me please.”

Even when their restraints were released, the elves were already dead in the eyes and kept screaming.

Alex then lifted the shackles on their hands and feet.
And before they fell down, wind helped them land softly.

“I-I won’t.
I won’t try to escape.
I hate wild beasts.”

“I will die.
I will die.

The look of the miserable elves made Alex feel worried.
He immediately put them to sleep.

What the hell did the human who bought them do?

Elves were difficult to tame.
So the humans who bought them must have destroyed their minds first.

Alex knew it, but he couldn’t get himself to speak.

“The world is rotten like I expected.”


“… nothing.”

Alex mumbled and magically floated the elves up.

“Let’s leave now.”

The mission was done.
They had to go out and contact the captain.


At that moment, the air shook like water and several personnel appeared.

Standing at the front was a fat stout man.
The owner of this mansion, Viscount Ivan.

“How dare you try to run away with my things?”

He looked at Venna and Alex with a look of annoyance.
And then spoke to Venna.

“You are a little flat, but cute.”

Venna who frowned on his evaluation said,

“Who is this guy looking like a bouncy ball?”

“B-bouncy ball? Did you direct that at me?”

“There is no one else but you, you bouncy ball bastard.”

Viscount Ivan’s face turned red at Venna’s words.

A slave will act like this.
I will let you both spend the rest of your lives in pain.”

The summoner he hired was dead.
He was already angry and it seemed that the loss would be compensated by taking in the unusual pink haired girl.

Viscount Ivan’s lips rose up.

“Catch those ones.”

As he beckoned, three men who were behind him, walked forward.

Alex gauged their level.

“… all three of them are experts.”

At that, Venna frowned.
Even with her improvement, Experts were burdensome for her.

One on one would be fine, but going against three at the same time with elves behind wasn’t right.

‘The one in the middle is very strong.’

[He is super dangerous.]

Philion too warned her.

Other men were also strong, but the one in the middle was on a different level.
Of course, even as Experts there was a difference in each.

You know what to do?”

“Since they touched Viscount’s possessions, shouldn’t I make them pay?”

The man called Bane drew his sword.

Summoner Krika was strong, but seeing that his head was smashed, he knew the woman was strong.

Contrary to the young looks, the woman seemed talented.
And the magician next to her seemed good, but not as strong as the woman.

‘This will be easy.’

He licked his lips and smiled.

And moved in an instant to subdue the two intruders and then he would ask the viscount for permission.

‘I want to play with the elves too.’

The most beautiful races in the world.
Although they were full of wounds, wouldn’t he be able to enjoy their beautiful faces?

Aura wrapped around his sword.


Philion called.

The opponent’s quick attack was so fast that eyes couldn’t follow it.
Venna, who tried to read the traces of the sword, lifted Philion up.


A clear, clear sound resounded.

And then they felt the shock in both their hands.
Bane looked at the red haired girl who blocked his sword with shocked eyes.

He knew she was skilled, but not that she would be able to block his sword.

‘But doing it twice would be difficult.’

Unlike Venna who tried to just stop there, Bane tried to push in the sword.

And then decided to attack again, it was already late for Venna to block it.

Are you still struggling with one of these things?”

Venna’s eyes widened at the familiar voice.

“Still, this isn’t that bad.”

Jamie smiled and raised his hand.

“This deserves praise.
Venna, you did well.”

A red solid line drawn on Bane’s chest.

Jamie lifted his sword and cast the spell.



Bane was engulfed in the flame.
Leaving no traces behind.

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