heir memory.

Jamie snapped his finger.
And the knights who were walking halted.

“I wasn’t here and in your memories, Only Viscount Ivan’s sins remain.
Please work hard.”

“… yes.”

“… do not worry.”

The knights nodded and went away.

“Look here! Look here! You bastards!”

Viscount Ivan tried to hold them, but it was impossible for him to catch two young knights.

“P-please… Please don't leave me…”

“You are alone, trash.”

Ivan looked back.
Darkness prowls around the narrow hallway.

“I was going to burn you.”

Jamie smiled with his gleaming purple eyes in the dark.

“It’s been a while since I haven’t fed them.”

Fortunately, that one wasn’t a picky eater.
Rather than trash, he could be used in better ways.

“It is your honor to be his nourishment.”

“Sp-spare me!!”

“You will be eaten.”



The screams didn’t go past the basement.

When he was done, Venna and Alex were waiting for him with the elves.


“What just happened?”

Jamie immediately asked Venna to explain the situation.
In his brain, it made no sense for Venna to be in this situation.

“I didn’t know where master went… so I tried heading back.
But I heard screaming from afar.”

And Venna explained how she met Alex and tried to rescue the elves.

Jamie heard it all and said.

“Then that is a Frontier too.”


At the word Frontier, Venna looked at Alex.

When Jamie knew his identity right away, Alex couldn’t hide his confusion.

“H-how did you-?”

“It isn’t that amazing, a guess?”


“A joke, don’t be so surprised.
I was with your comrades.”

“Comrades? Where are they now?”

“Probably here.”

Jamie didn’t have a hard time coming to Venna as she was inside Gremia for a long time.

At that moment, Alex’s crystal ball rang.

-Alex! Are you alright?

“I am fine.
More than that, captain.”

Alex looked at the boy who was smiling and took a deep breath before saying,

“I am with Jamie Welton now.”

-Come here right away.

After a while, Siegfried with an annoyed expression appeared with the Frontiers.

As soon as Braha saw her fallen people, she ran to them.

“… disgusting men.”

She had a bitter expression as she wiped the faces of the elves who were asleep.
Just looking at them she knew how harshly they were treated.
She knew how humans trained the elves, but this was even worse.

The elves would be in pain for a long time.
Izaya looked at Alex and then at the pink-haired girl and then asked Alex,

“What happened?”

Alex saw that Ramu was on Izaya’s shoulders, unconscious, he didn’t even bother asking how he was in that state.

There must have been a reason and he knew they would speak of it later.

“We were lucky.”

But why is Mr.
Han here… ? Wasn’t he supposed to wait on that mountain?”

“It just happened that way.”

Han smiled, scratching his dark hair.

Alex was tasked with locating the elves, so he didn’t know what happened on the other side.

Meanwhile, Jamie Welton said that, He was with his comrades.

“I’ll explain later.”

Alex nodded at Izaya’s words.

Alex decided to not ask more since his mission was done.

Siegfried, who was watching that, asked.

“Rather than that, young lord.”

“… go on.”

“Who is that girl?”

He looked at the pink-haired girl next to Alex.

“Seems to me like she knows you.”

“I will tell you later.”

“Young lord has a lot to say to me.”

Siegfried smiled, and Jamie awkwardly smiled too.

If he had known that he would get caught like this, he would have just told the man everything from the beginning.

Braha looked at Alex and sighed.

“You must have been through a lot.”

To which Alex shook his head and said,

“I was able to rescue the elves thanks to her.
If I was alone, I would have died.
So thank that woman.”

“I don’t know who you are, but thank you for saving my people.”

At Braha’s thanks, Venna shook her head.

“Ah- no.
I haven't done anything either.
If it wasn’t for master, I would have been stuck there.”

In fact, if Jamie hadn’t come back, there was a good chance of Venna being captured by the knight called Bane.

[Even if it wasn’t going to be an easy fight.
Winning was difficult to see.]

Philion too said that.

It was such a strong knight.
And only because Jamie was strong that he fell.

I just want to thank you for stepping up to help our peo…”

Braha who was smiling and thanking went still.
At the sudden change, Venna was a bit taken aback.

“Do I have something on my face?”

“N-Not, by any chance…”



The forest fairies recognized each other.

Braha was a pure-blooded elf born in the forest.
Because of that, she recognized Venna’s face.

“Why is a Valkyrie here?”


When Venna panicked, everyone turned to her.
So did Jamie.

Jamie approached, trying to avoid the weird situation, but what Braha said shocked him.

“You… a princess?”

Jamie frowned at those words, when Philion said.

[It has to be that.
When I saw that reddish hair I roughly expected it, Venna you are of the queen’s blood.]

Standing in the middle, Venna wasn’t sure how to react.

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