Valkyries were a fairy race ruled by a single queen.
It was the same with the forest fairies, elves, but a bit different.

In the case of elves, the high elf centered council governs the place, but in the case of Valkyries, the tribal society was maintained under the powerful queen.

The queen was the strongest of all Valkyries.

It was because she received the purest blood, and the Valkyrie with that blood must have red hair.

Just like Venna.

“But her hair is pink?”

Han too knew about Valkyries.

Frontiers were a multi-ethnic group.
Although a Valkyrie wasn’t with them, he knew about them thanks to the information between various races.
They were a very warlike race and unlike the elves, they were only made up of women.

And their queen was famous for having reddish hair darker than blood but Venna’s wasn’t red.


Alex shook his head.

“She hasn’t awakened her power of Valkyrie yet.”

She had pink hair now, but when he was using her power, Venna’s hair was red.

“Then she’s really a princess? The one who disappeared 10 years ago?”

The phrase ‘10 years ago’ made Venna look startled.

“Went missing 10 years ago?”

I only heard of it, but at that time the society of Valkyrie had gotten shaken up.”

Braha recalled the memory of that time.

“I heard that the Queen freed all the Valkyries to find the princess, but in the end they couldn’t find her.”

“Now you suddenly appear in front of us.
What a fate…”

Han burst into laughter like it was unbelievable for him.

Braka grabbed Venna’s hand brightly and said.

“I am really happy.
When the news of the princess vanishing got out, the closed doors of the Valkyries were shut more tightly.”

“Ah… is that so?”

“Aren’t you happy? You can go back into the arms of your people again.
Valkyrie are a difficult race to live in the human world.
You need to receive the spirit of the forest… ak!”

“That is enough.”

Braha screamed at the grip on her wrist.

Jamie who was staring with a cold face was right ahead.
He pushed Braha away from Venna,


“What are you doing to my subordinate?”

“… subordinate?”

Everyone's expressions changed at the word ‘subordinate’.

They looked at Jamie and Venna alternately, and anyone could see that she was older and Jamie was younger.

Jamie coughed, understanding their reason for such reactions.

“She is someone for me.
Don’t push it.”

“I don’t get what you mean, but the Valkyrie race rapidly deteriorate when they leave the forest.
Jamie Welton.
You shouldn’t be too greedy.”

“This one is different.
Although she is a Valkyrie, she is used to it because she has been in the human world for over 10 years.
More than that…”

Jamie paused for a second and said,

Han had picked out his bell and Siegfried pulled out his staff to make sure Han didn’t try anything weird.

As the atmosphere changed, Izaya and Alex too held out their weapons.
But Jamie didn’t pay attention to it and said,

“Like I said, she is mine.
Don’t act out of line, elf.”

“You are the one acting out, Jamie Welton.
The Valkyrie Queen hasn’t been able to find her child for 10 years.
Think about a mother’s heart and send her back.
And without her, the entire Valkyrie race would be in trouble.”

If Venna was the daughter of the Queen, she was in line to be the next Queen.
The Valkyrie was a race centered around the Queen.
So what if their heir was cut off?

“There is no guarantee that a new princess will be born.”

Valkyries do not prosper through sexual intercouse like other races.

They plant a Valkyrie factor (gene/ blood) inside a tree.
And when the flow bud has grown into full bloom, a Valkyrie is born from it.

However, the Queen’s child was different.
Unlike the other Valkyries which were born after a flower blooming, the Queen’s child was born after a full tree grows.
So it took more than 10 years for the next generation Queen to be born.

And each queen had one child, but the second one was tough to do, because making a child once required a lot of energy from the Queen.

“They must be eagerly waiting.”

At Braha’s words, Jamie looked back.
There stood Venna with a gloomy expression.
She learned the secret of her birth which she had been curious about, but she wasn’t happy.

Jamie sighed as he stroked the head of Venna who was taller than him.

“Do not worry.”

“… yes, master.”

Venna smiled as brightly as she could.
And Jamie smiled at her before turning to Braha.

“Need time to think.”

“… take this.”

Braha handed him a small bead.
A bead filled with weak mana.

“If you change your mind, call me with that.”

Jamie, who took it, clenched it in his fist.
Han, who put the bell staff back on his shoulder, said,

“Okay, now that things seem to have settled down to a certain extent, shall we go back to fulfilling the purpose?”

Han titled his head and looked at Jamie and Siegfried.

“You are coming too?”

“Of course.”

It is a subject the magic world is very interested in.”

Talks with magicians are so far-fetched…”

“Don’t worry.
The talks with you will be handled later.”

Han looked at Seigfried.

“If you don’t believe it, just say it.
We don’t mean to take you if you don’t want to.”

“Anyway, Izaya gave the instructions.”

Braha and Alex, along with the elves, take this guy and wait.
I don’t know what will happen to them.”

At Izaya’s command, Braha and Alex replied.

“You too head back to the rooms and rest.”


“And get a quick meal on the way.”

Jamie pulled out one gold.

1 gold wasn’t enough for a meal, but it was enough to get a lot of food.
Venna smiled faintly at her Master’s consideration and nodded her head.

“I’ll see you later.”

“Later Master too should tell me what happened, get it?”

“I get it!”


Venna replied and then nodded at Siegfried.
Siegfried too bowed to her at the sudden greeting and Venna left.

“She is so polite.”

“She is a good child.”

“I see.
You have a good child as a subordinate.”

“She will always be my subordinate.”

Siegfried looked at Jamie and stroked his hair.

“Why are you petting me all of a sudden?”

“T-to comfort you.”

“I don’t need such things, so take your hands off.”

“Compassionless young lord.”

Siegfried grumbled as he moved.
Looking at that, Jamie smiled.

As the sun went down, the stars which were unseen in the day began to twinkle.

“First of all, as the gate is opened, you all need to be vigilant, if you aren’t we might get caught in the fire and die.”

Jamie, Siegfried and Izaya nodded at Han’s warning.

They were in the present-day Kelton Mountains, the great volcanic mountains which turned this area into hell thousands of years ago.

It was now a huge rock mountain with a flat top, and beneath the flat top was the vast Behemoth, a mythical monster sleeping.

How long have you been sleeping down here?’

Jamie remembered its gigantic size.

In fact, it was impossible to confine Behemoth in this wide area.
Perhaps the Behemoth was sealed under the mountain and not the top.

“Izaya, the keys.”

“Here they are.”

It was Izaya’s team’s job to steal the keys from the Gehena Auction house and Han’s job to unlock the Behemoth’s seal.

The key was a small golden cuboid, engraved with ancient letters.
If there was anything else, then a soft light was flowing out from the letters.

‘Sleep here.
So that you don’t wake up again.’

Jamie kept rereading the letters in his mind.
He noticed that something was strange.

‘So that you don’t wake up again?’

When he first read it, he didn’t care much about it.
But it was different now.
It was said that Braha’s grandmother had sealed the Behemoth, and was one of the founders of the Frontier.

She sealed the Behemoth and engraved ancient characters in hope that this thing wouldn’t wake up.

‘But the Frontier ignored her and tried to unlock the seal.’

It was certain that it was because of a reason, the ‘promise’ which they mentioned.

‘I’ll know once I see.’

Jamie had no reason to stop them from breaking the seal.

His most faithful familiar.

After a while, the gigantic body would be up again.
Jamie was barely holding back the eyes which were turning purple.

Han put the key on the ground.


Blue lines began to spread around the mountain in a zigzag form where the key was placed.

The entire ground was dyed in light.

Jamie could feel the huge mana seeping in.
such a large amount.
He wasn’t sure what kind of sealing technique was used, but he was sure that it was rare that any race could handle such mana even in the past.

A great magician elf.
Phenomenal level.

“Great mana…!”

Siegfried also admired the huge mana he had never felt before.
His long blonde hair fluttered in the sky blowing mana.

Han carefully turned the key.


The sound of the lock being released sounded.
And he pulled the key.

An intense light which made it difficult for their eyes to see was soaring up.

A terrifyingly powerful force began to appear beneath him.
It simmered as if hot fire followed the light.
However, the volcano didn’t erupt.

Someone was controlling the flames which nearly turned the Kelton Mountain back to hell.

Jamie felt complicated by the power he felt.
It had been a long time, it was familiar, yet unfamiliar.

Things like that got tangled up and made his heart pound.

‘I longed for you even in the eons of sealing.’

Diablo Volfir’s family fought against the 12 Gods until the end.

[Who, who wakes me up?]

The heavy voice.

[The talks with her are finished.]

The light faded.

A monster in myths with a huge body that reached the sky with overwhelming force.

Behemoth was once again in the world!

“Who woke me up!”

A cute little bull!

“Uhh-the sun! ah! It’s not the sun!”

The stupid bull with no intelligence which couldn’t tell the different between sunlight and the light of the seal woke up in the size of a pea.

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