Upon returning to the dorm, Venna looked out confused.

“What is wrong with you?”


Venna replied with a smile on her face.
She tried to smile like usual but she couldn’t do it.

It seemed that what Braha said about her life was quite a shock.

“Don’t worry about it.”

“I was trying to do that.
But it isn’t easy.”


Looked like she didn’t eat anything.

Even though she wasn’t a foodie, she wasn’t the type to skip her meals.

Jamie stood next to her and asked.

“What would you like to do?”

At that question, Venna hugged her knees close to her chest.
Unknowingly, Jamie patted her back while looking out the room.

“… what are you doing?”

There was Siegfried hanging upside down, looking into the room.
Jamie frowned and opened the window.

“Still as cold as ever.”

Siegfried said as he entered.

Venna jumped up and bowed her head with a nervous expression.

“H-hello! I couldn’t properly greet you earlier, I am Venna.”

“Yes, Miss Venna, nice to meet you.”

Siegfried naturally asked them to sit down.

Jamie looked at Siegfried.

“If you wanted to come, you could have come in through the door.”

“The atmosphere seemed too serious.”

“… if so, why were you watching us from the window?”

“Stop with the little things.
What about you young lord?”

Jamie pondered for a moment, Siegfried looked at both of them and asked.

“What is this? Was it because of what the elf said?”

“Naturally joining in the conversation.”

“In this kind of atmosphere, I can’t ask how you two came to know each other and why it was hidden from me?”

That is right, Jamie couldn’t answer it in their current situation.

“Well, I want to hear what Miss Venna’s concerns are.”


At Siegfried’s words, Venna bowed her head and spoke in a low voice.

“I don’t know what to do.”

“Are you staying with the young lord or going back to your people? You mean you can’t choose?”

Venna didn’t answer.

It was because she felt sorry to answer ‘yes’.

To her, Jamie was her savior who lifted her from the dark pain and into the light.
Had it not been for him, she would have been forced to do things she didn’t want to, and would have been subjected to harsh activities in Gav school.

She knew that.
And it was right to stay by Jamie’s side.

However, she had the opportunity to meet her family.

Because she had no memories of her childhood, the faces of her people were unknown.
But on the other hand, she always thought of it.

‘A family?’

Everyone has parents.
So it was the same case with her.
There were times she would think of it, but as school went on, all that was left was loneliness.

In such a situation, she longed for someone to relieve her loneliness and that was Jamie Welton.

Although much younger than her, he led her to the light.
So, it felt right to stay by his side.
Both for her and him.


Her hands trembled.

Whatever choice she makes, she would regret the other…



Her savior raised a hand over her head.

Venna didn’t know what to do with the rising emotions, Jamie said.


“… Huh?”

“That would be better.”


When she heard it, a strong sense of unease spread through her.

Venna was shaking her head as she held onto Jamie’s hem.

“I-I will stay.
I have…”

“I don’t mean like that.”

Jamie shook his head.
And said with a faint smile,

“Go and see your people and come back.
Your spot will be empty.
Instead, there is a condition when you return.”

Venna’s eyes widened.

As she couldn’t say anything, Jamie grinned and grabbed her pouting lips.

“Come back stronger.
I don’t care if you are a princess or not, but you need to know everything and then come back, okay?”

“… Uh (Yes).”

Since he was holding her lips, she only answered vaguely.

Jamie let go of her lips.
Rubbing her lips, she looked at Jamie with tears in her eyes.

“C-can I really come back?”

“It isn’t like we are breaking up forever, what are you, a kid?”

“Should you really say that?”

Siegfried, who was watching from the side, interrupted and said,

“Young lord is a child compared to Miss Venna.”


Jamie had forgotten that he was by his side, coughing in embarrassment he said,

“Hm, anyway, stop being depressed and take this.”

He handed a small marble that Braha had given him.

“Tomorrow morning, use it and Braha will be able to contact you.”


“Enough, go sleep.”

Jamie said it and went outside.

After holding that marble in her hands, Venna looked at the door Jamie left through and like she would cry.

Her master didn’t throw her away, she thought he would, and her heart sank, but luckily it wasn’t that.

Most of all, he told her to come back.
That her spot would be open.

‘I have a place to return to.’

Venna nodded her head.
Jamie had already left, but she nodded her head again.

Siegfried, who was watching it from the sidelines, spoke with a subtle smile.

“Young lord seems very fond of Miss Venna.”


“Because he is a kid, he couldn’t hold back his expressions.”

Siegfried ended it playfully and then went out the door.

Venna, who was left alone, burst into tears.

“How did you meet?”

Siegfried handed over a drink he ordered.
Jamie took a sip and looked at him.
He wondered if this drink was made by mixing orange and lime, the sour taste was stronger than the sweetness.

“… this isn’t something a kid would like.”

“Do I have to go and buy chocolate milk?”

Siegfried asked with a smile.

Jamie was sure he bought this drink intentionally.
Jamie put down the drink and asked.

“The first place we met was Nessman.”

Jamie told him everything about dark magic.

There was nothing else he could say but the truth.

“At that time you didn’t know Miss Venna was a Valkyrie?”

Besides that, he lied about one more thing: that he didn’t know the identity of Venna.

Actually he knew.
However, if he said that then the contents of what happened in Mirinae would have been said elaborately.

So Jamie listed what he could from what happened in Apton, except for dark magic.

“Thanks to the giant bear called Theberon.
I learned Venna was a Valkyrie.”


“From there, the elder also knows what happened.”

The blood battle with demons, and the connection of Zenith church with them.
In the meantime, dying by the hands of Sable, the first sword of Zenith, but managing to survive.
Siegfried, who heard that, said.

“Young lord has lived a very eventful life since early on.”

“Hard to believe that it all happened in less than a year.”



“Does the Count or Countess know about Venna?”


He didn’t think this question would come, Jamie bit down on the straw.

Siegfried grinned.

“Thought so.
Well, you brought her here secretly without telling me too so the Count could never know.”

“… I just missed the timing to speak.”

“Well, enough.
A person should have a secret or two.
Rather, about what you said earlier.”


“To Miss Venna.
To be strong.
Why did you say that?”

Jamie pondered on how to answer this sharp question.

“Because one day there will be war with the Zenith church.
At that time, I would be a main person in the battlefield, and Venna should be a reliable ally that I can trust.”

Not the words a child should speak.

Siegfried knew Jamie wasn’t young.
Not the age.
But that soul inside was as good as an adult.

Sometimes he showed a childish side, but he was usually adult like.
But these words were seriously a shock to Siegfried.

“… are you serious?”

Zenith is trying to take too much from me.”

Actually, it was taken away.

Among the 12 Gods, there are some who are absolutely unforgivable, but Zenith was the worst.

“So I will break them.
Either way.”

Siegfried knew that Jamie was connected to Pyro church and their Apostle and Saint.
Looking at the not so young boy, the elder nodded his head.

“A Valkyrie.
You have a great companion.”

“She is still timid.”

A boy who already envisions the future.
No one knows the end, but Siegfried wanted to see what happened from the side.

‘But it is still early.’

The most gifted human boy.

Upon closer inspection, he found the rumors weren’t exaggerated.

But Jamie Welton was still lacking.
Even now, he had great power but he wasn’t a Great Magician.
And without power nothing can be done.

‘He should get stronger than me.’

Siegfried drank.
The sweet and sour scent lingered on his mouth.

“Young lord.”


“You should be stronger too.”

He disappeared after that leaving Jamie alone, who smiled.

“He didn’t ask about All Might.
Thank God.”

He thought he would ask about All Might, but he didn’t.

“I should get going soon.”

Behemoth will be waiting for him.

Jamie stretched out and teleported.

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