entering the Shadow World, he was inwardly screaming with joy inside.

“A human wanted to come here.
At the same time, had the ingredients prepared, so…”

“So… you took something in return for me giving permission to the human.”

“You are as smart as ever.”

“You aren’t so bad either.”

Venus got up clicking her tongue.
And her throne turned to bubbles.

“What happened? Did something happen?”

For Jamie, Venus was one of the few people he could trust.

More precisely, it didn’t matter if she knew something.
She wasn’t on anyone’s side.
If asked, she liked Jamie as a friend and hated the 12 Gods, that was all.

For Venus, the ruler of Shadow World, what happened on earth was pure entertainment.

“I don’t know.
I was sealed by them and when I came back to my senses I was inside this body.”

“Sealed? Not killed?”

“They couldn’t kill me.”


Venus walked over to Jamie’s side, put a hand on his shoulder and turned.
As she brought her dark red lips to his ear.

“So, what next?”

A voice full of excitement.

Jamie knew what Venus was like.

Strong curiosity in things she liked and adventurous.
And Diablo Volfir, the one she had the greatest interest in, had reappeared.

And now that she knew.
She couldn’t hold back her excitement.
To which Jamie responded.

“First, I need to restore the power I had in my prime.”

“Well, you are weak right now.”

Her wine colored hair tickled his nose.
Venus walked forward.
Darkness rippled as she walked.
The darkness around turned into a black dress which covered her purple skin.
And looking back, Venus said.

“It would be nice to watch it.”

It had been long.
And she was tired of sleeping.
She got tired from moving around on the boring lands.

It was about the time when she was bored and decided to wage a war with other spirit worlds.

“Don’t let me down this time.”

“Were you upset back then?”

It was pretty upsetting that you couldn’t get those people with the power made in my world.”

Venus wasn’t on Jamie’s side.
Jamie was simply an object of pleasure for her.

Jamie smiled knowing that.
A simple relationship.

“Anyway, the permission?”

Why does the person want to come here?”

“Seems like she wants to head to the afterlife.”


Venus smiled.

“There still seem to be humans who have such greed.”

“The decision is yours.”

“My pleasure has returned after a long time, so I will allow this.
It wouldn’t be a bad sight for me either.”

A happy smile spread on Venus’ lips.

Jamie nodded and turned around.

With the permission from her, Kiriel would be able to do what she wanted.

‘Though I don’t know what she would want to do.’

Everything was Kiriel’s own choice.

“Come in.”

“… did it work?”

“Come in before the Queen changes her mind.”

The Lord of the Shadow World was a woman?

Kiriel was shocked by it, but it wasn’t that important to her.
She could finally enter that place.
And through it, she could enter the afterlife.

The thought of meeting her son.
She couldn’t even remember how long she had been trying to do this.

She followed Jamie through the door.
Black and gloomy darkness greeted her.

“This is the Shadow World…”

“Go ahead and you will get there.”

“You won’t come with me?”

“Only Miss Kiriel was allowed.”

“…Avalon was placed under the counter.”

Then, good bye for now.”

Jamie bowed to her and walked away when Kiriel called for him.

“I am grateful to you.
Even though it was a contract, I was able to enter this world with ease because of you.”

At that, Jamie felt bad.

He sighed and said this was something she didn’t have to mention.
And thanked her for being able to get All Might back.

Kiriel was walking in when Jamie turned to her and said.

“Don’t be greedy


Kiriel went away without answering him.
Seeing that Jamie shook his head.

“The moment you get caught in greed, you won’t be able to escape from it.”

Jamie walked out hoping she could hold herself together.

And the door to the Shadow World closed.
It won’t be difficult to open it from the inside if Kiriel wasn’t too greedy

But Jamie knew.

‘Kiriel won’t come.’


The world of the afterlife which was known like that, isn’t a world where the dead go.

It was a hell that blinded the living and held them forever.
If one wasn’t blind, they could get out of the grasp of that world, if not…

“Let’s end it here.”

Jamie grabbed the Evolve Avalon and exited the shop.
Siegfried leaned against the wall waiting for him.

“Did the contract end clean?”

Very clean.”

“The contents of the contract… forget it.
Since you can’t say it.
We must leave Saint-Dermain too.”


And the two disappeared.

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