And despite trying to get rid of the burn marks, he couldn’t hide them as the time wasn’t enough.

And because of that, he was caught.

This time, you try to stop.”

The flow of mana occupied by the Sea of Hundred left.

A huge power that was even more terrifying came.

A situation of the strong eating the weak had come.

Linmel was definitely stronger than Jamie now, so he could break down the mana pool of Jamie any instant.

It could be because he expected Jamie to know his true power.
So Jamie put the sword away, he knew that his current swordsmanship skills weren’t enough to handle this.

Instead, Beyond Avalon was put in front.

Taken out, but not used till now.

“Finally going to use it?”

“I think so.”

“You are a funny one.”

Beyond Avalon.

The power of this had been confirmed before.

“If you are going to use it, use it without hesitation.”

What was Linmel’s magic going to be?

Jamie was curious as he hadn't shown it till now.

If so, he had to make him show it.

Linmel flicked his right hand.


The floor began to crumble like sand but Jamie didn’t dodge it.

The terrifying level of savage wind engulfed him.
It was magic with power that even a 6th class couldn’t handle.

One could even die.

However, there wasn’t even a slightest agitation in Linmel’s expression.

Instead, he spoke with a smile and asked.

“What are your thoughts?”

“It is nice to be in a warm and cold breeze.”

The place where the ferocious wind had scratched was messy, but there was no scratch on Jamie’s body.

He led the translucent body forward.

Beyond Avalon.
The staff which meant Utopia had the ability to make the master exist and not exist in reality at the same time.

In other words, Jamie existed in this world, but the body was in another world.

And the translucent body returned to its original state.

“You can’t seem to stay long.”

“I will get it right within no time.”

“That confidence.
So nice to see really.”

Linmel said sarcastically and stretched his arms outwards.

The floor was lifted and Jamie’s tiny body soared.

“This one will hurt.”

“Let’s see about that.”

The sword passed by Linmel’s ear.

Linmel looked at Scud which barely passed from the side of his face.

Jamie was mid-air but the attack came from behind.

The magic he did a moment ago.

“It seems like you want to see my best.”

“Please show me.”

Swords came up from all directions.

Getting through it would be fun.

Linmel opened his eyes wide to check the clouds.

He placed a hand on the ground to create a magic circle.

“Ideological Collapse.”

The space collapsed in cube shapes.

Jamie saw the vast amount of Mana which was concentrated on Linmel.

“If the junior wants to see it so much, then there is nothing a senior can do but show it.”

Linmel raised his hand up.

“The realization I have gained isn’t from natural disasters like raging fire, lightning bolts, and hail.”

Jamie didn’t even know why he was smiling in such a situation.

Something big was going to come.

“Still, a big shock will come, so be prepared.”


He clapped his hands and there was a sound.


But nothing changed.

It was the moment Jamie realized it.


A strange sense of discomfort.
It didn’t take him long to realize the true nature of the discomfort.


Jamie admired the changes in the world that his five senses couldn’t feel

The magical realization Linmel obtained was—

[Cognitive Dissonance.]

The skin was hot.

Jamie turned his head to the side, a huge mass of ice flying towards him.

He thought it was a flame.

Jamie swung the staff to summon flame.

Dududk! The ice cracked and this time came the lightning!


A shield was created by crossing the sword and staff.

As lightning struck the thin shield, fire erupted and chill rushed into his body.

It was only then he realized that clue which Linmel threw in.

‘Not a natural disaster.’

Hail, ice, lightning, flames.

On the surface it was a disaster, but this was a psychic magic that invaded the brain.

So meticulously constructed that one couldn’t even imagine it happened.

If one wasn’t an expert in the spiritual world, one would struggle to survive in these kinds of situations and die without knowing what happened.

‘The problem is that I have to struggle even if I know!’


Explosions from all sides, heavy rain and lightning from above.
The ground cracked with lava gushing out.

Jamie tried to break free from Linmel’s bondage which manipulated his mind, but Linmel’s magic was completed through realization.

And with Jamie’s current skills it was impossible.


Jamie began to release a hazy mist all over his body.
So that no one could see what was happening.

Yet, all sorts of disasters were breaking in.

And it came.


If he can’t solve it, and then swallow it.

Control the black mana.’

If he openly used black magic suspicion would rise.

So, excluding that, Leviathan was released in the form of a white magic.
The predation power will decrease but it was fine.

The mist cleared, and fifty thousand calamities swallowed Jamie from above and below.

There, Jamie did his sword dance.

[Welton’s form 1 to 10.]

With the Sea of Hundreds open, he could move more freely than anyone.

‘Mana will be eaten.’

A disaster is simply the delirium of a disorganized mind.

He was going to swallow the mana of Linmel, the source of this.

With that thought alone, he began to absorb the mana covered around him.

And then a faint light began to flow through Scud’s blade.

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