“Young lord?”

Siegfried frowned at the sudden appearance of Jamie.

“I see you are here after a fight.”

Siegfried stood up at the traces of intense mana on Jamie’s body.

“What is going on?”

“Things got a little bigger.”

Jamie sat down on the sofa, looking a little weary and Siegfried sat across from him.


“Related to demons.”

“… demons?”

Seigfried looked up with a face which said; Why is this kid suddenly saying something strange?

“Was this a joke that the 8 year old kid wanted to say?”

“I am not kidding.”

“You suddenly said demons, so it does sound like a joke, right?”

Jamie let out a sigh at it.

This was the kind of person Siegfried is.

It was something he didn’t like, but this man was someone he could trust.

“Listen well.”

Jamie recounted the details of what happened.

Siegfried’s expression changed every moment.

At first, his face didn’t believe it, but as the story went on, his complexion grew darker.

It was such a serious matter, and if it was handled wrongly, a great deal of damage could come to the kingdom beyond the Magic world.

Siegfried who had put his thoughts together stayed silent and let out a sigh.

“… is everything real?”



He sighed again, and glanced at Jamie’s face.

He was looking at how serious his expression was, and it was sincere.

Scratching his head, he said,

“First of all, it is a good thing you came to me first.”

“I almost regretted it.”

“I almost didn’t hear it, but if I did, I would have regretted it too.”

“Well, I came here because elder is the most reliable person I know.”

“Such an honor.”

Siegfried was the current head of the academy in the Magic world, a talented one and the man who can do a lot and warp as well.

In particular, because of the time which passed with things happening, it was difficult to get in contact with those who spread Apophis.

For the last two months, he was the only one with Jamie, so Jamie could trust him more than anyone else.

And Siegfried said,

“3rd elder… I thought he was a dismal human, but I didn’t think he was crazy enough to cross the line.”

Siegfried seemed disappointed.

Although his relationship with the 3rd elder wasn’t good, they still respected each other as magicians.

It was because he knew how difficult it was to rise to the position of an elder here.

But, what skilled person borrowed the power of demons?

That is terrible.

There was no such thing as a sense of belonging to the Magic world, but just one of the places he used.

And to pollute such a place felt like an insult to Siegfried.

Jamie felt the mana of Siegfried move erratically.
And Siegfried said,

“Actually, it must be dealt with quickly.”

“So, then, is there anyone we can turn to for help?”

He found out that the 3rd elder was behind this, but Jamie didn’t think that it was that simple.

Even after taking the 3rd elder down, the demons were probably there.

The Demon King of Lust.

It wasn’t known what position he was in the Devildom but it was enough to help the Apophis, then he had to be a noble there.

‘It will be good if he is lesser than the previous one.’

The Baron demon from Devildom which devastated the Mirinae Forest.

The power he possessed was the lowest among the demon nobles.

Even so, he held the powers of a Master class and if a higher demon than him came, it would be a huge trouble.

“It isn’t like we have no one.”

“Who are they?”

“The magicians of equality.”

Equality, one of the three major groups in the Magic world composed of commoners.

The 3rd elder was a royalist and a noble with influence.
Although he didn’t have a separate position, his position as elder would give him enough support.

So, the magicians of equality who reject the nobles and royalists will help.

Jamie remembered 5th Elder Luke, whom he met at the elders meet.
Although he had a twisted personality, his skills were real.

“But I don’t want them involved.”

“I understand.”

Siegfried and Equality didn’t get along.

The reason was simple.

Siegfried didn’t like the idea of equality, and the Equality faction didn’t like Siegfried, who didn’t come into their faction.

Come to think of it, equality might be holding hands with the 3rd elder.”

Equality is after all, the one who went after the concept of equality.

The idea of equality meant no discrimination.

If it was similar to the purpose of the 3rd elder, then they might be thinking the same.

“I agree.”

Siegfried nodded at Jamie’s words.

The two of them thought, if there was anyone who could be touched.

“Then 2nd elder?”

Marquis Linmel.

He was currently the strongest in Seldam and is a person of great influence in Magic World compared to the first elder.

With his help, this could be closed very easily.

“Young lord, Young lord must have felt it too, but the more we talk… the more…”

“You think we should do it alone?”

The 2nd elder is someone who can be trusted, but as long as demons are involved, I cannot trust anyone.
That is my conclusion.”

“So do I.”

In the process of choosing a person to seek help, the two had reached their final conclusion.

In the situation where he didn’t know who the human was who made contact with the demon, they couldn’t trust anyone no matter how trustworthy they were.

Demons are things which pretend to be humans too.

Pretend and be trusted, and pretend to be on the same side.


Siegfried said,

“That Teacher.
Didn’t even Mr.
Keniac say he didn’t know the identity?”


“Then, the Teacher can be on the same level as the 3rd elder.”

“Same idea here.
And Mary confessed that their organization is global, but I don’t think that’s true.”

Perhaps they lied to increase their loyalty here.”

If the members of the organization didn’t like each other, or problems arose, the organization could be shaky, which was why such a lie could be needed.

So if they introduce themselves as a huge one, the servants inside would be more faithful to the place.

In particular, people like Mary who are easy to control and have the same idea as the organization.

‘Even if the purpose of the organization is equality of talent.’

Jamie thought it wasn’t true.

Even if that was their intention at first, there was a high chance that those in the higher position are already rotten inside.

“Just us two.”

“I get it.”

“For now, we can get something if we catch the 3rd elder, so it won’t be difficult after that.”

It was true that he was capable enough to be called the 3rd elder, but he was in 6th class.

There was no way he could overpower Siegfried.

“If that doesn't work, we can use this.”

Jamie held out his left hand.

The symbol of Pyro shone.

Although it was just a symbol of her, the holy power wasn’t strong and it had one function.

‘I was reluctant to use it, so I didn’t.’

But it was better to use it than to make the situation worse.

“First, let’s start by figuring out how to control the 3rd elder.
Young lord must be tired, so you need to rest,”

Siegfried is an elder, so he would be able to find the location of the 3rd elder more easily than Jamie.

So Jamie nodded without a word.

Entering the staff room, the teachers greeted Jamie.

And Jamie said he had to pack for the moment and headed to his seat and sat down as he sighed.

‘I came here with an easy mind, but I got involved in something huge.’

It was so ridiculous that he wanted to laugh.

Suddenly a demon came in.

And the nutritional supplement turned out to be something from the demon.
Which was another thing he found hard to believe.

But it had to be true, since he heard it from Mary whose brain he took over.

“I need some air.”

He didn’t feel nice sitting.
Jamie quietly left the office and decided to take a break.

The academy, where everyone was left, was quiet.

The dimly lit rooms filled with the reddish sunlight.

It was the time when he was walking with such thoughts.

“Ah! Mr.

At that moment, he heard Javelin’s voice.

When he turned, he found him smiling.

“Are you still working?”

“I came back because I had to do something.”

I see.
Did that work out fine?”

But do you have something to say?”

“Nothing much, but have you seen Miss Sophia?”

When Sophia was mentioned, Jamie almost gave himself away, but then calmly replied.

“I didn’t see her… did something happen?”

I have something to talk to her.
Then, please have a nice time.”

Javelin waved his hand and turned.

Jamie looked at that and began to walk again.

And suddenly had a thought.

Javelin was a flawless teacher.
He was always smiling and it was hard to know what he was thinking about, and he never heard of the man do anything wrong till now.

He didn’t talk much, but whenever ever he did they would only praise Javelin.

This was because they regarded him as the leader and someone they relied on a lot.

It was the same with the students.
The students respected him and liked him for his friendly personality and his way of embracing them all.

In addition, he managed the academy in the absence of Siegfried, and could communicate with the 3rd elder too.

‘Won the respect of teachers and students, the real power in the Academy is his, the right to go to 3rd elder and talk.
And finally.’

When Silver went missing, many teachers were worried and Javelin came.

He said he would contact Silver directly and if not, go and see him too.

But no one heard anything after that.


Jamie called him.

Javelin stopped and looked back.

“What is it?”

“How has Mr.
Silver been? I don’t think I heard any news since then.”

He was feeling a little unwell.
I was worried.
Someone who was healthy suddenly collapsed.
Jamie is still young, so you should take care of your health to grow up well~”

And Jamie asked Javelin who was ready to leave.

“Why did you do it?”

Javelin, who stopped again, asked with a smile.


“Why did you do it?”

“What does that mean…”


With a puzzled face he looked at Jamie who kept repeating the same question, Javelin raised his finger and pointed to his face.

“Did I make some mistake?”

It was a weird thing.

Jamie smiled and nodded.

“You did.
A mistake.”


“It was a mistake to be this perfect.”

He liked people too much.

And was talented.

Always killing emotions and trying to smile.

Jamie generally never trusted those who hide their emotions.

Because that meant they had another plan running in their minds.

Like now.

“You were this close.

Javelin just bowed his head without answering and fixed the glasses.
The sunset reflected on it.

He still looked at Jamie with a friendly smile.

“That is…”

Javelin said.

“Where did I get caught?”

His eyes dyed in black.

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