“What did you want?”

Satan, the Demon Lord of Wrath, looked at the person kneeling ahead of him and asked.

“Did you really think you could overcome the burden?”

Trika didn’t answer.

It wasn’t known how much time had passed.

He thought back to the beginning of the fight.

‘it definitely seemed fine.’

Trika, who was now a concept with Akashic’s help, gained strength that wasn’t lacking compared to the great demon lord.

Actually, in a few places, he excelled, and he thought there was a chance.

He thought the current self had grown strong enough that his opponent would not downplay him.

He thought he would win too.

But it was all an illusion.

From that moment onwards, he was treated like a child.

Not a single attack would reach the opponent, and for some reason, he couldn’t even avoid a simple attack.

It was too one-sided.

The humiliation and helplessness of an adult being played around with broke him.

Trika lifted his head with difficulty and saw the demon lord of Wrath, Satan.

Satan turned his back and walked around him.

“Why do you think I am a great demon lord?”

Contrary to his words, the voice was calm, almost like a mentor to their student.

“Because you are surviving in the Devildom for a longer time than anyone else?”

He shook his head.

“Half right and half wrong.
Why am I a great demon lord?”

After turning around, he stopped in front of Trika and said again.

“Because we are overwhelmingly strong.”


“I am the great demon lord because I have the power no one can touch and can own part of the Devildom.”

Satan’s eyes turned red.

But there was an ill feeling from it.
It just felt strange.
And he continued.

“Recognizing bugs like you as demon lord means this is just a game for us.”

“Shut up….”

“You have a lot of courage, but that is all there is to it.
Did you become arrogant just because you got a bit strong? What did you think a concept would even do?”

“I have no intention of sharing anything with you.
If you are going to kill me, do it.”

“Are you saying that when I lead a large army right to your doorstep? Hahaha, you fool.
Only the winner gets to choose the life a loser gets.
So your life is mine.”

Satan smiled as he got up.

And he lifted his head to look at the sky.

“Soon, the time has come for this sealed place to open up.
I am curious.
Maybe my army has already trampled on your fragile sand castle, or maybe they are fighting their last breath.”

“If he comes back, none of you will survive.”

Trika heard all the plans Akashic had.
And what outcome will come and when it will come was also planned.


If he manages to recover his power, then it will be worth trying to fight now.

But it couldn’t be said for sure.

As a result of the fighting, he recognized again that this opponent was a monster.

Still, he bluffed, only to drag this out.

“How dare a bastard forget his fear?”

And Satan said in a laughing voice.

“Are you talking about the human who came with you?”

Trika didn’t answer it, but he knew that deceiving the great demon lord was impossible.

Satan smiled up, knowing that he liked this.

“Is that human ‘Diablo Vofir’ by any chance?”


He didn’t think this name would be mentioned, so Trika flinched.

The undead shouldn’t have expressions, but if they did, it would be a shocked look in his eyes.

And Satan smiled.

“So it is real.”

“H-how do you know…?”

Where in the world is that thing a secret?”

After pretending that he didn’t want to say anything, Satan told Trika that he was done.

“To show up in front of me on your own feet with that prey.
It is quite interesting.”

“… I don’t know how you know, but even the 12 Gods couldn’t kill him.
It is impossible for you.”

“Hahaha! You compare that to the 12 Gods?”

Satan made a joke as if this was humorous but then stopped laughing.

“The reason they rule only the world of humans and not the Devildom is known.”

“Everyone used to say that to him.”

“Should I tell you something interesting? This is a secret fact that even if all the dimensions are searched, there are things which can be counted in one hand.”

Satan continued to look up at the sky.

“Two of the 12 Gods attacked me at the same time, and both of them bowed before me.”


And the sky began to break down, which meant the seal was collapsing.

Trika couldn’t say anything and was sucked into the cracks.

And when he was up.

“You haven’t vanished.”

Someone’s voice came from above.

Trika lifted his head and checked the person.

“… lord”

“Ahh, I am back.”

Jamie grinned.

And at the same time, red lightning flashed from the sky, filled with terrifying magic.
Satan stood there and said.

“Nice to meet you, Diablo Volfir.”

And Wrath said,

“According to the prophecy, I will be devouring you.”

The red force began to encroach the space.

“How does he know my name? Did you tell him?”

Trika shook his head at the question.

“He knew it.”


“I did not tell him.”

“I see.
I am just glad that you are alive.
You can rest now.”

When Jamie told Trika to rest, Trika spoke back.

“Be careful… it is hard to believe, but he says he won against two of the 12 Gods.”


Hearing this, Jamie looked up at Satan without a word.

Defeating 2 of the 12 Gods alone.

He was sure.

It should be possible with the power of a great demon lord.
Since they are the ones who are well above the average strength of the 12 Gods.

Of course, depending on which God it is, the story changes.

‘If it is Gods like Lili, the Goddess of Beauty, or Drian, the God of Violence and Plunder, it makes sense.’

There are those among the 12 Gods who are suitable to battle and are weak.
Lili is one such goddess who supports from the rear.

She is someone who would do anything to win, but on the contrary, she doesn’t really fit the category of God.

Conversely, there were the cases of Ra, the Sun God, and Pyro, the Goddess of Sin and Punishment, or a god like Brahman, the God of Dragons.
There were some over whom victory simply could not be guaranteed.

The mid-level Gods like Zenith are known to be vulnerable when they are single.

So except for the top 4 Gods, the great demon lord can defeat them depending on who they are with.

‘Even so, he is a monster who cannot be ignored.’

The power of the great demon lords was known for a long time.

Actually, there was a time when he even tried to join with the Demon Lord of Cruelty.

The specifics still needed to be clarified, but it had looked good.

“It wouldn’t hurt to take the chance and check myself out.”

“How long do I have to wait?”

At that moment, Satan, who had been waiting for Jamie to be done talking, asked.


“I sent Akashic into the castle, so you should run with him and any other survivors you can get.”

“I will help.”

“You used up too much of your power.
And I don’t know what you did to your body but stop trying to destroy it.”

Jamie had noticed that Trika’s condition was odd.

“I will go.”

And he flew to where Satan was.

Trika was upset at the thought of not being able to help his lord when the time came, but he was also aware that he couldn’t help now.

As his lord said, they had to evacuate it now with any survivors he could get, so he headed for the castle.

“It sure took you a long time.”

At Satan’s sarcasm, Jamie said.

“Because I met him after a long time.”

“Taking a demon lord as your subordinate… you aren’t even a great demon lord, but you sure are a fun human.
As the rumors said.”

Satan let out a low laugh and spread the three pairs of wings.

“You will not be able to drag this any longer as I have been waiting for far too long.”

“But, you know my name; how did you hear of it?”

“I just know.”

“If you have no intention of answering… I can make you answer.”

White landed on Jamie’s shoulder.

And Satan asked.

“A holy beast? You have something fine.”

“If you have anything, take it out too.
Don’t say shit like ‘Ah! You cannot use that!’ After being beaten by me.”

“You have a pretty big mouth.
Just like a demon.”


The body of White seeped into Jamie and began to stretch out its white wings behind his back.

[Starlight Full Bloom]

A round glare formed behind Jamie, and it began to drive away the magic while pulling Balisada out of the sheath and Future Walker being activated.

It was a different monster from before.

There was no intention of saving any strength.
As if reading Jamie’s will, Satan smiled satisfactorily and stretched out his hand.


And as his hand clenched, a broken space crumbled.

Then, when he took something out, the fragments of the space scattered around.
Looking at that, Jamie couldn’t help but comment.

“A great sword, huh.”

What Satan took out was a great sword.

Around 20m in size?

It looked a dozen times larger than his own body; could it even be wielded?

… usually, that is what anyone would have thought.

‘Since he took that out, the number of cases with Future Walker went down a lot.’

The fact that it decreased meant that the strength of Satan increased, and Satan smiled.

“This is my demonic tool, Tyrving.”


“huhu, it is almost quite famous in your world.”

As said, Tyrving was a famous weapon in the human world.

It was also called the wish-granting sword, and the former owner was known to have suffered a major accident due to it, causing it to be sealed.

“Is that the original sword? Making wishes come….”

Satan swung the sword with a red glow in his eyes.

“it was me.”


It wasn’t difficult, as Jamie had read the attack beforehand, but his expression didn’t seem good.

‘What strength!’

Although Balisada managed to block it, it seemed like the muscles in the body were crying in pain.

And to throw down an attack like this in the middle of a conversation.

As expected of a demon!

If that is the case, then he had to return the favor.

Jamie radiated the light around him by using every mana core.

[Transcendental Magic]

He never used this magic with the starlight.

‘Things will work out.’

Jamie smiled and then unfolded it.

[Fiat Lux MAX]

The light shone by striking down the dark sky.

And all the dimensional observation equipment in the Devildom was instantly consumed.

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