The ‘Fiat Lux’ created using transcendental magic far exceeded Jamie’s expectations.

If the caster himself was surprised, then no more words were needed.

If one was hit by something like this dead on, even a great demon lord would be shocked.

As expected.


It looked like he was using Tyrving to defend, but seeing the charred body, it felt like the hit was strong.

But it wasn’t fatal.


Satan threw off his half-burnt cloak, relaxed his neck, and smiled.


He swung Tyrving around without any preparation.

Like before, he wielded such a weapon without a moment’s notice.

Even Diomedes and Jeok Chun-Kyung, who reached the pinnacle of swordsmanship, couldn’t do this.

Regardless of weapon type, it meant he had the edge over the sword when compared to the two.

Jamie used a 9th-class defense magic, ‘Absolute Shield’, with the left hand.


The shield broke right down despite the name it held, but it was able to block the attack.

He didn’t control the flames of Balisada, and they were raging wildly on the blade.

“Are you planning to play with me with a sword despite being a magician?”

Satan smiled.

Jamie grinned and cleared off the broken shield as he gathered black mana in one hand.

Satan’s eyes widened.
The sword aimed for his neck flew from behind.

He hurriedly bowed his head to avoid the sword, but this time a sword appeared from ahead and shot up again, aiming for his neck.

As Satan opened his eyes, the magic began to rise up, and the movement of the sword slowed to the point where one could see it.

That, too, only for a while.

A strange power began to flow around the sword, and he began to slash it with magic.


Satan mumbled.

The blade cut through the throat.


But the head didn’t fall.

Jamie frowned as he looked at Satan in good form.

Since he was trying to stop the magic, he was using the Futility Divide to cut the head off, but he couldn’t

[4 Dimension Wall]

Satan’s eyes turned red, and tears of blood began to fall down.

“It has been a long time since I have seen a sword that cuts through space.
However, it isn’t a good match for me.”

He spoke with a smile.

“Because the burden exists in the realm of higher dimensions.”

And he extended his arms out as Jamie teleported.

The spatial movement was so fast that the great demon lord couldn’t capture him.

That was what he thought.


Satan’s hand gripped Jamie’s neck.

“I do like your ability to manipulate space.
If it was enough to dazzle my eyes, then the others lords wouldn’t have even been able to respond to it.
But, I am different.”

The space.

No, it felt like a dimension was twisted, and Jamie’s eyes widened.


“That rumor is probably right.”

Satan pulled Jamie with an unrelenting force, and Future Walker showed Jamie what was coming.

Jamie turned the black mana in his hand into darkness and slammed it into Satan’s face.

It contained the power of annihilation, and Satan’s face was swept away.

And at that moment, something extraordinary happened.

‘Why is it in front…’

Jamie saw the ground in front of him.

At the number of cases presented by Future Walker, such a sight didn’t exist.
But Satan managed to hit him in the face.

From the part where he was hit, he could feel the sound and vibration of something large beneath the ground.

He couldn’t see it in person, but he wondered if a few km in radius got devasted.

Jamie’s body would have been shattered if it hadn’t been for All Might.

“Dimensions are fun.
1D things cannot see 2D, and 2D cannot see 3D.
that being said, what happens in the 4D can be said to be more catastrophic than a natural disaster.”

This one surely talked a lot.

Jamie used Future Walker again.

[Transcendental Magic]

[Power of Dark Universe]

[Dark Star]

Starlight replaced black mana, and the space was dyed in black.
Satan stared at the changing space.

It felt as if it had turned into a night sky.
But no stars were visible.

Just like on a day overcast with dark clouds, a single star shone faintly in the sky.
It was then he felt uncomfortable.

“You did something interesting!”

“You cannot avoid it.”

The voice echoed in the ground, but the meaning could be conveyed accurately.

As Satan moved away from Jamie, he wrapped the magic on the body as much as he could and raised the power, driving Tyrving to the limit.

And the faint red star’s light began to turn more intense.

Black star.

It was magic created by substituting the dark nature of black magic.

And the power-


The red light didn’t fall anywhere else but Satan, and he began to scream in pain.

The monster, which even Futility Divide couldn’t scratch, struggled and groaned in a voice full of anger.

“You filthy bastard!! You are using tricks!!”


Jamie got up, brushing the dirt off his face.
He could still hear the screams of Satan, and he began to mumble.

“If it is the power of the universe, even if you use the power of 4D, you can’t help it.”

In act, Black Star wasn’t magic he thought of using.

Among the transcendental magic, it takes a lot of mana to cause terrible pain on the opponent, yet it wasn’t a skill that could kill the great demon lord.

Still, Future Walker showed Black Star as the way because, against Satan, 3D attacks wouldn’t work.

The universe is a space that encompasses all dimensions.
If it is magic that borrowed the power of the place, then the skill of the opponent wouldn’t work.

‘Still, the efficiency of it wasn’t that good.’

It is better to refrain from doing it again.
Because he had yet to fully adapt to this current state.

‘But, it is the power of the 4D.’

Then it made sense to wield that nonsensical great sword without any actions.

This means that Wrath wasn’t any better swordsman than Diomedes or his friend.

That doesn’t mean he wasn’t a monster, though.


When the Black Star stopped shining, Satan coughed out in pain.

He looked quite angry, and the laid-back feeling was gone.

“How dare… you human… you did this!”

The magic around him exploded.

Tyrving appeared in front of him, and he was ready to use the 4D power again.

And knowing that an attack could come anytime gave him enough time to respond.


As Tyrving touched the ground, a fierce slash broke it apart and split even the stone mountain, which was a bit far.

Jamie was enveloped in the darkness.

A form that had defeated Beiros and Kairos.

He used the Spear of Longinus above his head; this, too, had grown in power compared to before.

“Go away!”

Jamie beckoned Longinus at Satan.

Satan, who destroyed everything with his sword, jumped off the ground and the two swords collided in the air.

[Hundred Seas]

Even the flow of the air was now in his control.
Jamie opened the Futility Divide one again.

[Futility Divide, Supreme Technique]


This is a traditional technique that was like dividing the heavens and earth.
However, there was a disadvantage to it.

It isn’t a skill that can hit someone like Satan head-on.

So he thought.

Gather aura around Balisada.


The setting sun.
Like the darkness still existed in it.

Very hidden


Jamie jumped out again and appeared from behind Satan.
And Balisada was upwards.


Blood gushed out from the chest of Satan.
And Twilight is a technique that focuses on vital points.

It navigates through the process of teleporting and cuts down the opponent.

Although its power was reduced, even Satan couldn’t defend himself.


It was the moment Jamie turned again to prepare for the second hit.

Satan roared, and a terrible horror began to engulf the place.

“Long time! How dare you make me angry!!”

As he is someone with the title Wrath, the anger which rose in him was like a buff.

It wasn’t just strength he got

Satan said,

“Let me show you what wrath is like.”

The demon lord was angry.

He had emotions like living beings, and this created fear too.

No matter how hard he tried to stop, Satan had boiling anger within.

And it was like his innate emotion.

So Jamie felt a fear surge within him.

‘This is insane!’

Satan was born with the talent of a tyrant.


“I don’t really care about your anger.”

Jamie activated the bracelet on the hand.

“Your anger doesn’t install fear in me.”

Perfect Cell.

The magic of complete immunity got activated.

“Are you fine?”

“… you got back alive.”

Akashic looked at Trika and smiled hard.

“I am sorry.
I couldn’t do it all.”

“it is fine.
You have done enough.”


At that moment, a loud roar could be heard.

“It seems like the lord and Wrath are fighting.”

“Looks to be that way.”

“Let’s head in.
All who are in good health, lead the wounded and follow me.”

Not many survived, but even so, he said it.

After supporting Akashic, Trika began to move as far from the castle as he could.

“Beiros is unconscious.”

Beiros was being carried by the men behind.

Although he was breathing, his injuries were so serious that it wouldn’t be strange even if he died.

“We couldn’t do much, and I had to live with their help.”

“Save the words.”

“I also used the demon tool.”

“I know.
My body felt it.
So enough.
My lord said he will save us.”

“I see.

Even the voice of Akashic was fading.
Behind them, the battle, which was shaking the ground, was unfolding.

They focused on moving out as fast as they could.

How long did the time pass?

Akashic opened his mouth.


In the meantime, it felt like his voice had changed.

He felt the life diminishing from him.

Trika answered with a question.

‘Why keep calling me when I told you not to speak?’

And Akashic said with a smile.

“I have one last thing to say.”

“… I will allow it.”

Even since Jamie came back, Akashic felt his life drift away slowly.
He will probably die within an hour.

Or maybe faster too.

Akashic held his breath to give out the last message.

“Not sure… however… worth doing.”

“What do you mean?”

“To Jamie Welton….
As him to find ‘Yeomjae’.”

Yeomjae was one of the 12 Gods.

In other words, an enemy of Jamie’s.

And he was asking Jamie not to kill the God but meet him?

“Are you being serious?”

“… the information I have because Gaia put it in me isn’t a lie.”

“Then I want to ask the reason.”


At that moment, the sky began to get mixed with two energies.

One was red with wrath, and one purple because of Jamie.

In that situation, he said

“One of the first Gods Gaia created.”

“W-what? So, does it mean he is an ancient God?”


“Akashic! Look at me!”

He squeezed his voice and said

“Please… to achieve what you want.”


Trika carefully lowered Akashic to the ground and shook him, but Akashic wasn’t breathing.
His eyes were smiling like he had done everything he could.

Trika mumbled, looking at it.

“You always had a cold face; I didn’t know you could smile.”

In the end, Akashic’s body turned to dust as it spread into the wind of the Devildom.

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