The capital, Fibre, was not utterly devoid of people like the Magic World.

However, it was far from the usual peaceful sight.
Because of the gray-white barrier, the entire city was dark and covered in dark clouds.

Also, armed soldiers were roaming around nervously.

Inside the buildings, he could see people hiding, holding their breath.

“Who are you?”

Just then, a soldier who spotted Jamie shouted in a sharp voice.
The shoulders then came to surround him with spears pointing.

Like the soldiers guarding the capital, they all looked like they could fight.

A man who appeared to be their captain drew his sword and walked ahead.

“How did you get in?”

He had red eyes and looked like someone who hadn’t slept for a few days.
It was the same with the other soldiers.

Jamie took out his card, which said he was the elder in Magic World.

“Jamie Welton, 3rd elder of Magic World.”

As he looked wide-eyed at the card, he soon adjusted his body and soluted

“The captain of defense guard corpse, Captain Carl Smith, greets the 3rd elder.”

The elder of a magic world is a person who could command the troops.

Actually, it was also the position in charge of magic troops.
Even though their affiliations were different, Jamie had a higher rank.

When Carl Smith did that, the other soldiers withdrew their weapons.
And Jamie briefly talked to them.

“What happened? Is His Majesty alright?”

“We have the news about the elder.
First of all, in a nutshell..
the start came with the apostle of Pyro being attacked.
As a result, the apostle lost consciousness.
Several churches began to move, including the Zenith church, and the North was in terror.”


“Yes, we don’t know for sure.
It would be better to head inside and listen.
Fortunately, His Majesty is safe.”

You worked hard.”

Jamie patted Carl’s shoulder, bowed to the other soldiers, and headed to the castle.

His mind felt beyond jumbled.

Ricky got attacked.
The apostle of Pyro Church


No matter how far out he was from the realm of Goddess, he had enough power to subdue Kreon.

Thankfully the holy power made him not die yet; he was unconscious.

Not just that, several churches, including Zenith, attacked the North together.

One of them was the Church of Nothingness.

‘But why them…’

According to Pyro, Lily and Braham were allied with Zenith.
He heard that Zenith didn’t have a good relationship with the others, though.

So what happened?

‘I will have to talk to the king and then with Pyro.’

He hadn’t spoken to her in 5 years.
It was because he didn’t feel the need to talk.

She was also a member of the 12 Gods.
Although he wasn’t isolating himself, he couldn’t have changed his perception of his enemies.

But no one else could explain this situation to him other than her.

Arriving at the palace was instant.

The royal palace guards were guarding it in huge numbers and noticed this human come up.

Since they were in charge of the defense, it was natural.


Shouted the man at Jamie.

Jamie just stood still.

The king’s spear, Albert, stared at Jamie as if he was looking at a stranger and said.

“You… are Jamie Welton?”

Five years back, the arrogant spear master and Jamie had a conflict, and looking at the man now, he felt that he was cute.

Jamie had no intention of dealing with him, so he spoke.

“I need to see His Majesty.”

“What? How do I know if you are the real Jamie Welton?”

“Didn’t you feel it? So move; I don’t have time.”

“I don’t know where you went for a month, but you sure lost your manners.
You jerk…”

“Noisy bastard.”

Jamie waved his hand like he was dealing with a nuisance and Albert’s body crashed to the side.

He was embarrassed at the sudden attack, and Albert pulled out his sword to counterattack.


But he couldn’t and fell down to the ground again.

He subdued the man who was a Master class with just one gesture, and the expression of the royal guard was quite clear.

He would have enjoyed this in the past, but now Jamie did not have the time.

No one thought to stop him, and he entered.

And it wasn’t King Friedmoor on the throne.


But princess Isabel.

Jamie didn’t say anything for 5 seconds.

Why is this girl he is seeing for the first time sitting here?

And, who is she to talk to him?

At first, it didn’t seem like a huge deal.
She looked special, but the girl was weaker than others her age.

In fact, her health didn’t look good either.

“You don’t seem to remember who I am?”

“You know me?”

They must have met, but Jamie couldn’t remember her face.
The last time they met was when he got appointed as an elder.

Five years passed in such a state, and the girl had grown a lot.

“A lot of time passed.
And children mature quickly.
Like you.”

Jamie didn’t understand what she was saying; he didn’t have time for that.
Now he had to know the important events he missed.

“Where is his Majesty? Why is a child like you sitting there?”

“I guess you don’t know.”

“Because I am in a situation where I have to consider you a child; excuse my rudeness.”

Jamie approached her, intending to read her memories.

“Don’t worry.
You have more freedom.
Let’s blow the fire between us.”

At that, Jamie stopped walking and asked.


“I am Isabel P.
Would you like this introduction?”

“… princess?”

He couldn’t remember her face, but he knew the name.
Because he was brought up as the son of a noble family and an elder in the Magic World.

Of course, he knew her name.

Jamie could only remember her face.
It was quite different from then, so he didn’t recognize her.

She was all grown up now.

“What happened, princess?”

“Please go back to talking comfortably.”

“I am sorry, but I do not have the time to talk.
The Church of Nothingness has already completely taken down the Magic World.
If you are sitting there, I am sure you know this.”

“Of course, I know.
But as I said, you do not have to be in a hurry as you have more time than you think.
Also, Haiss is safe.
The Count and the sister have been taken to a safe place.
The same goes for the other people in the estate.”

As the princess herself spoke about Haiss, Jamie sighed in relief.

Still, he was worried since he hadn’t heard from the other Jamie yet.

“Have you calmed down now? Then sit.
Do you want me to prepare a different chair for you?”

Jamie frowned at Isabel, who smiled kindly, and made a chair from magic.

“As I thought.
Magic is amazing.”

“So, what happened to His Majesty? I would appreciate it if you could explain why the princess is there.”

“You don’t have to be this polite.
I am no longer weak enough to be entangled in a mess.”

She spoke like she knew a lot more than she should, and the more Jamie got nervous.

‘What is that woman?’

She wasn’t too old.
Even if it was because she was a princess, he didn’t like her speaking as if she knew him.

“I am the child of Count of Seldam, and I cannot disrespect the Royal family.”

“Thank you for saying that.
You… seem fine still.”

“What do you mean?”

“I don’t know.”

Was she trying to mess with the brain?

As Jamie’s expression began to darken, Isabel shook her head and explained.

You see me.
I was born with incredible foresight.
To the extent that I can see large parts of someone’s future.”

It would be more accurate to call it informing.

“I have confirmed the fate of many, and their fate is irreversible, and their end is always what I see.”


“But just one.
It was impossible for me to fully read your fate.”

“So you don’t know my fate?”

“It isn’t that.”

Isabel spoke in a calm tone and continued.

“Lot of hardships and growth.
The path you walk is usually taken by a hero.
Even if there are failures, there is always victory at the end.
Again you got what you wanted from the Devildom.”

Jamie’s eyes widened when the word Devildom came up.

He never thought that the specific word would be used.
Isabel continued,

“Actually, I wondered if that was the end of your destiny, but I hadn’t read it.
Looking at it now, the time hasn’t come yet.

“What lies at the end?”

“Nothing is certain.
As I said, I couldn’t read much.
There is only one thing I can say for sure.”

She continued with a serious face.

“You will have to make a choice someday.”

“What choice?”

“I don’t know, but depending on your choice, you…”

She took a deep breath and recounted the fate of Jamie she had read.

“You will stand in the dark.”

What kind of darkness it was, was unknown.

However, it was clear that when that time came, Jamie would be completely different from now.

It wasn’t known if he was a good or bad person then.

Darkness is just an abstract expression, and there is no such thing as negative.

But just like humans have senses, Isabel didn’t think darkness was good.


Jamie mumbled as if pondering.

It wasn’t known if he could count on what Isabel said, but she knew about Devildom.

She wasn’t scamming him.

Jamie let out a short sigh and shook his head.

“Let’s think about it.”

“It is positive.”

“Because you get stressed when you look at it negatively.
It is more important to solve the problem immediately than to know when it will come.
Tell me.
Everything you know.
Then I will take care of everything.”

If he knew who he was, he would have nothing to fear.

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