“I wonder if he will appear in front of us again someday.”

Since the Welton family came to be due to what he said, they might show up one day, and likely, sometime soon.

Because the world was a mess now.

Jamie also agreed.

“I want to see him once.”

In other words, it wasn’t strange to say that he was the one ruling Welton for hundreds of years.

If the purpose wasn’t pure and had some evil intention behind it, the Welton family would have gone down the wrong path.

Because the blood contains talent.

But the question remained.

The development of the Welton family, as well as Chevril’s knowledge of Jamie’s birth, they both made sense now.

“But why the power of space?”

The spatial power that only the Welton bloodline has.

No matter how closely related they were, Jamie had never heard of a case where such abilities were unified.

The Count shook his head.

“I don’t know too.
There was no record of it in this library.”

There had to be more to it.

Jamie wondered if the creature had tampered with their genes.
Otherwise, there was no explanation.

Whatever it was, spatial power was a good ability, and Jamie’s Future Walker was like a cheat skill.

Although Count Welton had the counter of ‘Dimension Charm’, it was impossible to outrun the Future Walker in regular battles.

‘As long as the power of 4th dimension isn’t used like Satan.’

But even Satan said he couldn’t stand in front of Ra for long.

‘Is that the only one presumed to be a god?’

Maybe it is an old god who survived? Something akin to Osiris or Akashic.

Because there was no guarantee that no old gods would hide their identity.

Then, it would make sense to search for them.

Jamie was able to do more now than in his previous life, and he had more dependable colleagues despite them being far from strong.

Repetition of a previous life is a specification.

More preparation was needed.
For that, there was something to be done now.

‘I should talk to Pyro first.’

After talking to King Friedmoor, he planned to contact Pyro.

Come to think of it, did the main body finish talking?

“Is it fine to not go to Haiss?”

“I have sent something like an alter ego, so don’t worry.”

Jamie answered Isabel’s question.

If something had happened at Haiss, they would call for him right away, and looking at how he wasn’t called, things had to be going well.

“Something like an alter ego?”

“It isn’t really important.
So what happened to his Majesty? Where is the crown prince?”

He asked before, and he didn’t hear an answer as she changed the topic.
Isabel turned into a thinking face as she said.

“Father and brother…”

She said with a sad face.

“Are no more.”

“… uh?”

Jamie asked as it seemed was wrong with his ears.

And Isabel said.

“They’re not here.
They no longer exist.”

“Did they pass away?”

“Something similar.”

She lost her sibling and parent.
How is she able to remain calm?

Jamie almost had goosebumps rise up.
Isabel said with a bitter smile.

“Isn’t it strange that I look calm after losing my family?”


“It is normal to be sad.
I’ve known it for a long time that its going to be like this… so I don’t feel anything.”

“It seems like you knew everything due to your foresight.”

I knew it too.”

“Didn’t you tell that to his majesty?”

“It cannot be undone.”

Isabel looked like a dead person, and she said.

“The moment a fixed future is spoken of, everyone in that future dies due to an unexpected accident.
And the future does not change.”

Isabel’s ability to foretell the future had an overwhelming performance compared to any prophet.

One can read oracles if they want, but if they disclose the future they learned through the wisdom of someone, the ones related to it will die.

“Of course, it doesn’t mean I cannot use my ability.
All of the main officials were aware of my abilities.”

“Then there is an acceptable range to some extent?”

On an abstract level, I can tell others to some extent.
As I told you.”

She did say that Jamie’s future was filled with unknown darkness.

A definite future, but it seemed that the conditions to be able to say had been fulfilled because it wasn’t concrete.

“But, did you say you were in the Devildom?”

“Because it was in the past.”

“This isn’t easy still.”

“A curse.
A curse which torments me.’

Anyway, Isabel seemed to have known about the end of her family for a long time.

Knowing everything, she must have already been mourning, so tears didn’t come out.

It was unfortunate, but she could not disclose it.

As she said, this is a curse.

“Then did His Majesty and the crown prince get attacked by the Church of Nothingness?”



“The grey shield surrounding the capital”


Jamie’s eyes widened as soon as the gray shield was mentioned.

“They became a living sacrifice.”

Jamie couldn’t say anything.
It has become much more terrifying than what he saw in the Magic world.

Somehow, I thought the interference was severe enough to disturb the teleport coordinates.

I wondered how they made such a strong shield.

“It isn’t just a shield to protect the capital.
The protection of the royal family has been granted throughout the kingdom.
One can’t feel it directly, but if they are people of Seldam, they won’t be cut down by those from the Church of Nothingness.”

“…it wasn’t a protection which could simply be done without putting anything on the line.”

“After all, it has to be a great magician who has reached the highest point?”

Jamie felt a bit uncomfortable with those words.

Come to think of it, when he first entered the capital, he asked the guard.

Was His Majesty alright?

The guard replied that he was fine.

However, both the king and the crown prince had turned themselves into living sacrifices to protect the nation.

That wasn’t something anyone could consider fine.

Still saying they are fine is…

“Their memory?”

“You know that too? The great magician sure is good.”

“Please don’t joke.

“I am rather surprised that Jamie remembered my father and brother.”

“The reason I didn’t… it must have been because of the sight.”


A terrible curse.

The more he knew, the more pitiful Isabel looked.

It is much more than two people who became sacrifices to protect the nation.

“How long does it last?”

“One week.”

“It has been a week since the life and memories of their time have been sacrificed.”

Jamie nodded and said.

“It will be my turn from here.”


Isabel had a blunt expression as she clenched the hem of her skirt.

“I have no one but you.”

The only thing she can say is that she knew the future.

So, Jamie answered.

“Wait for me, Isabel.
I will grant you what you want.”

With those words, Jamie’s body disappeared like a lie.
Isabel, who watched it, quietly muttered.

“I will be waiting, hero.”

Now all alone, a tear was running down her cheek.

“Father, I will be back in a while.”

“Uh? Where?”

Count Welton titled his head at the son’s words, and Jamie said.

“I have work to do.”

He didn’t say why but Count didn’t ask because his son didn’t want to tell either.

He just wanted to say

“You need to be careful.”

“Take care of yourself, dad.
If the Church of Nothingness takes full action, even you would be in danger.”

I’d rather worry about you than me.
And dad, too, has work to do here.”

The Count, one of the kingdom’s strongest forces, planned to return to the royal palace.

The situation where a swordsman is outside

The capital is being protected by a strong shield, but if there is a Grand Master, people could certainly breathe a sigh of relief.

“Then, see you later.”

“See you later.”

Jamie closed his eyes and focused on the body.

And when he opened his eyes.

“Haiss is fine.

The separated bodies were back to one.

“The Welton family had such a secret.”

The two bodies reunited, so the information obtained was experienced first hand.

‘I am glad everyone is safe.’

Mother, Sarah, and the people in the estate fled to Apton and were safe.

With that alone, most of the anxiety within the heart was gone, and his father looked fine.

Jamie was able to take a path with a better mind.

The destination was a white temple in the distance.

It was the main church of Pyro church.

He teleported once there.

He felt the chaotic atmosphere, but without giving the slightest concern, he opened the door and went in.

“W-who are you?!”

“Reveal your identity!”

The priests who had been anxious on the inside drew their weapons and aimed them at Jamie.

Jamie had no time to waste on them.

“Saint Jamie Welton.’

“Uh, uh…?”


The form was so vivid that the priests couldn’t help but panic, and one of them rushed in.

Perhaps to bring in a higher-ranking priest, and since this was the main church, there had to be many.

“Saint, Jamie Welton is here?’

A pretty young voice from inside came.

Apparently, it wasn’t the pope.

Jamie heard the pope of Pyro is old.

A priest who seemed to be in his mid-30s walked out along with the other priest that went to call him.

He recognized Jamie and introduced himself.

“The second class priest of Pyro Church, Veda.”

“This is Saint Jamie Welton.”

Having said that, he showed the crest of the goddess, and Veda bowed down on one knee and said.

“The saint will see you.
Please move inside.”

And they quickly took Jamie inside.

Since he was a priest-level figure, he immediately recognized the crest of the goddess.

Jamie also liked this fast pace, so he followed him.

As they received the greets and entered inside, there were a lot of people using holy power.

The oldest among them, leaning on their cane, greeted Jamie.

“You are here.”

The pope

He came to greet Jamie as if they had known each other for a long time, and Jamie, too, said.

“I am”

“You must have come to see the goddess.”

“Before that, is my friend okay?”

No one here doesn’t know who Jamie’s friend is.

And this was a fact everyone knew that the apostle and saint of Pyro were good friends with Jamie.

The pope said

“He is sleeping.
Let’s meet him.”


“I will guide you.”

“Yes, saint, please follow me.”

A middle-aged priest with a fairly high rank guided Jamie.

If there was one thing Jamie felt from coming here, it was that the Pyro priests didn’t seem interested in Jamie.

It wasn’t known if this was because of their apostle state.

Has such trust come down?

He was a little skeptical, but he thought it was good that they didn’t bother him.

“He is here.”

Jamie looked at the place.

Two paladins were guarding the room, and they both seemed to have quite a bit of skill.

A middle-aged priest said the order, and the door opened.

Jamie went inside, and he found his friend lying down.


As heard, the boy with brown hair was sleeping as if he had died.

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