[In the end, everything returns to nothingness in the last moments.
Do not be afraid.
You are just returning a little faster.]

“I don’t….”

Hearing those words, Ann felt a chill run down her spine as a wave of darkness spread through her.
Beiros already had more than half of his body buried, and it looked like he would be sucked in full sooner or later.

The man continued speaking and gently stroked Ann’s face.

[You just need to return.
You shouldn’t be afraid.]

Ann felt paralyzed.
She wanted to think of a way out of there but couldn’t think clearly.
She was sure that there had to be a loophole.
The nothingness was making her powerless.

[All in vain.]

The man, the God of Nothingness, felt his inner self and closed his eyes.
He had just one purpose: to turn back into nothing.
For that, he joined Zenith’s plan.
In the end, the goal was to turn all the Gods into nothing.

Of course, such a situation didn’t happen at all, and he couldn’t act easily due to Ra’s eyes on him.

‘Not now.’

He was a bit confused.
Now was the moment to turn many things into nothingness.
The Royal Family of this nation did some interesting things, but that didn’t matter.
As long as the power of nothingness was gathered like this, it would not be difficult to break the protection.
After absorbing these two into himself, Oblian was planning to break through the shield.

“Ah… so annoying.”

It was then.
An unexpected voice was heard from behind.
Oblion looked at him with wide eyes.
He could see Beiros, who had come to his senses, struggle out of the darkness.

“So annoyingggg!!”

Beiros’s eyes were dyed red, and his body began to swell as huge wings emerged and shook off parts of the darkness.
There was a limit to the size of his body because he was being restrained now, but Beiros clenched his teeth and tried to move.

Why are you trying to walk down the path of pain?]

Oblion didn’t understand Beiros.

What could a single demon even do against a God?

Even if he was desperate, nothing could be done.
Oblion just pitied him.

[It is fine, so let your mind be at ease.]

Humans began to get taken down faster.
The more it happened, the more Beiros struggled to move.

“Take this out!!”


A huge boom that shook the ground burst out.
However, that attack didn’t work on Oblion at all.
The 12 Gods couldn’t be intimidated by Fear.
Still, he continued to struggle, and now it felt like a waste of time.

And since Beiros wouldn’t stop moving, the God went closer.
It was better to send him to nothingness alive, so he decided to make him faint.
In an instant, he moved in front of Beiros and put his hand on his huge head.

[After you sleep, you can move comfortably.]

“Kua… you…!”

Beiros, like Ann, felt his body become paralyzed.
Although Beiros had no idea who this man was, he was certainly on par with the Demon Lords.
Rather, he seemed to be of higher rank than Trika too.
It was impossible to resist.


‘Even if it hurts my pride, I must somehow get that person to come here!’

He didn’t know where he was now, but Beiros took a breath before he cleared his thoughts.
He unleashed his suppressed magic to its full potential.

Oblion ended up frowning at this.
Was this demon planning to attack now? If he had the power of the Demon Dragon, he had to know that no damage would be done to his body.

It seemed like he was trying to fight back like a cornered mouse.
But whatever it was, it would be meaningless in front of him.
As Oblion reached out, the entire space began to turn to nothingness.
Everything lost its color in the face of nothingness.

[Stop resisting…]

“Shut up!”

Dragon Breath.


Beiros exhaled his Breath towards the sky, making Oblion shocked as he wasn’t sure who he was aiming at.

[I find it odd that you haven’t given up yet.]

But the fact that he wasted his attack on the empty sky indicated that he was giving up.
Oblion was going to finish this fight.

“Ahh… here…I am here.”

He suddenly heard a young voice right next to him.
Oblion got startled and turned to his side.

“In the Magic World, my disciple is indebted to you.”

Jamie’s black mana gripped his face.
Oblion evaded it by vanishing and reappearing from afar.

“Fucking rat.”

Jamie smiled at Oblion, who had to create a distance between them, and reached for Ann and Beiros.

“White, please.”


A portion of black mana turned to starlight, and White appeared.
Spreading its pure white wings, a soft light spread, and the power of nothingness was pushed back.

Oblion frowned as he watched this happen.

What was that light?

Who was that little beast that could control the light, and who was that man who grabbed his face?

As he warily glanced at the unknown person, Jamie smiled and said,

“It has been a while, and you don’t even greet me?”

“Been a while?”

“Still, we used to be pretty close, yet you don’t remember me? I feel sad.”

Jamie freed Ann and Beiros from the nothingness with a wave of his hand, and they disappeared to a safe place.

With just the two of them left, Jamie showed his purple eyes.

“Maybe you will remember when you see this?”

Oblion stared at Jamie’s purple eyes with a startled expression as a sudden memory flashed in his mind.


“Now you remember? Your nightmare.”

Jamie walked over to him with black mana gushing, making Oblion take steps back.
The moment he saw the black mana, he realized it.

A human with destructive abilities.

A monstrosity who had lost all humanity and became crueler than demons.

Though not as many times as Zenith, he, too, had come dangerously close to losing his life to the human.

[Diablo Volfir!]

The name was engraved into his soul.

How could he forget it?

Jamie opened his mouth while rubbing his chin.

“Right, that is me.

He pulled out the Balisada and smiled.

“Let’s finish something we couldn’t do before.”

He didn’t think that Oblion would even descend, but now that he did, Jamie didn’t want to miss this chance.
In particular, if a God wasn’t in their realm, it was possible to kill them.

“Don’t run.
It is no fun.”

[How can you be here? You should have been sealed in the darkness!]

“You must have a lot of questions, but be patient.
I don’t have much time either.”

[Inverse Heaven.]

An army of darkness rushed out.
They were quite different from when Jamie first summoned them.
The legion, engulfed in denser darkness, has now progressed to the point where it cannot be classified as ordinary undead.

“Kill the enemy!”

Bianca, who evolved into a Dark Knight, exhaled a cold breath and raised her sword.
The undead, enveloped in black mana, pushed the trees away and rushed to Oblion.


They demonstrated their incredible strength, proving to be Diablo Volfir’s powerful undead.


Oblion noticed that Jamie was looking down at him with an arrogant face.

Diablo Volfir.

The enemy of the 12 Gods.

The Guardian of the Human World.

The last man.

Various titles were used to refer to him.

[This is better.]

Oblion began to return to nothingness.
However, he didn’t disappear from the world.

Oblion = nothingness.

His very existence was nothingness.
The little body began to swell.
Everything in the world turned to zero.

[Be my food then!]

The power of nothingness in the form of darkness began to spread rapidly.
Bianca raised her sword and cut through the void.

Azad, Raiza, and Ashtar also led the attack.
The army of undead created by the new transcendence was powerful enough to threaten the 12 Gods.



The incarnation of curses returned with black mist.
They were skeletal, dark magicians of death with purple eyes that glared relentlessly.

“So long, Nebro.”


The Lich Nebro spat out a terrible screech and poured out a curse.

It struck nothingness in the shape of a thunderbolt, covering everything around it.

[Extreme: Curse Magic]

Nebro practiced for more than 5 years within the Gate to increase his status.

After that, Jamie reached transcendence, which allowed him to reach a level he could never achieve in his lifetime.

[Curse of Doom]

Hell of Inferno.

The supreme curse penetrated the darkness.
A nightmare that won’t end until the world burns to the ground, delivering pain a hundred times stronger than before.

It didn’t end there.

[Curse of Doom.

Everything would cease to exist until the moment the world is destroyed.

[You little things!]

Oblion emerged from the darkness of nothingness.
This was because the attack of the undead was quite fatal to him.
He couldn’t help it.

Despite being one of the 12 Gods, the black mana used had all the might of God Kill.
Because it was a power that was specifically designed to kill the Gods, its attack power would be difficult to defend against.

‘Even so, it would be difficult to kill.’

This was because the difference in level was too large, so now was the time to tap out.

“Is this going to be the first?”


White let out a low cry.

Black mana turned into starlight.

Feeling that dazzling light, Jamie reached out to Oblion, who soared into the air.

“What I couldn’t achieve in my previous life… “


“… will definitely come true.”

This reminded him of Ra, and he wanted to defeat that strong enemy.

“For you, God of Nothingness.”

[Fiat Lux]

It must be a lot stronger now.


Zenith put down the glass of liquor he was drinking.
The presence of one of the 12 Gods began to fade.


Zenith made a peculiar expression and drained the rest of his drink into his mouth.
He hoped the day would come when the 12 Gods would be defeated.

He mumbled in annoyance,

“Diablo Volfir, you annoying bastard.”

That monster woke up, and it wasn’t long before he found out.

If his subordinate, who was planted as a spy in the Devildom, hadn’t reported Satan’s death, he wouldn’t have known it even now.
He must have been the one who used the Infinite Battlefield.

He sensed strange hostility from the human.
And if he was Diablo Volfir, then it made sense.

“How did he get out?”

Was there a way to get out of the primordial darkness?

Or was one of the 12 Gods helping him?

It is impossible for even Ra to touch the primordial darkness.
That is why we trapped him there.’

Well, things were messed up.
If this was the case, then the plan had to be pushed faster.

Zenith looked at the head of the person lying next to him.

And he said,

“Do not be so bitter, my friend.”

“…how could you do this to me?”

“It is all for a cause, Drian.
My stupid friend.”


“Do not be so angry.
I am just living my life, and you can live inside me.
I will show you what you want to see.”


Zenith smiled and grabbed Drian’s head, who screamed in pain.


His head decomposed and was absorbed into his body.

And so he completely absorbed another God.

“I will be the King of the World.”

His cry echoed through the heavens.

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