Chapter 44: First (2)

Oblivion could not wake up to the tremendous power of light.

’What is this power? ’

Diablo Volfir was a warlock wielding powerful black mana.

Never before have I ever dealt with the power of light in this way.

I do not know where the power came from, but it is difficult to escape because of the expansiveness and speed of the property of ’light ’.

[Illusion Transformation]

I can ’t keep going

Oblivion turned all of his believers back into vain to cover causality.

Thanks to that, the power accumulated inside was well above the original level.

Because they ate up all their faith.

In this state, even Diablo Volfir would not be defeated.

’I don ’t know what it was like in the past, but a lot of time has passed. ’

His body began to change like black liquid.

A matte black armor that does not reflect a single point of light was put on, and a gray eye light flowed from the helmet.

He was armed with a large shield in his left hand and a long spear in his right.

He held the spear in a stabbing posture and amplified the power of emptiness.

[Even you can ’t stop him from returning to emptiness.]

I poked the spear forward as hard as I could.

When the power of emptiness in Changgeuk reached the pole, the entire space began to return to the zero world.

everything disappears

Everything that belongs to the material world will disappear.

Jamie looked at the approaching empty space and pulled out the barisada.

[Sword of Fusion]

A power that did not exist in a previous life.

The power of emptiness is the property of returning everything to nothing, so it was a pain in the face to face it even in previous lives.

But not now.


Jamie ’s entire eyes were dyed purple.

Just in time for the emptiness to arrive, Barisada was inserted there.

The iridescent sword began to greedily absorb the emptiness.


The fire dragon ’s flames spewed out like burps.

Jamie raised his sword up.

Then, like a whirlpool, the power of emptiness was assimilated with Barisada without missing a single drop.

[Whoa, what have you done!]

Oblivion, who was watching, shouted with a surprised face.

His emptiness is absorbed by Diablo Volfir.

It was precisely fusion, but that was a minor issue.

The important thing is the fact that his power has been taken away!

’does not make sense! ’

You can ’t be fooled like this.

It was against the divine name for him, the god of nihilism, to think like this, but he could not afford to even think about it.

I have to knock it down somehow.

Thinking like that, he broke the ’nuclear of emptiness ’ that had gathered in his body.


With the sound of heavy cracking, his armor, weapons, and shields began to change into increasingly vicious forms.

He is 12 gods.

One of the twelve beings that rule this land.

That true power began to awaken.

’Together with this country, I ’ll get rid of it. ’

he landed on the ground

Starting with the lower part, the whole floor began to return to zero.

Turns everything it touches back to nothingness.

Oblivion dashed towards Jamie with a scattering of gray eyes.

In that trajectory, everything loses meaning and collapses.

Jamie raised an eyebrow as he looked at him approaching.

It looked like he was very surprised, so it was kind of fun.

However, there is still a lot more to show to be surprised like this.

White Sea.


Not only the flow, but the entire space came into his sphere of influence.

The sword was held forward.

The power of emptiness wriggles over the blade.

Oblivion, who narrowed the distance to some extent, jumped towards him.

The form with the shield in front and the spear pulled out from the back looked like a phalanx.

Nothing has changed from before.

Jamie looked at him with cold, sunken eyes.

’Future Walker. ’

The power that reveals all possibilities predicts Obrian ’s next move.

Jamie ’s tongue twitched at the truly uneven behavioral pattern.

”You are far behind Satan. ”

The next was not needed.

Jamie turned the starlight into black mana, pointing his head down as if falling.

And after taking the stance of the sword, he moved according to the time when Obrian reached it.

[Dagger Sword Oui]



The power to destroy the space that started from nothingness rips the atmosphere apart.

Two nihilistic forces collided with a vast storm, causing a violent reaction.

Since both were the force returning to zero, a huge friction occurred.

In the tragic sight of space being twisted and broken and sucked into emptiness.

The two Transcendents stood staggered from each other.

Obrian saw his spear and shield.


The shield split in two with a black spark, and half fell down.

So was the window.

The blade fell down along with the shield as if it had been sharply cut.


Oblivion coughed, and a handful of blood flowed out.

He turned his head hard and looked at Jamie.

[When was the black cooked?]

”About six years ago. ”

[Really, monstrous He ’s a guy.]

With those words, Obrian fell to the ground.

Jamie brushed off the barisada once and then put it back in its sheath.

* * *

[ ] .]

Oblivion was a ghastly wretch that was not like the 12 gods, and was spread out like a tree.

Jamie lands under it.

Then, with his complicated eyes, he saw the dying god of emptiness.

”Unlike before, no one is coming to help you this time, right? ”

He had the opportunity to kill the gods several times in his previous life.

All failed because the other 12 gods came to support them.

How the hell do they know, even if the space is separated, they come to me like crazy, save my comrade and disappear.

So not a single one was killed.

But now, he drove a man who was so useless to the point of death.

”How can you guys, who were so well united to be disgusting, fall apart like this? After all, time has to pass to know. ”

Do you want to insult me?]

Oblivion said in a troubled voice.

”It ’s even an insult.
I ’m not naive enough to spit in the face of a dying man, I.
Unlike you guys. ”

[You are stronger than before.]

is it? It seems similar. ”

The total amount of power hasn ’t changed much from the previous life, so I don ’t know if it ’s gotten stronger or not.

[There are so many things I can do.
The guy who was like a monster back then has become even more a monster.
???????????? .
The rest will suffer a bit.]

”You sound like you ’re not very sorry for your death, don ’t you? ”

[it ’s a shame.
I hoped for an eternal world of nothingness by returning everything to nothingness, but in the end, the only thing that returns is myself.
Without you, there would be no one to stop me in the end.]

That ’s right.

The more he returns everything in the physical world to nothingness, the more powerful he becomes.

Rather, the constraint of the 12 gods limited Oblivion ’s power.

If he had successfully absorbed the entire kingdom of Seldam and occupied the northern part, it would have been quite troublesome.

Then, if some of the other gods had been completely returned to nothingness, even Jamie would have been in a very daunting state.

[No matter how strong Ra was, he wouldn ’t have been able to stop me from devouring 10 gods.]

” . ”

[Those eyes that think no.]

”Before you came here, you showed up in front of me. ”

Does that mean he moved on his own? He has not been in contact with the 12 gods since sometime…

”Your actions were all within his account.
Just like the Pyro did. ”

Oblivion was silent for a while at Jamie ’s words.

Then, suddenly, he started to laugh.

[Keuk Kuk Kuk!]

”Why are you laughing? ”

[After all, I thought that this world was nothing more than his entertainment.]

”A nightlife? ”

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[You don ’t know.
The reason why the 12 gods were created and why they attacked this land.]

Jamie ’s eyes fluttered at those words.

I always wondered

12 Where did the gods come from, and why did they attack this land?

Naturally, I asked several 12 gods, but they didn ’t answer.

It was just mocking.

However, the dying Oblivion is trying to tell the secret.

Oblivion laughed.

[Looks quite curious.]

”Tell me.
Why did you guys unite and attack this land? Tell me everything before you die! ”

[If I don ’t tell you anything here, that would be pretty refreshing.]

There ’s a way to mess with your memories.

Would it be faster for me to turn me back to nothing, or would it be faster for you to put your hand on my head?]

Jamie frowned.

Because Obrian was a god, he couldn ’t brainwash him as easily as the others.

At least it will take quite some time to put your hands on your head.

If Oblivion had gone completely futile before that, there was no way for Jamie to find out the information.

”Don ’t say bullshit asking for information in return for saving you. ”

Jamie blocked it in advance, fearing that he would use the information as collateral to survive.

”It ’s better for me to eradicate all of your 12 gods than to know why. ”

You ’re just fooling around.
I am feeling If you have to live here, you will only become the prey of the other 12 gods.]

No matter who dies, the end has already been decided.

If so, you ’d be better off leaving sooner rather than later.

At least it would be the least painful to die at Jamie ’s hands.

[Do you know?]

”What do you mean? ”

[Here, ’Bless ’ is the word.]

Obrian said in a meaningful voice.

[It exists at the center of the universe.]

” . ”

This means that the vast universe, including this one, and the multidimensional world were originally one.]

one . ”

[Yes, one.
A distant past that even I don ’t know.
A world of dreams where everything was made up of nothingness.
It all started with a very small point that existed there.]

There was an explosion at a level far beyond the imagination of any Transcendent.

It pushed away the empty space and began to create numerous colors.

Many worlds were created, and many kinds of life were born.

The explosion, which should take away everything, rather acted as a medium for ’evolution ’.

The thus-created universe was an interaction between the various dimensions existing within it.

exchanged and developed.

Several dimensions merged and then collapsed repeatedly.

Diversity was shared, deviated, and disintegrated.

In an eternity of time, such a thing happened close to infinity.

[I was the ruler of one of those dimensions.
It was the same with the other 12 gods.
We were rulers that existed independently of each dimension.]

But he didn ’t know the other world well.

When they were the rulers of the dimension, the universe had already stabilized, and there was not much interaction between dimensions.

[It was around the time when everyone was living their own life and enjoying their own peace.
Ra appeared in front of me.]

Ra, who appeared out of the blue, began to tell Obrian the secrets of the world.

From the era of nothingness to the big bang and the birth of the universe and life .

It was enough to stimulate Oblivion.

Perhaps he could find a clue to the true emptiness he longed for.

However, not everything was easy.

[Ra said so.
He said that there is a world where the universe begins.
All material resources exist there, and the emptiness that existed before the universe began is asleep.]

There was nothing to think about.

[I joined the 12 gods to find it.
The other guys were also lured by Ra and joined.]

According to Ra, Bless was a paradise with infinite resources.

The problem was who ruled it.

[Those who are called natural gods.
Ra said that only by defeating them can you get what you want.
There were people who didn ’t like it, but if I could only get my hands on nothing, it would have been nice.]

The war was fierce.

The natives of Bless were terribly strong, but the 12 gods were the rulers of their respective dimensions.

That power could not be resisted except by the Supreme Nature God.

[In the end, we won.
Most of the nature gods were annihilated or sealed.
Even the mother god Gaia had no choice but to run away from us.
you too You, who appeared late, were very annoying to us, but in the end, they were sealed.
Drunk on a complete victory, we pondered over and over what to do with Bless.
However, this was not a paradise as we thought it would be.]

”What kind of nonsense are you talking about all of a sudden? ”

Everything that Ra said existed on this earth.
The nothingness I was looking for, everything from the darkness of the beginning to what other people have come to.
The problem was that all of that meant nothing.
It ’s something I can ’t have even if I want it.]

”You couldn ’t have it? ”

because .]

Oblivion opened her mouth in an angry voice.

[Because they were the building blocks of this universe.
You can ’t even touch it, you can ’t even touch it.
It was truly a sour grape.]

It was made by putting together the remains of the explosion right after the explosion.

The darkness of the beginning also belonged there.

But, I couldn ’t touch it.

The moment he accidentally put his hand, it swallowed everything up to the point where he had to cut off his hand to get out.

So Diablo Volfir was sealed there.

so that you can ’t get out of it forever.

But somehow it got out.

That was surprising, but now that he ’s dying, it ’s probably a good thing.

[For that, I .]

”Then, are you saying that you were only caught by Ra ’s word and made this land desolate? ”

That ’s your position.
Anyway, it didn ’t do anything to even Ra.
But he wasn ’t disappointed at all.
I should have noticed then.]

”Is this all his entertainment? ”

After all, you, me, and all the other 12 gods.
I ’m playing on his palm.
Only for his pleasure.]

Oblivion smiled sadly and then closed her eyes.

[I want to stop taking a break.]

Jamie reached out towards him.

”I will kill you comfortably in return for giving you good information. ”

Black mana caught on Jamie ’s finger.

”This is the first. ”

Darkness erupted, and Oblivion was swept away and disappeared without a trace.

Finally, he succeeded in killing one of the 12 gods as the ’first ’.

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