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Chapter 45: Mindset (1)

Is there a world more luxurious than this place?

Always clear skies, green lawns that make you feel at ease just by looking at them, and large trees sparsely sprouting.

Next to it, splendid buildings in pure white and gold harmoniously surround the huge city.

A world where there is constant laughter and only happy-looking people live.

That place is heaven.

It was a world inhabited by the 12 gods, and a world created only to rule Bless with ease.

And there was one area that only the 12 gods could access.

A gigantic cylinder that soared beyond the celestial sky, created by the explosion.

Someone set foot in a place protected by all kinds of dimensional barriers.

”Not long ago. ”

sun god a.

He murmured as he looked at the huge cylinders entangled in chaos.

There were so many things in the cylinder.

From the darkness of the beginning (complete emptiness) that existed before the big bang, the old cycle, the absolute law, the light of destruction .

Even if they had only one hand, they had the absoluteness of being able to see the world.

However, it is an overwhelming substance that cannot be touched or destroyed.

If you touch it, it will be forcibly absorbed by it, and if you destroy it, the entire universe will collapse.

This is because the things that belong to the cylinder are the forces that claim to be both ’order ’ and ’chaos ’ of the universe.

Even Ra has tried other ways, but all have failed so far.


”The answer lies with you. ”

Ra raised the corners of her lips slightly.

Jamie Wellton.

He is the last piece of the puzzle.

It ’s not that there ’s nothing to worry about.

He has clearly reached the power of his prime, but he is still uneasy to that extent.

In particular, the cute Janice, who is aiming for her place, will definitely become a big enemy and block him.

”If I can even surpass that . ”

But before that.

”What is the other piece doing? ”

A spare prepared in case Jamie Welton fails.

It was a piece that I had not paid much attention to since Jamie appeared because the possibility was very low, but still, it is worth seeing how he works.

I approached the ’Eternal Mirror ’ that occupied a part of the cylinder.

It was the only area he could interfere with, and it was a piece that showed everything he wanted.

”Show the main watch what the Dragon Mountains are doing now. ”

As Ra drew upon the sun ’s power, the Eternal Mirror began to illuminate in response.

Then a huge mountain range appeared, raging with a cold blizzard.

There, all the dragon clan except the blue clan and multi-racial powers including the blue clan were facing each other.

It was frontier.

* * *

a fortnight ago.

A visitor has arrived in the land ruled by the Blue Dragon clan.

”Ephetion oppa.
That strong creature is here again. ”

It seems that there are a lot of other creatures besides that one, Sevier. ”

The Blue Clan ’s Hetzling siblings, the Dragons, were nervous about the appearance of a strong creature they had seen a few months ago.

That ’s because the strong creatures were strong enough to not die even after fighting their grandfathers.

Senstreon, a young blue-haired young man sitting behind them, put his hands on their heads.

I ’m not here to fight.

”Aren ’t you fighting? ”

When Sevier asked while crying, Senstreon smiled and shook her head.


”What about your grandfather? ”

This time, Ephetion asked.

Senstreon said, pulling his cute little brother ’s cheek slightly.

”You went out to meet me. ”

”That strong creature? ”

And it ’s not a living thing, it ’s a race called ’Ran ’.
Do you both know Ran? ”

Huh! A very strong race! ”

”I ’ve heard that Ran, who has grown up, is difficult to deal with unless it ’s an old dragon like his grandfather.
After all, that creature was Ran. ”

Unlike Sevier, who was still young, Ephethion had some knowledge of the world and was able to infer the identity of the customer.

”Then why don ’t you fight? Last time, Grandpa attacked with the intention of killing Ran. ”

”It was. ”

a few months ago.

Lady Lan came to Chiron Seira, the Elder Dragon, the head of the Blue Clan for a certain deal.

The two faced each other, and despite the old dragon ’s all-out attack, Lan survived, sacrificing only one arm.

To be honest, I thought I was going to die.

Although she was the strongest among the ranks, she was not the most elite warrior.

As a result, she survived and succeeded in making a deal with the Blue clan according to her promise.

Knowing that, Senstreon had no choice but to have a slightly serious face.

’Is your grandfather really going to do that? ’

If the head of the clan wants it, he must obey it.


Senstreon knew why he made such a choice.

All of the Blue clan know it except for his two younger brothers who are unaware of the cruelty of the world.

They know that the Blue Dragon has been abandoned by the Dragon God.

It also means that they are ignored by other clan as a traitor clan.

Senstreon knew it well because he had experienced the same thing in Hetzling.

’Aunt Maya Trey. ’

A blue dragon who fell in love with a human and lost his clan.

There was a time when I resented her at Hetzling, but not anymore.

Senstreon pushed the backs of his two younger brothers.

”You go into the depths of Leah and rest. ”

”Can ’t we go too? ”

”I want to take a look. ”

”Not enough this time. ”

I want to see you in Sevi too. ”

”You can ’t even be aegyo. ”

He gently stroked the cute youngest sister ’s hair and winked at Ephethion.

it ’s a shame.
If only I was a little bigger. ”

Ephetion was a smart child, so he only said that and took his sister ’s hand.

”You have to tell us when you go. ”

”Yes, yes. ”

”Let ’s go, Sevier. ”

”Wow. ”

Senstreon watched until he couldn ’t see his younger brothers, and then came out of the rare.

There, the elders of the clan were standing in a long line and confronting someone.

”Did you let the kids in? ”

”Yes, mother. ”

The woman called Mother had the same blue hair and blue eyes as the three Senstreons.

However, like a dragon, her human form was a slim figure, and it was the same with other adults.

In the middle of the clan stood the only tall person in the shape of an old man.

It was the head of the Blue clan and his grandfather, Chiron Seira.

He said.

”Are you here after all? ”

”Because I promised. ”

Isis smiled with the thunder dragon sword Gram on her shoulder.

One of her arms still had a problem, but it was a little better than before.

He must have been afflicted with an irreversible frostbite after being hit by the blue clan elder dragon ’s breath, but to restore it.

He must have been an amazing guy.

He saw those who stood around Isis.

There were so many different races.

They were great enough to say they were strong in each race, but Chiron Seira shook her head.

”Are you just thinking that it ’s possible? ”

”It doesn ’t matter if it ’s possible or impossible.
It ’s important to do something. ”

Does it seem like there is a corner where you believe? ”

There is none. ”

Isis answered and looked at Behemoth in the form of a small bull.

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Behemoth snorted at her glance.

”No one knows what will happen. ”

Defeat the dragon god, one of the 12 gods.

The first time she heard her, Behemoth was stunned.

12 If the god didn ’t even know his dog ’s name and killed him because he wanted to, his owner would have killed him more than 60,000 years ago.

However, after hearing the story, it seemed that it was not impossible at all.

’The dragon god divided his power in half to create a dragon.
If so, wouldn ’t it be said that his power is much weaker than the other 12 gods? ’


There were dragons even when Behemoth was active, but the number of individuals was not as large as it is now.

The dragon god Brahman increased the number of dragons further in the name of protecting the human world, and it must have been directly related to his weakening.

So, if you put all your effort into it, it ’s worth it.

That was Isis ’ position.

’It ’s possible that no one knows if that ’s really going to happen. ’

He himself has not been able to recover all his power from his prime.

Although Frontier prepared an elixir that can temporarily ’awaken ’, will they be able to defeat the 12 gods?

’Jormungand, what the hell are you doing? ’

If there was one, the odds would be higher.

It was when he was thinking about various things.

Isis said to Chironsera.

”First, please guide us there.
Because that was the first contract. ”

”What does it mean to come and see it now? ”

”Still, you can be determined. ”

” . ”

Chironsera had a slightly uncomfortable face, but she couldn ’t refuse her request.

As she said, it was because they made such a contract.

”I don ’t go alone.
You too, come alone. ”

”Ah, let this guy go with me. ”

Isis said, wrapping her arms around Behemoth ’s waist and holding it close to his side.

”That little bull? ”

”Who is the little one! ”

Behemoth struggled on its four short legs.

Chiron Seira replied with a snort.

I get it.
Follow me. ”

Chironsera sprinted off an incredibly high cliff, creating a huge portal beneath the cliff.

Isis plunged into it with Behiroth on his side.

* * *

It was a dark cave.

When Chiron Seira flicked her finger, countless lights were created in the air and her son-in-law brightened.

”This is . ”

Isis swallowed dry saliva.

It ’s finally here.

Diablo Volfir is said to have written down his thoughts on a tombstone to prepare himself for the final battle.

Seeing it with my own two eyes will be of great help on my future journey.

Because he has been sprinting furiously for a goal from a very long time ago.

’To say I ’m with you, I thought you had to see this. ’

She remembered Jamie ’s face.

Is he doing well now?

’It would be ridiculous to worry about him. ’

Now is not the time to care about anyone.

Isis followed after Chironsera.

When they arrived at the huge pupil, there was a long, wet stone covered with moss.

It was half-destroyed and seemed to have lasted a very long time as half of the rubble had been smashed to the ground.

”This is it.
A monument left at the end of a human who fought against the 12 gods, whose names are unknown. ”

Not even basic maintenance.

What can be called the treasure of mankind is just lying there in such a miserable state.

Even though Isis was not human, Isis lived as if he had inherited his legacy.

So, looking at the tragic monument of Molgol, a corner of my heart ached.

It wasn ’t just Isis.

”This is the last thing the owner left . ”

Behemoth moved his short legs vigorously to stand in front of the monument.

There was a short text written in a very old ancient language that does not exist now, but the sentence was not complete because it was broken in half.

Nevertheless, Isis and Behemoth knew what the half sentence was saying.

Because they knew who made this tombstone.

Chiron Seira asked the two, who were still looking at the monument with dissatisfied faces.

”Why did you want to see it all broken? ”

Isis answered that question.

”For a simple reason. ”

she turned around and said

”This tombstone is a milestone for us to move forward.
To do that, we had to see it. ”

commemorating the end

Diablo Volfir was determined to defeat the 12 gods.

Just seeing the fragment is enough.

Isis decided that now everything was ready.

Her eyes gleamed blue.

”Let ’s begin. ”

dragon hunting.

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