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Chapter 47: The 13th God (3)

I don ’t know what that guy is, but that staff…
It looks like the one the owner used before he made the killer, right?

To Behemoth ’s question, Jormungand answered while walking forward.

”It was a little hard to save. ”

Before Diablo Volfir invented black magic, he used the ’road flower. ’

A piece that supplies near-infinite mana to the caster from the moment it is activated.

However, he felt that it was not enough to deal with the 12 gods who deal with the divine, and Diablo created the strongest staff ’God Killer ’.

”How tightly you hid it. ”

Can you trust him?

Behemoth looked at Prometheus and said.

In addition to using black mana, it reminded me of the owner ’s old appearance, so it was very difficult.

”The skill is certain.
because i made it that way for a very long time.
So . ”

Jormungand looked at Prometheus approaching this way and said.

”There is no need to doubt that. ”

Behemoth did not respond to her words.

He obviously asked, ’Can you believe it? ’

But the answer returned was ambiguous.

In other words, she also did not think that the man was a reliable person.

It was a fact that I knew because it was Behemoth who had seen her for a very long time.

But I didn ’t point it out.

’There ’s no way he could have done this poorly. ’

The workhorse who loves his master more than anyone else is Jormungand, neither himself nor Black.

She could have taken her own life for the sake of her master, and in fact tried to do so several times.

They all failed because they were stopped by the owner.

Anyway, I didn ’t ask any more, knowing that she wouldn ’t tell me anything if she had said that.

Behemoth simply pulled his massive body forward.

it ’s the same as before I block the enemy, you intercept.

”It ’s been a long time. ”

A huge scythe was in Jormungand ’s hand.

Behemoth asked at the sight.

Do you think you won ’t go back to the way you were?

”I can ’t go back now. ”

Jormungand is a snake.

A giant snake capable of encircling all the seas in this world.

In fact, it wasn ’t that big, but rumors are bound to inflate.

Still, the actual length surpassed the Behemoth.

But now it ’s impossible.

”Once I acquired this power, I could no longer return to that form. ”

It was heartbreaking to throw away the body that the owner had made, but the sadness of the past was buried long ago.

Jormungand. ”

Prometheus approached and called her.

Bramensia soars into the sky again.

As if his anger had reached its peak, beams of destruction began to shoot from all the marbles.

A black shadow spreads under the floor where Jormungand was standing.

Numerous black-painted arms protruded from it.

The protruding arm fluttered in the air as if in pain.

Looking at them, Jormungand said.

”Ah- okay.
Everyone calm down. ”

There was no sound, but the appearance of her speaking into the air was very bizarre.

She half closed her eyes and smiled.

”I will pay for all your pain! ”

Her divinity was further amplified.

* * *

’It was divine. ’

Bramencia clearly felt the darkness that had overtaken her.

It was divine.

It means that he had the same qualities as the powers that the 12 gods, including himself, dealt with.

How did you get your hands on divinity?

’I guess I ’ve even gathered a believer. ’

The black woman said so.

As she said, divinity comes from believers who believe in them.

However, simply believing does not create divinity.

what is called faith.

Following the god that blooms in earnestness.

blind clinging.

expectation that it will happen.

Loyalty beyond logic.

In addition to that, when various things exist in combination, only when they form a very large number can the divinity be born.

And the only being in this world who could do that was the existence of ’God ’.

The royal road, the leader of any group.

You could do something similar, but to a similar degree it ’s absolutely impossible.

The 12 believers How hard was it to achieve divinity in this land called Bless?

It would have been impossible without what each of us had built up in the universe.

’By the way, is a new divinity born at this point? ’

In what way?


The method doesn ’t really matter.

The most horrifying thing is how they shunned the eyes of their 12 gods.


Bramencia saw enemies approaching from afar.

A huge cow with a size that is rare in the universe, a kid who destroyed his technology with strange powers, and finally the owner of the 13th divinity.

Why is it that these difficult enemies appear and block you?

he chuckled.

The point at which the system of the 12 gods that have ruled this land for tens of thousands of years is slowly collapsing.

It felt as if death was coming to take his head, like a messenger of fate.

But, I didn ’t mean to just die.


Bramensia ’s eyes were red again.

He flew high into the sky with all his might.


Somebody will surely die on this earth.

And it will be yours!

Bramensia grinded the breath without preparation and manipulated the marbles at once, attacking with the same power as the breath.

Prometheus was the first to move in the outrageous super-strength bombardment.

”Give me strength. ”

He spread black mana and cast the spell once more.

[Strong Sea (格解)]

Prometheus wandered the world for a long time before meeting Jormungand.

Then, by chance, he entered Ryo, a remote country in the East, and obtained numerous secret arts there.

He has been practicing magic for nearly 20,000 years, and now he has become the strongest magician in history.

In addition, he obtained the black mana that contained the power of Shinsal.


His eyes were dyed purple.

The road flower in full bloom constantly replenishes mana.

It would be difficult to make a perfect seal like before.

’About the amount of spillage. ’

The strange monsters send power to him again.

The divinity of Jormungand unfolded round his back.

”Attack back! ”

Simultaneously with those words, his new form disappeared with the attack of Bramensia.

And there was a huge explosion from a very distant place.

That annoying crap!!

Bramensia, who did not think it would be blocked again, screamed in shock.

But I was not in the mood to focus on anything else.

This is because Behemoth has attacked with horns covered in dark blue power.

That ’s all.


As he approached, Jormungand took a stance to wield a huge scythe.

She unleashed a ferocious divinity and swung her scythe.

”It is a snake that eats the world! ”

A black scythe flew towards Bramensia ’s neck.

* * *


Dry lightning rang out from the sky.

It has already been three days since dark clouds fell in the sky.

It did not rain, but the humidity was high and it was a very unpleasant day.

Jamie was perched on a rock, looking in the direction the dark clouds began.

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”You don ’t have to go to me. ”

In the direction he was looking at, the dragon god Brahman and his limbs were fighting.

It was when Brahmins appeared on this earth that he noticed the fight.

I realized that Frontier ’s plan had succeeded at the sudden arrival of the gnome.

At first I thought I should go help, but I didn ’t.

Because they believed in their plans.

Of course, as Behemoth ’s energy was getting weaker, I felt like I had to help…

’Jormungand. ’

she appeared

Although far away, Jamie could instinctively sense that she had completed the 13th Divinity she had seen then.

Jormungand became the 13th god of Bless.

Your servant has become another god.

It was surprising, but on the other hand, it wasn ’t terribly surprising because it was he who made Jormungand.

Even more surprising than her was someone who had appeared with her.

’I have my power. ’

It didn ’t just borrow my power like the others, but it was as if it was made of black mana.

In addition, the presence of ’road flower ’ was felt.

’I think Jormungand has found it. ’

It was sealed and hidden so that no one could use it recklessly, but it seemed like a ghost found it again.

This too was hers.

In any case, the momentum of Brahman is gradually weakening.

In his prime, he was a powerful deity that even rivaled him.

How many dragons have you created since then?

”It ’s a good thing. ”

If you can kill the 12 gods more easily, you can do anything.

But now that I know I ’m weak, is there anything better than this?

Jamie immediately stood up.

”Lord. ”

Jamie nodded at the voice from behind.

Behind him stood Bianca fully armed, who served as the commander-in-chief of the Undead Corps.

She said.

”It is a time of promise. ”


The first day I signed a contract with Bianca.

Jamie agreed to get her revenge.

And what a prank of fate, her homeland, the Siltair Kingdom, had been turned into a sacred place for Khuulun.

’Khuulun, the god of hypocrisy and bystander. ’

In a way, he is the most vicious of the 12 gods.

Not as violent as Drian, not as cunning as Janice, but he had a very strong sense of disgust in his own way.

like his own name.

Such a place signed a pact with the present Siltair dynasty, which was staged in a coup.

At the very least, if it was hypocrisy, it would be right to criticize them, but the subject established in the western continent,   Arisha , just stood by the work there.

Is he a man worthy of the god ’s name?

So Jamie hated him.

”It ’s one stone and two birds.
With your revenge, let ’s slay that disgusting bastard together.
I ’m back for now.

”Yes, my lord. ”

Bianca fell on one knee and returned to the world of reverse at the same time.

And it started to rain a drop or two.

The rain quickly thickened and poured coldly.

”Is Ricky doing well? ”

The Pyro Church was currently in control of the Zenith Church, and at the same time, the Holy Knights were dispatched to prevent the Lily Church from doing anything in vain.

The Holy Knights are led by none other than Saint Anna.

She was Ricky ’s only blood and cute girl who was blind.

Come to think of it, I didn ’t see her the last time I went.

’Even if I saw you, I wouldn ’t be able to greet you warmly. ’

Because I didn ’t find anything good.

I ’d rather not see it.

Shall we go soon? ”

One of the 12 gods was defeated.

Soon Behemoth and Jormungand will take down one more.

I gave the Pyro a chance, so there are nine left.

Jamie sighed briefly, not knowing that Drian was dead.

It wasn ’t that there was still a lot left.


The seat of the 12 gods and a monster with overwhelming power.

Jamie pulled out a marble from subspace.

It was the essence of Satan.

He clenched his fist into his fist.

I was still wondering if I should absorb this.

If I could absorb this and defeat Ra, I ’d definitely do it.

’It ’s impossible. ’

It is foolish to take the risk of becoming a demon in an impossible task.

Jamie felt bitter and put the essence of Satan back into subspace.

There must be another reason.

An opportunity to break through the wall to another level.

I still don ’t know how, but if I take care of the things I see in front of me one by one, I may be able to see things I haven ’t seen before.

That was then.

”Finally met you. ”

Jamie saw an old man with a curly waist approaching.

But I didn ’t feel a sense of urgency.

There were very few beings in this world who had reached such a high level.

And Jamie seemed to know who the old man was.

”Salt. ”

Jamie called his name.

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