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Chapter 48: Salt (1)

it is salt

I haven ’t seen that face in my previous life, and I don ’t know what kind of divinity it has.

Jamie was sure.

The old man in front of him, with a curly waist and white hair up to the top of his ears, was definitely a flamethrower.

I didn ’t hear it directly, but Trika said that Akashik told Jamie to go visit the flames in his will before he died.

He is the first natural god created by Gaia.

but didn ’t find it.

I didn ’t know how to find it, and to be honest, I didn ’t believe it.

’How do you believe in the 12 gods? ’

Things are different with the Pyro.

Akashik said that the dye may or may not be reliable.

Jamie couldn ’t afford to gamble there.

Even if he meets Yeomje according to his will, who knows whether he is kind on the outside and has a sword on the inside.

I didn ’t want to create a risky situation.

But, I will come to you directly like this.

”Twelve gods come before me with their feet. ”

Jamie raised his black mana and put his hand on the barisada.

He threatened to cut me off immediately if I did anything stupid.

”Did you come here to kill me? ”

Seeing Jamie like that, Yeomje started laughing for a few days.

”Why don ’t you draw your sword straight away? ”


”Twelve gods are your enemies.
Why didn ’t you pull out your sword and cut it in the first place?

Jamie ’s eyebrows twitched.

Yeomje looked at him like that and said.

”If I ’m going to tell you the reason for this instead, it ’s because the message Akashik left shook your heart. ”

” . ”

”These words crushed the thought that the flame emperor might not be an enemy, so he wouldn ’t cut me in the first place. ”

Jamie couldn ’t answer.

Because everything he said was true.

The sage ’s words continued.

”If I attack you in this situation, are you sure you will survive? ”

The distance between the two was only about 2 meters.

If a divine being had reached out with a intent to kill, it was a distance that even Jamie would have had a hard time dealing with.

Of course, the opposite situation was also possible, but, as Yumji said, Jamie was implicitly assuming that he was not an enemy.

’Is it my mistake to think that it may or may not be the enemy? ’

I didn ’t go looking for it, thinking it might be the enemy.

The idea was to say that this idea itself was wrong.

Whatever it was, it was right for Jamie to just unconditionally draw his sword and attack with the intent to do whatever it takes to do something about the neck or the heart.

That was his attitude toward the 12 gods.

But it ’s the earliest when you think it ’s too late.

Without further ado, Jamie pulled out the barisada and swung it around.

With a lot of black auras on them, they plan to kill them in one hit.

”Two days later ”

But it stirred the black air.

The aftermath of the Auror spread forward and swept all around, but there was no flame.

”Great hey. ”

He suddenly smiled as he stood next to Jamie.

Jamie tried to swing the sword again, but the sword was caught by the flame ’s index and middle fingers.

The auror shook violently and spit out like a flame.

’ Did you catch my sword with only two fingers? ’

The sword is still inferior to magic.

Even so, the auror that surrounds the sword is derived from his black mana.

Most of the 12 gods are difficult to block this sword attack, and even if they do, they won ’t be able to capture it so easily.

Yeomje snapped his fingers and pushed Barisada back.

”Your will is confirmed.
If your opponent is 12 gods, don ’t talk.
Fight with the determination to unconditionally kill.
That is the attitude you should have. ”

”Then die. ”

If the sword is blocked, stop using magic.

The darkness boiled over.

The power of annihilation quickly spread around.

It has the power to mercilessly erase anyone from the world if it touches it.

Jamie wielded that power towards only one flame.

and salt.

”This is great too. ”

A fire engulfed his hands.

When the darkness of annihilation and the fire of flames touched, the fire began to rotate smoothly and guide the darkness in a different direction.

Fire and darkness intertwined with each other and rotated around the flame, then swirled like a whirlpool.

Seeing the scene, Jamie couldn ’t help but frown.

’What is that flame? ’

It is the darkness of annihilation manifested by power.

It was normal to eat fire like that without a trace the moment it touched.

Fire and darkness, like water and oil, did not mix at all, and continued to stir with the salt in the center.

In it, Zen Yeomje danced an unknown dance, and strangely, I felt the fire and darkness oscillate along with it.

As he finished the dance with a smile, the two energy disappeared like a lie.

’Did you extinguish my darkness? ’

It was understandable that he had blocked the sword with only his fingers.

However, he could not understand that the darkness of extinction had been extinguished.

Rather, it would have been understood if it had been annihilated with a similar level of power, but the flame of the flame made the darkness of annihilation itself nonexistent.

That was impossible.

Because Jamie ’s will was for him to die.

”How was it? It ’s been a long time since I danced, but I don ’t know if it was okay.

Yeom-je smiled at Jamie, who didn ’t say anything while rubbing the nape of her neck for nothing.

”You seem very surprised. ”

”How did you do it? ”

Were you embarrassed because your own power suddenly disappeared? ”

Saying that it can be, Yeomje said with a look like a kind old man.

”It ’s my ability.
I don ’t have the destructive powers like the others, but I do have the power to resist destructive forces.

”Against destructive forces? ”

”Striking, crushing, killing.
This world is so wild and primitive.
Can ’t I just look at you right now?

”What do you want to say? ”

”Most of the world tends to cover things up by killing.
The 12 believers, the forces that oppose it, not even a single human, not an elf, nor a dragon.
all living things are If we had a little more conversation, if we wanted to proceed peacefully, if we even thought about the preciousness of life, we wouldn ’t have to do that. ”

Having said that as she walked around Jamie with her back on her back, Yeomje stood in front of a large tree.

It was a tree that had withered and was about to end its lifespan.

He put his hand on the tree.

”I am here on earth to mediate them. ”

A fire blazed in his hand again.

A dying tree is like dry firewood because it lacks moisture.

If you light a fire in such a place, it will spread quickly and cause a major fire.

However, miraculously, the fire of the flame did not burn the wood.

”This guy isn ’t going to die any longer, but this has happened in the aftermath of your fight.
Same goes for the other guys.
The puppies are the backbone of a fight with big guys like you. ”

The fire spreads throughout the tree.

Jamie ’s eyes slowly widened.

A dying tree is slowly restored to life.

The withered leaves gradually regained their green color, and the branches that seemed to break at any moment began to grow thicker.

It turned blue at a tremendous speed, and the flame exhaled a short breath and released her hand.

He pointed to the tree and said.

Wasn ’t this guy originally a cool guy too?

The tree that was dying and withered, as if it had ever been, had its entire branches covered with green leaves and turned into abundance.

It was then that Jamie realized the power of the flame.

” A spark of regeneration. ”

”Similar, but different. ”

Yeomje pointed out Jamie ’s realization and corrected the mistake.

”My spark is ’birth ’. ”

* * *

it ’s birth

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Only then did Jamie understand.

The reason why the darkness of annihilation couldn ’t swallow the flame.

That is the reason why they disappeared together without being mixed.

Birth is the opposite of annihilation.

It is different from regeneration, which restores what has been lost.

To make something that did not exist in this world.

That is what birth is.

It can ’t even be compared to playback.

One of the two forces that can be said to be the foundation of this world.

”Two days.
Do you see anything different now? ”

Yeomje smiled as if she was too proud of herself.

Jamie looked at him like that and said.

”The first natural god created by Gaia, who deals with the power of birth, and a member of the 12 gods.
What the hell are you? ”

”Are you not going to attack any more? ”

It ’s pointless to attack.

Any power Jamie uses will be overshadowed by the power of birth.

In the end, it was a development that only wastes each other ’s power.

In addition, the yeomje was not hostile to himself from the beginning.

It was just to instill a sense of caution in his careless self.

At this point, I felt that I had been given a reason to talk to each other.

Did he read Jamie ’s thoughts?

”Do you believe me? ”

”Coming now, such a provocation won ’t work. ”

is it? It was fun. ”

Yeomje, who had a sad expression on her face, laughed playfully and touched the ground with her hand.

”You know? In a place like this, there are seeds that have not given life. ”

As the flames seep into the floor, a plant stalk stretches out next to where Jamie and Yeom-je stood, curling up so they can sit on it.

”Let me sit down and talk. ”

The plant chair was a bit high for Yeomje, so he jumped on it.

Jamie looked at him silently and reached for the floor.


Then, the floor rose in the shape of a straight cube.

Jamie sat there.

”I don ’t really put my guard down. ”

”Didn ’t he say so? ”

”That ’s right. ”

Please tell me why you came to me. ”

”It ’s something you all know.
Previously Akashic, is that child okay? ”

When Akashik was mentioned, Jamie was unable to respond.

But as if he understood it, he shook his head.

”The child suffered a lot.
He was a savvy guy, but I don ’t think he would have had it with regrets. ”

Like that.

I heard from Trika that Akashik passed away with a very regretful expression in the end.

I don ’t know what the relationship between the flame and Akashi is, but I felt like I had to tell him why.

”It is said that he left with a smile on his face. ”

”Have you not seen it in person? ”

”My subordinate did his last.
What I heard from him, there will be no lies. ”

is it.
If so, I ’m glad.

He smiled bitterly and closed his eyes.

It was a tribute to Akashic.

He woke up again after about 5 minutes.

”If there is a next life, please live a comfortable life. ”

After finishing the memorial ceremony in an abbreviated way, Yeomje said to Jamie with a serious face.

”How much do you know about the 12 gods? ”

”Do I really need to know about you? I ’m going to kill them all anyway.

”If you know yourself and know your enemy, you can fight a hundred times and win a hundred times.
You don ’t know them, so by what means do you win?

”You have already killed the god of nothingness.
And the dragon god is also on the verge of being defeated by my subordinates.
Can you feel it too? ”

”So that ’s it. ”

” ? ”

”Oblion is dead, and it is very likely that Brahman will soon be too.
Also, the Pyro is currently keeping Janice and Lily from approaching you. ”

He hadn ’t checked what the Pyro was doing, but as he said he was keeping other gods in check.

The flame continued to speak.

”Others know that you have appeared on this earth again.
Don ’t you think it ’s easy to say that the divided people won ’t join forces again?

”Are you talking about joining forces again? ”

”I don ’t know, but it ’s better than being defeated by you individually.
And, the problem lies in their purpose.
Why are they, the masters of other worlds, tied to the group of 12 gods and stay in Bless? You would never have thought of it. ”

”I heard from Obrian.
You are trying to get your hands on the primordial forces that exist on this earth.
But, he said he couldn ’t do it because of his lack of ability.

”He said something like that before he died, and he died.
So I don ’t know how important it is to the 12 gods.

Unlike before, Yeomje said with a rather serious expression.

”They will do anything to get what they want.
That means, I will do anything to kill you who interferes with it. ”

”Then you can tear it apart and kill it. ”

”The confidence is great, but a guy who is quicker than anyone else has already appeared. ”

At that, Jamie wrinkled one eye.

Because suddenly, one person came to mind.

Yeom-je raised the corners of her mouth and confirmed that thought.

”The guy you think is right.
Janice, the madman has begun to absorb the gods.
Two of them already. ”

Jamie ’s expression hardened.

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