Setiros VI watched the soldiers being taken down in an instant and turned away.

He should have been surprised by the undead army attacking, but he looked like he was bored, as if he foresaw this.

And actually, he did.

Since he was young, he wasn’t someone who displayed his emotions.

If one asked why, well…

He thought it was because of his character, but that wasn’t the case.
He had been so since birth.

His ability to empathize with others was also low, and he never really smiled or cried.

But the others never knew of this.

He was clever, and he had amazing observational skills from a young age.
And he observed how people behaved.

After that, he would act it out like a perfect person.

But he was the 4th prince.

If it was the 4th prince, then succeeding to the throne was a difficult thing, and he wasn’t that interested either.

Right, if he continued to see his future, he would have lived and died as a royal family member.

“It was the decision that day that brought about this turn of events.”

He began to walk down the stairs.

This was an underground passage that was passed down only to the heirs who would inherit the throne from the family.

After ascending the throne, he went down here just once.

Today was the first time since then.

“Such a dark place.”

Basements were naturally humid places, but this was a feeling hard to put into words.
Was it like the body sinking into a swamp?

He wasn’t sure since he never fell in one, but this feeling of the lungs being clogged up and the discomfort of the body being pulled down felt similar.

All of this was caused by something sealed below.

As he was descending down, he found a huge door.

“It still feels bad.”

It was a plain back door without anything on it.

Even with the light on, it just looked black.

The king put the light down and raised his sword as he slightly cut his thumb.
As blood started dripping from his thumb, he painted it on the floor.

Above the plain door, the crest of the royal family appeared.

A sealing gate was installed by the first king to prevent energy from leaking out.
A door designed to only open with the blood of the king.

After the light pattern spread out, he pushed the door open.

A huge stone with a flat top that could be mounted was placed in the center of a circular space.

There was a purple gem that gave out black energy, and an old ring was embedded in it that was connected to something.

The first king had established the kingdom for this purpose.

“If I hold this, will there be a tomorrow?”

He couldn’t see tomorrow yet.

Perhaps this meant that the undead army was going to uproot everything before tomorrow.

If he wasn’t the king, he wouldn’t have cared, but this was a throne he got by spilling blood.

It was impossible for him not to give up everything he had accomplished in order to live tomorrow.

So he decided to borrow the power of this ring.

“I don’t know what will happen, though.”

He was incapable of feeling fear just like how he couldn’t feel joy or sorrow.

He didn’t even hesitate when he held this unknown item.

And as he held the jewel, darkness engulfed him.

Blazer, the high priest of the Sun Church, leader of the Holy Knights, and the recently selected apostle, was sitting in his office, looking at the reports from all over the world.

He read numerous reports.

The fact that Zenith was expanding power and the Lily Church was there.

The end of Drian and Khulun.

The indiscriminate act of horror by the Church of Nothing, which lost its leader and Brahman’s death.

The content of Yeomjae’s movement was overlooked.

The Pryo Church declared war against Zenith.

While the rest of them did nothing.

They were all information related to the 12 Gods.

“Such a mess.”

A true mess.

The 12 churches were all moving earnestly in this situation, and the humans were being swept into it.

However, there were also places where such things didn’t happen.

To be precise, not a place but a person.

“Jamie Welton.”

The human who killed Oblion, the God of Nothingness.

Diablo Volfir, who was resurrected after 66,666 years.

Also, the individuals who killed the Dragon God were related to him.

“Has he recovered all his powers?”

Blazer looked to the left.
There was a coffin that had been treated with magic, and the God Killer was inside.

It was no exaggeration to say that this was made to kill Gods.

But Blazer knew.
It was sleeping peacefully in the glass coffin, but it wasn’t complete.

The staff was great, but it was just half of it.

Normally, it was said that some substance or thing was connected to it at the end of the curved staff.

It didn’t exist because it was pulled out of the staff, but if it had been in a perfect state, it would have been much stronger.

“A weapon that turns many times stronger than…”

According to the Father’s words, the power of Diablo Volfir consisted of three items, and one of them was the God Killer, which was the most powerful.

Even the Gods who fought him, including Zenith, couldn’t win over him.
And the current Diablo subdued a God without this.

That existence managed to regain his former strength.

And if this falls into his hands now…

“It will be fun.”

Blazer smiled at the pleasant thought.

It was then….


God Killer cried out, emitting black energy that shocked Blazer.

The God-killing staff had awakened.

Jamie jumped up, and it wasn’t just him.

Behemoth and Jormungand also flinched at it.


Behemoth called for him, and Jormungand, too.

“Lord, this is…”

Jamie just nodded.
He looked at the pillar of darkness that rose from the palace.

Under the influence of black mana, Bianca was resurrected as a Death Knight at the moment of her death.

This meant that the item that held the black mana wasn’t far from where she died, so he always thought that it had to be within the kingdom.

And in a kingdom as huge as Siltair, they could hide it anywhere.

He decided to take it back someday and just left it as it was.


“It’s just half, but this is surely…”

God Killer.

The staff with the strongest attack power of the three items he made.


As if resonating with it, Perfect Cell and All Might also vibrated.

‘I didn’t feel it till now.’

There was no way that his senses could have become so dull, so the only explanation was that it woke up after being sealed for so long.

And it was probably the king of this nation or someone with a high rank who was behind it.

‘The power of Bianca and the undead won’t be enough.’

Even if it was half, the God killer was made to kill Gods.

And no matter how weak the person was, just holding it would give that person enough strength to be superhuman.

What if it were held by a strong man who could use mana?

One could never know, but it could be a host who would use the God Killer to destroy everything.

‘Because the God Killer is a weapon I made to destroy everything.’

“The conversation can be delayed longer.”

He never expected to find it this way.

Jamie didn’t know why only half of it was here, but he needed it to fight Ra.

Jamie’s eyes turned purple.

Prometheus narrowed his eyes at the black mana that came out.

‘That is Diablo Volfir.’

He didn’t know what the God Killer was, nor did he care, but he was interested in this man.

It felt like he was strong enough to defeat one of the 12 Gods alone.

A person who was nothing less than the power he acquired from an item.

There wouldn’t be many chances to see such fights, so this was a golden chance, and he decided to stay silent and observe.


Jamie smiled as he felt the gaze from behind.

Normally the guy should have been hidden, but as long as he used black mana, he couldn’t hide from Jamie.

‘Such a savage.’

Since Jormungand brought him, he was planning to have a calm talk later, but it felt like their first meeting wouldn’t be calm.

And God Killer was his priority now.

“The enjoyment of the juniors comes to an end here.
You can clean up the annoying worms.”

“It has been a long time since you ordered me…this girl’s heart is pounding.”

As soon as she said it, Jormungand’s cheeks turned red, and she twisted her body.

Jamie was taken aback at her reaction.
It had been so long that he had forgotten it.

Her obsession with him was still the same as before.

In comparison to the other two, she was created with a higher level of empathy.

‘No, she seems to be worse than before.’

Perhaps it was because they hadn’t seen each other in a long time.

Jamie tried to remember how he had treated her before, but Behemoth stepped in.

“You are shaking that filthy butt again, and it is disgusting.
If you don’t want your pelvis to dislocate from the movement, you should stop doing those horrible actions right now! How shameful.”

“Shameful?! What are you talking about? I worked hard to make this beautiful body! Doesn’t this beast know how to talk to a lady!?”

Despite being a beast like me, you are imitating humans to gain a strange power!”

“Eik! When it comes to such matters, this idiot is constantly speaking with incredible fluency!”

“When it comes to the Lord, you’re a bigger idiot than I am.”

Behemoth’s words reminded Jamie of something.

It was Behemoth, not him, who put a stop to Jormungand’s horrid behavior.

Whenever she flirted with Diablo, Behemoth was ready to bite her.

“L-Lord, that cow!”

Jormungand always stuck to him and Behemoth…

“Pathetic thing!”

…he would scold her.

Normally Jormungand would control Behemoth, but in such situations, Behemoth took the reins.

But Diablo, who abandoned his emotions except for anger, never really cared or felt bothered by it, so why was it feeling odd now?

Jamie had something he had lost.

He turned around as the situation was going out of control.

He cleared his throat and said,

“You both are so noisy.”

Then he raised his right hand.

Starlight flowed from his body, with a white-winged creature coming out.


White cried out.

Behemoth and Jormungand were shocked.




White, who saw them, flew high around them.

Jamie looked at all three of his familiars finally meeting and said,

“Not Black.
Now its name is…”

White smiled while flying above their heads.



“The name White suits its new appearance.”


Jamie nodded and unfolded a magic circle on the ground.

It was a special spell that could move many people at once.

“Somehow, this turned out good.”

It would have been nice if Trika was here, but right now, these familiars were the main focus of his past.

They were all his own body and beings linked by souls.

Jamie exhaled and released black mana.

“Now, jump in.”

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