As he was swept by the light, Jamie felt his skin burn.

He told it to attack how much it wanted but he didn’t expect it to act up like this.

‘Even when I was gone, it must have been busy absorbing things.’

And there was the issue of pride.

It was strange to act all proud in such a situation, but there were a lot of things that didn’t exist when he was dealing with it.

Did it change?

It was an artifact, but there was proof that it struggled too.
So how could it not act out now?

The problem was that it was adamant in trying to kill its owner, but also not at the same time.

‘This power is not meant to kill me.’

A kind of resentment.

Perfect Cell, All Might, and God Killer were connected as one.

That was why they were called the Great 3 Artifacts.

Jamie knew that due to the connection between God Killer and the other 2 artifacts, God Killer must have been aware that he had returned to some extent, which gave it a reason to take its anger out on him.

“I am sorry.”

Jamie apologized as he closed his eyes and entrusted himself to the light.
And as he opened his eyes, he felt his body being transported somewhere.

“…this is?”

He was standing in a strange land.
An unusual one.

The sky was black, with a volcano in the distance that appeared to be active and was spewing smoke.
The ground shook so violently that he felt his entire body shake.

The land was barren, with no sign of vegetation.

“God Killer, what are you trying to show me?”

It was God Killer who was showing this.

This was why he calmed himself in order to understand what it wanted to show.

And Jamie saw two beings of different races.

One had pale skin and elf-like ears, but unlike normal elves, it was large.
And the other had reddish skin like the land, which looked like a boar.

These were beings he was seeing for the first time, and it seemed like a race that appeared after he died.

The two races were fighting about their land, which held nothing.

‘Why are you showing me this?’

Time began to pass.
And although it was a brief moment, Jamie saw dozens of battles unfold and numerous deaths.

Still, there was no thought about winning because the difference in their powers was too small.

But then it came to an end.


The volcano erupted.

The land was already horrible, and now it was covered with lava, lava ash, and everything from within.

Both sides suffered huge damage, but they managed to survive.


“God Killer!”

It was stuck on the ground in a perfect state.
It was difficult for him to recognize it at first because it got hardened due to the volcanic ash, but Jamie could feel it.

Could it be that the reason he didn’t feel it was that it was stuck inside volcanic ash?

He wasn’t sure why it was there, but it seemed like it managed to come out through the eruption of the volcano, and someone went close to it.

It was the huge man with pale skin and elf ears.

He grabbed God Killer, and time began to pass.


Jamie saw how he destroyed the enemy race and turned into the lord of the desolate land with God Killer on his side.

The victory came, with one being the lord.

And then came the disaster.

Mount Hua erupted again.

This time, it was not just an earthquake.
Magma began to flow from the ground.
The race, which turned into rulers of the land, couldn’t withstand a natural disaster and eventually died.

All that was left was God Killer.

And water began to slowly rise over it.

‘It is water this time.’

Jamie was submerged in the sea.
There was no such thing as being unable to breathe or get wet.

It was because this was more like an illusion.

He looked around, and everything was black, which meant it was somewhere deep.

Looking up, there was a faint sign of light.
Then, someone broke through the water and created white foam.

A mumble could be heard, and Jamie saw it.

A stick connected with a wire, but not an ordinary stick.

It had a gray color bar type panel, and the deeper the water, the more the light turned from blue to red.

Beep! Beep!

Then, as it disappeared into the depths of the sea, where nothing could be seen, a loud noise could be heard.

And then the sound of something coming apart and the wire being pulled.
The stick was divided into five finger-like cranes.

God Killer was covered in moss.

Again, the background changed.

‘This is…’

Jamie stood in a highly developed civilization now.

There were a lot of people walking in clothes that Jamie had never seen, and it seemed like an era where machines were highly used.

‘Perhaps this is the era where Black Suit was created..’

The Black Suit, which could decompose into nanosized particles and is right now inside Jamie’s skin, wasn’t something that could be made with modern technology.

A wagon with a large black iron box passed by Jamie while he was watching.

He wasn’t sure how this thing moved without a horse, but it looked driven by mana.

Jamie blinked, and the time changed, and now there were people in white coats talking about various things with God Killer in a transparent box.

He couldn’t understand their new language, but he seemed to know what they were discussing about, based on their actions.

‘They are discussing about the disposal.’

According to the information they have found so far, they had to be aware of the existence of God Killer.
It seemed like they realized it was a danger to the world.

And time passed quickly as they struggled to destroy God Killer.

It was unknown what this city was, but hordes of monsters attacked from all sides.

At first, it seemed like a city holding up fine, but the monsters appeared with their own developed technology and couldn’t be stopped.

The city was a mess.
Tall buildings had collapsed, and neatly polished roads had also collapsed.

Many died, and others fled for their lives.

God Killer spent a long time being left alone in the lab.

A long time passed when even the city remains couldn’t be found.

Someone appeared in the city, which once held a strong civilization.

It was a great magician, and with one gesture, he blew the dust away.

And he pulled out the buried God Killer.

-This shouldn’t exist.

This time the language could be understood.

It seemed like it could be understood in a way that conveyed information to God Killer using magic.

He disappeared with God Killer in his hand, and the scene changed again.

A black spire was built on an uninhabited island.

There were all sorts of magic devices installed, and many charms were hanging with God Killer tied in place.

-Who the hell made such a terrible piece?

The magician sighed as he couldn’t figure out the source of God Killer.

He approached the magic item and infused mana into it.


With an eerie signal, the magic chains around him turned yellow, like an item being melted.

-I will destroy it.

Powerful mana was generated.

Enough mana to cross the spire and swallow the entire island was released, and Jamie just watched this.

The power the magician had was so great that the island vanished in an instant.

It had the power to destroy a whole city.
And the magician focused solely on destroying the God Killer.


-This cannot be!

The magician screamed.

-Then, this cannot be destroyed! This terrible walking disaster!!

He sat down on the ground as he mumbled in anger.

-If this continues to exist in the world, then everything will be annihilated.

This made Jamie frown.

He wasn’t sure who this human was, but he recognized the essence of God Killer.
And as he said, God Killer had the power to destroy everything.

The clan that owned God Killer turned extinct shortly right after acquiring it.
It was because God Killer did it.

The same went for the highly developed, civilized city, which tried to harness its power.

God Killer had summoned the monsters.
That too in a number they couldn’t handle.

Why did it do that?

It was quite simple.

Because it didn’t recognize them as its owners, and it had its own requirements for its owner.

God Killer was a weapon that boasted the highest attack and damage power out of the three items Diablo Volfir made.

It was the most violent one.

And the only one who could possess it was Jamie, the one who had the soul of Diablo.

All other beings were doomed to destruction unless they could suppress it.
So this magician felt like a great being.

-Damn it! I need to do something!

Despite being frustrated, the magician didn’t give up.

He started manipulating the magic again, and time passed as the magician activated a newly set device.

Quite a few years seemed to have passed, as he seemed old now.

-I almost died a couple of times.

He wasn’t just getting older; he even had scars on his body.

It was unknown how much time had passed, but the man had been through hell, surviving the mess God Killer was making.

-It is impossible to destroy you, and I know that better than anyone because I have done this over and over again.

As he aged over time, he tried to destroy God Killer but failed each time.

Perhaps this would be the last, so he looked determined.

-I will split you in half.

If it couldn’t be destroyed, then he would have its power cut in half.

And as he said so, the devices began to move.
Along with the sound of ringing, an equal source of energy came.

But the force didn’t succeed in destroying it.


The purple jewel connected to the staff’s head bent.
The force was concentrated there.

And in a straight line, cracks began to appear.



He seemed a bit happy that it broke and the purple gem fell.

The magician’s smile didn’t stop.

He couldn’t destroy it, so he split it and sealed the staff and gem in two different places.

And each was buried on the other side of the continent.

To never be found.

A great amount of time passed.

Jamie was still looking at the buried jewel.

Numerous nations were created and destroyed, and the world was constantly reset.

But it never fell into the hands of another.

God Killer was split in two and spent thousands of years on the ground.

And then there was a shift of tectonic plates, and it surfaced.
The first king of Siltair had found it.

And it was now…


Perfect Cell and All Might cried at the pain they felt.

They, too, must have endured for eons like God Killer.

Jamie felt guilty.

As much as they were things, they were still like familiars and family to him.

“I am sorry.”

That was all he could say.

If he hadn’t been defeated, they wouldn’t have been alone for so many years with the pain of being divided.

No one would have been harmed.

Purple light shone.

And Jamie held out his hand.

“Can you forgive me?”

As he carefully held out his hand, the purple light began to grow stronger.

The purple jewel appeared slowly.

Jamie grabbed it.

“Let’s become one, once again.”

Like in the days of the past.

God Killer’s power covered Jamie, and a change came over his body at once.

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