gers as he realized what he needed to do next.

Jamie mumbled while carefully spreading out black mana towards the four pieces.


He could feel it running through his body.

As Jamie watched, his magical realization unfolded, Starlight began to bloom, and a dazzling light burst out.

The light covered all four items at once, and the three items merged into one.

And the medium through which this happened was the Black Suit.

The artifacts of Perfect Immunity, Absolute Defense, and Killing of God harmonized around Black Suit making Jamie a bit lost in the bizarre phenomena he was looking at.

Even he wasn’t sure what he was doing.
But one thing was certain to him.

‘God Killer, what you chose is my victory.’

God Killer existed in sorrow for a long time, and at the same time, he agonized over how he should have stuck to his owner.

And the conclusion.

[Never let my owner get defeated.]

Was it because he was defeated by the 12 Gods that the two of them got separated?

If that was the case, it was enough to give its owner stronger power and make him win.

If that happens, then they would never have to part ways again.

This intense desire turned into a wish, and at this moment, he was trying to make the wish come true.

‘I understand you.’

Fortunately, that was Jamie’s wish too.

The entire body began to change.

Jamie stretched out his hand.

In the space made by God Killer, both black mana and Starlight could be used.
Normally it would have been impossible to use both at once, but right now, he was evolving.

“Let’s go together for a better future.”


And the light flashed brightly.

Jormungand thrust her scythe at the neck of the black monster rushing toward her.

Although she did get a promotion as the one with the 13th holy power, the monsters of God Killer were annoying.

Fortunately, this was just half the power of God Killer.

If it were in its perfect form, it would have been difficult for them to block the monsters.

“How long should we stop?”

Prometheus moved beside her and asked, wiping the sweat off his face.

“Your strength is quite daunting.”

“For such things, I don’t want to borrow the power from those ones.”

“You would end up consuming a lot of energy.”


While the two were talking, Behemoth was trampling on several monsters at the same time with its massive feet.

Jormungand clicked her tongue as she witnessed this.

“Ignorant idiot.”

“They are coming again.”


She raised her scythe again as she gathered black holy power and threw her weapon like a boomerang to cut their heads.

Prometheus also performed a spell to block the monsters.

Just how much longer?

It was then that the ground beneath shook.

“… something is moving from below.”

Jormungand stopped the scythe and looked at the ground.
The black monsters that were charging suddenly became like spilled ink and began to leak to the ground.

-What is this now?

At this, Behemoth went close to the two and asked.

“Seems like something that the Lord did.”

Prometheus gasped and sat down on the ground.
Whether this sudden shaking of the ground was due to a natural reason or not, he was exhausted.

He wondered how long the shaking would last, but then it stopped, so Behemoth decided to return to his small form.

“Is this the end?”


Jormungand’s senses were telling her that something was happening below the ground.
She could feel it expanding, and she shouted,

“Move away!”


“Don’t ask! Just get as far from here as you can!”

Jormungand quickly overcame the resistance and began to run.

Behemoth followed her, and Prometheus sighed at the power he felt from below and moved through space.

The area where they were previously standing got swallowed up by a huge force, and the entire area was covered in a pillar of light.

“Such power…!”

Even Behemoth shuddered at this.
He could feel that this was something stronger than the Dragon God.

What was certain was that the vibration had probably spread all over the continent.

“There it is.”

The pillar of light gradually faded, and the palace disappeared, leaving no trace.

Even the sky, which was covered with clouds, was now forming into a cluster of stars.

Beneath that was a man surrounded by light and darkness.

It was hard to see, but Jormungand could identify the person.



With his eyes closed, he descended to the ground, and Jormungand was the first one to rush there.

She moved her body and broke through the unknown force.

“Yah! Wait for me!”

Behemoth also ran, and Prometheus followed him.

When they arrived, they all stood still, even Jormungand, so Behemoth tried to ask her.


But decided to stay silent.

In front of them, their Lord was surrounded by black and white.

And something changed.

They could tell the two apart, the white and the black, and Prometheus quickly cast black mana on his hand.


The two energies of black and white began to subside, and Jamie raised his head, looking behind.

All three of them caught their breath.

“You worked hard.”

Having said that, Jamie smiled.

And there, in his eyes, was the universe.

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