ormungand clicked her tongue.

“I knew right off the bat that you had other ideas.”

“Then why did you take me?”

“Because I believed in you.”

Prometheus’s eyes trembled at this.

“I knew you were the shady kind, but still, during the years we have been together, I have watched you put in the effort, and I believed that you are as stubborn and passionate as me, and I watched you.”


“But, what is all this? Was the man I knew someone like this?”

Jormungand seemed upset.

The first time she met him was 4,000 years ago.

When she first met him, he didn’t look like a child.
He was a middle-aged man covered in mud.

‘Why are you there looking like you are dying?’

‘Get lost.’

At that time, Prometheus was a man who had given up everything.
Originally, Jormungand would never pay attention to such people, but for some reason, this person piqued her curiosity.

Also, she felt like she was looking at a subject.

A test subject to get her holy power.

And she thought that if he was a man who had given up, then he could be used as the best test subject.

‘You seem frustrated.
Tell me what is bothering you.’

‘I told you to leave.’

‘I might give you a new chance.’

At the words ‘new chance,’ Prometheus flinched and stared at her for a long time.

‘And what I want can…’

‘Whatever you wish for.
All of it.’

After that, Prometheus was able to come back to life with her help.
And before long, the two realized their meeting was destiny.

Because they knew their goals were the same.
The problem was Prometheus.


He was truly an utter disappointment.

After living for over 10,000 years and training for another 6,000 years, the level he achieved felt rather average.
It wasn’t even on par with the top three races.

But in the far eastern nations, he learned strange things like sorcery, which was quite unusual.

‘It will be a very painful time with you not having a talent.’

’If only I could kill them….!

A hard time.

Jormungand struggled and worked to create the 13th holy power.

Prometheus never groaned or cried out in pain.

It is because he was born with overwhelming mental strength, at least after the long life he had.

And that was his only talent.

He always did.

While receiving many lessons from Jormungand, he conducted research on black mana.

The two never became close, despite the long time they spent together.
They lived by depending on each other.

No matter how much she hid, their faith in each other was strong.

… at least, Jormungand believed so.

“What am I to you?”

“What do you want me to say?”

“Can you really not have trust in me?”

“… is it because of what he said?”


He struggled to raise his upper body and leaned against the wall.

“What to do in the future, what all the things we have to build, and……”

He still had dead eyes.

“To look at you.”

“Are you going to give up?”

“Give up… I did.
As you can see, my existence is quite insignificant.
As long as he is there, I am not needed.
You don’t need me.
So maybe that is what he also wants.”

The fact that he repeated that he was different from Diablo Volfir and the fact that he had the ambition to surpass the original in terms of power.

‘I wished for it despite never being able to be on par with him.’

He didn’t realize it before, but now that he saw the difference in power, it struck him.

He wanted to become Diablo Volfir.


The existence that Jormungand had wanted.

But he failed at it.
He failed at everything he did.

The long life he lived has ended in vain.

“So pathetic.”

It was Behemoth, who was seated like a cat and eating an apple.

“You are a pathetic one.”

“Behemoth, when did you come?”

Jormungand was surprised at this, too.
Whether they were scared or not, Behemoth just bit into the apple.


“Nom-nom, you chase after other people all your life, and the moment you get denied, you are stuck in a place with a crying face.
Such a pathetic one you are.”

“… what are you saying?”

“You still don’t understand what the Lord said.”

“What he said to me?”

“Why don’t you trust Jor? Can you not do it? If you think so, then dying might be better for you, get it? I am holding back because my Lord said those words, but I really want to kill you.”

“Words don’t mean much.”

“You are twisted to the core.
Do you think I cannot deal with you?”

What are you doing again? This doesn’t fit you.”

Behemoth glanced at Jormungand.

“You too, Jor,”

“Why do you keep calling me Jor? Are you the Lord?”

“Stop caring about the little things.
Anyway, you made him that way.
If you needed him, you should have handled it well.
What is that thing?”

He looked at Prometheus and said,

“The first thing you need to do is apologize.
You bow your head to Jor and apologize to her.”


Personally, I have no desire to even see you, but if you want to remain with Jor, do what you must do.
If you don’t like to, then get the hell out of my sight before I kill you.”


Prometheus’s eyes trembled at it.

He looked at Jormungand.

She was holding her forehead with a face that said she hated this, and then her eyes met with his.

Behemoth is right.
I do deserve the apology.
How dare you attack my Lord? Don’t you know that I gave you power for other purposes? You need to remember the content of our contract, right?”

“…… all the power is for the same goal.”

“Then what you did is a breach of our contract.
Even if I take all of your power right away, you have no say.”

Like it or not, Jormungand and Prometheus were destined to meet.

It was entirely up to her if she wanted to continue or drop this, but canceling this would be a blow to her.


She sighed and said,

“…I want you to apologize to the Lord and not me.”


“Trust me.
I will trust you and go back to the old days.”


Prometheus’s tears dried up.

That was why he couldn’t cry, but his expression felt like that of a guilty person.

“Sorry… sorry.
I am really sorry for doing that.”


Behemoth snorted and pushed the apple to the side, and the apple rolled onto Prometheus’s head.

“I have no intention of forgiving you.
Still, if the Lord accepts you, then I will say nothing about it.
But if the same thing happens next time……”

His eyes turned red with the most chaotic aura.

-Then I will kill you myself, Prometheus.

Having said that, Behemoth vanished.

Prometheus caught the apple on the floor.

It was time to meet Jamie.

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