Black sparks bounced around the bright red balls.
And as Jamie reached forward, red beams were created as they fired ahead.

There was no noise, but Zenith avoided it right away.

-Checking the induction function.
Capture the target.
Starting interception.

The red beam of light exploded in the air and flew in pursuit of Zenith.

Zenith was taken aback, unable to comprehend how it was following him, so he summoned another new spear and stretched out his left hand.

Green holy power began to condense around his arm.
It was the power of Khulun, the God of Hypocrisy.

[Invisible Shield.]

Invisible Shield, the relic of Khulun, was summoned.

Its ability was simple.

“Anything this shield doesn’t want to see disappears.’

The power to defend.

When the red beam reached Zenith, it vanished as if someone had extinguished the flames on a candle.

Jamie clicked his tongue.

“Khulun’s shield… you can use the other God’s abilities.”

He thought that for someone who had absorbed three Gods, Zenith seemed to be weaker.
He expected him to hide his true power, but this was the first time he used the other Gods’ power.

And this was a new concern for Jamie.

But it was the same for Zenith.

‘That is absurd.
He blocked my power, absorbed the shock, and returned it back to me?’

Didn’t it remind him of the terrible items Diablo Volfir had?

Among them, All Might came to his mind.

That fraud artifact could reflect back any attacks, but this was on another level.

“It seems like this fight will take some time.”

Zenith looked down, and Pyro’s Apostle was using black mana to fight against the other three Apostles.

The regular soldiers were fighting fiercely, but Pyro’s side was being pushed back.

However, it seemed that the troops on Pyro’s side were content with just holding their ground.

“If this continues, it won’t end easily on either side.
I was saving it for further despair later, but it cannot be helped.”

Zenith called to Jamie with a smile.

“Hey, Diablo.”

Jamie didn’t answer and ignored him.

Still, Zenith continued,

“Don’t you think something is odd here?”

“It is odd that you are pretending to be calm here.”

“Kuak, cheeky bastard, I knew you would be like this… So why do you think I am relaxed and calm?”

“Because you believe in your insignificant power?”

“Kuak, hahahaha! My strength is not insignificant, but it doesn’t matter!”

Four holy powers began to rise from Zenith’s body.

Jamie moved and stretched out his hand.

Black mana and darkness flowed and moved around him, but Zenith didn’t care.

His eyes were visible through the black sphere.
His eyes were smiling.

[Power of Darkness.]


Jamie performed dark magic.


The black sphere vibrated and made an unpleasant noise.

As a result of the vibration caused by the power of darkness, everything inside the sphere vanished without a trace.

But Jamie wasn’t sure what would happen next.

‘He laughed.’

Zenith could have stopped it from happening, but he didn’t.
He let himself be caught right up until the last second.

He seems to have a way out.

Jamie didn’t know how, but he felt that something strange was going on.

And it was then…

“By the time you locked me up, it was already too late.”


The black sphere opened with a crack.
Jamie didn’t even release it, but the black mana started to scatter due to something that was happening inside.

Then there was another hit.

[Transcendence magic.]

-Mana tuning optimized.

Trinity began to adjust his body’s condition to cast magic, which might be too much for his body.

The speed was less than half a second.

Transcendence Magic ‘contraction’ activated.

The contraction of space and time was initiated.

Jamie intended to completely erase Zenith inside the black sphere.


Even the 12 Gods cannot escape this magic that affects the dimensions of time and space.

So pointless.”

The voice of Zenith was heard.

At this point, Jamie decided there was no point in holding him with the magic and withdrew the mana.
The shrunken space was back to normal, and the black sphere disappeared.

Zenith was not there.
He heard his voice, but his body was not there.

“Are you up to something interesting?”

Frowning, Jamie looked up, and above the atmosphere level he was in—maybe even higher than the mid-layers—he felt an aura similar to a warp.

“Diablo Volfir.
I haven’t shown you yet.”

His voice still seemed to be somewhere above.
His voice went ahead.

It wasn’t magic.

As long as the law of causality was sufficient, a God could move as much as he wished in the world.

And that was how Zenith avoided the attack.

Then why use the law of causality to escape to just the higher atmosphere?

Jamie knew why.

Dazzling light poured up from the sky.

“This will be troublesome.”

A huge, pure white gate appeared in the sky.

It was a lavishly decorated gate that Jamie had seen several times.

[Heaven’s Gate.]

Go and sweep the land.”

Zenith appeared from above and opened the Gate.

From the Heaven’s Gate, fully armed soldiers of heaven jumped to the ground with white feathery wings spread.

The ones called ‘angels’ intervened.

It would be impossible for human troops to handle such power.
The forces on Pyro’s side would be wiped out in an instant.

Jamie grins as he watches this.

“Good timing.”

A black scythe cut through the pure white group of angels, and a black holy power spread around, splitting the space.

Seeing this, Zenith was shocked.

“… holy power?!”


There was the voice of a woman laughing menacingly.

Jormungand shouted at her Lord.

“We are here, Lord~”

“A little late.
No, you are probably here faster than I expected.
Well, it doesn’t even matter.”

Jamie looked at Zenith, who was shocked, and said,

“Reverse Heaven Gate.

The black chains began to unravel.

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