Seti was already controlling Trinity.

He fully understood its mechanics but dealing with it was another matter.

In addition, Trinity’s first opponent was Zenith, one of the 12 Gods and the God of War.

And Zenith had already absorbed three Gods, so he was an incredibly difficult opponent.

Basically, Jamie was using Trinity, but Seti was in charge of fine-tuning it, so he was sweating nervously.

I am getting used to it now.

Wasn’t there a saying that humans were like animals when it came to adapting to things?

Although it wasn’t right to call himself a human now, Seti was completely a part of Trinity.
Be it offense or defense, if Jamie wanted to do it, he could faithfully fulfill it.

However, Trinity’s power didn’t work due to Zenith’s strong counterattack.

-Is this fine?

Seti was feeling anxious.

It was because the situation had rapidly changed once Zenith began to use his hidden power.

Trinity was a weapon that could attack and defend, but it couldn’t do everything.

Now, unlike at the beginning of the fight, Jamie kept getting pushed back, and Seti’s anxiety began to increase.

It was then…


A purple mist hung over them, obscuring their vision.
It wasn’t just blinding, and something began to erode into Trinity.

Seti thought it was an enemy attack and tried to defend against it, but it was impossible.

The vision came back, and something unknown was happening.


The place where they were fighting had turned into a wide field, and when Zenith fell, he broke a few flags that were stuck in the ground.

Thick blood filled the floor.

Until now, Zenith had the upper hand, but in a matter of seconds…


An unpleasant sound of someone breathing was heard.

It wasn’t hard to figure out what was going on.

Seti didn’t have a face or eyes, but if he did, it would be one of disbelief.

-Is this… for real?

His Lord had lost his mind.

Now, Jamie has turned into a beast running on instinct.
And a very ferocious one too.

Zenith coughed up a handful of blood.

His entire stomach and left flank were ripped out.

‘Damn it.
What the hell did he do to my body….?!’

Despite summoning his own dominion, the situation didn’t seem to change much.

He could now react to the attacks more than he had the first time, but that was all he could do.



Zenith grabbed his sword and tried to block the flying blade.

However, because his stomach was ripped off, he had to bounce back and roll on the ground once more, but he didn’t have the energy to get up.


Every time he coughed, blood poured out.

Zenith gnashed his teeth.

Even though he had absorbed three Gods, why was he still unable to surpass this guy?

He thought he had already managed to overcome him, but how did this man find a new power?

It felt absurd.

He was angry that this bastard, who had been reincarnated after several years, became this strong.

‘He must have a limit, though.’

He couldn’t possibly be able to continue using such a strong power.

Great power always comes with a price.
There had to be side effects from this too.

If there weren’t, it wouldn’t make any sense.

‘If there weren’t…’

Zenith frowned at this thought.
How could he confront this absurd power?

He had no idea.

However, he couldn’t give up.

He didn’t want to use his hidden card as much as possible.

‘For now, let’s hold on until this reaches its end.’

The Land of Victory was a sanctuary that gave Zenith positive effects so he could win.

A long time ago, before he became one of the 12 Gods, he ruled over a planet called Alektros.

Zenith felt his holy power rapidly activate, and he stood up.
His ripped stomach began to regenerate rapidly.

His stomach felt a little better, and his rough breathing returned to normal.
But it wasn’t completely normal, though.

‘My body suffered too much damage.’

Complete regeneration through holy power may seem omnipotent, but in reality, it wasn’t like that.
The more severe the damage to the body, the more permanent the damage to the soul.

Since the soul can’t be restored with holy power, if the damage continues to accumulate, it will eventually lead to death.
Because Zenith is a powerful God, the damage to his soul has been minimal thus far, so he appears to be fine.


The floor was hollowed out.

Zenith avoided the attack by leaping backward through a small gap.


However, as if his dodge had been meaningless, Balisada flew back like a hook, eager to slay the opponent.


His chest was pierced.

Zenith roughly drew his sword.

It would have been dangerous if he had been stabbed right near his chest, but he quickly turned and avoided it.

“This bastard doesn’t know how to deal in moderation.”

Enraged, Zenith wielded his holy power, which overflowed within his domain.

He struck his holy power at Jamie like a hammer, but the body of black smoke was swept away like a candle.

And he reappeared behind Zenith, with both hands holding a supernova.

‘This is dangerous!’

There was a strong explosion.

As Zenith had once roamed the universe, he was well aware of the power that happens when a star explodes.

Even the ancient dragon Brahmansia, a powerful predator in space, never went to a place where a supernova occurred.

A power that could annihilate even divine beings.
And the supernova power that Jamie used might not be that strong, but since it was his magic, its power would surely be different.

[Land of Victory.]

[The spear that killed Cadelan.]

A brilliant white light shone on the land.

In Jamie’s hands, as if the supernova would explode any moment, tremendous energy shone in rainbow colors.

Zenith’s eyes were white.


The ground below had cracked open, and a rough, rusty spear erupted.

Jamie gently covered the light with his hands before it exploded.

Zenith grabbed the rusty spear.

“That will not explode.”


He was the previous Lord of Alektros and was buried in the same land after Zenith defeated him.

Zenith infused holy power into the spear he used to kill him.
And even if the spear looked ugly, it could kill a God.


Zenith twisted his body and thrust the spear, and at the same time, Jamie clenched both of his hands and spread them open.

A huge force spread in concentric circles throughout the land.

In a luxurious palace decorated with gold, a luxurious red carpet stretched out between hundreds of golden columns on either side.

There, an old man with a bent back was walking slowly.

“Nothing changed.”

From the time this place was first created until now, it has never changed.
It was not natural.

His status has never changed since then.

On the contrary, the more he struggled, the more he suffered inside.

And it continued to get worse.


It was then.

A voice came from ahead, where there was nothing.

The old man, Yeomjae, looked ahead, and there was a muscular man with black skin and hands behind his back, and he wore golden armor.


“It has been a while, Yeomjae.”

Blazer was the Apostle of the Sun God.

Even in front of a God, he arrogantly called him by his name.
However, the God didn’t seem to care.

He deserved it.

Even though he was an Apostle of a God, didn’t he have more power than him?

Ever since Bless was born, he was the man whom he thought might be Diablo Volfir’s substitute.

‘And I ended up failing.’

Yeomjae struggled to shake off the old memories, and he asked Blazer,

“Where is he?”

“Where he stays.”

“Guide me.”

“I remember what you said then.
He said he would meet Gaia when he discovered her whereabouts.”


The creator of Bless and the parent of all Nature Gods.

She turned Yeomjae into one of the 12 Gods, and the person who was responsible for the reincarnation of Diablo Volfir.

Currently, her whereabouts are unknown.

Yeomjae tried to find her, but it was impossible to find out where she was hiding.

But he wasn’t here for her whereabouts today.

“Guide me.”

The tone of his voice changed.

Blazer repeated what he said without changing his expression.

“Find Gaia, please.”

“Stop saying that and guide me.”

“That is the only thing I have to say to you.
Please understand.”


Yeomjae moved, and there was a flame around him.

It was an ordinary fire that seemed insignificant, but Blazer looked at it with a nervous face and drew his greatsword.

Yeomjae said,

“I will not say anything anymore.”

Yeomjae spoke with his entire body engulfed in flames.

“I am powerful enough to force you to move.”

“Fighting here will not do any good.”

“That is my choice to make.”

Yeomjae’s figure reached Blazer at once.

He spread his left hand, entwined it with the flame of birth, and lunged ahead.

Blazer clicked his tongue and moved the greatsword forward.


The thick blade trembled and bent as if it were going to break, and Blazer’s body began to get pushed.

Yeomjae moved forward, but this time he extended both hands.

“You are a troublesome man.”

A yellow aura formed on Blazer’s greatsword.

[Output 30%]

The light from his eyes radiated like the sun and shone on everything.

[Sword of Son.]


The blade was so long that it reached the ceiling.
He could extend it for a dozen kilometers more if needed, but now wasn’t the time to show off.

Blazer gritted his teeth and swung the compressed power of the sun with all his might.

As all the surrounding moisture began to get evaporated, all life existing in the air began to be engulfed in flames.
It was the power to keep everything alive and, at the same time, take everything away.


“He and I.”

He calmly opened his mouth as he watched the sword of the sun fly by Yeomjae.

“We were born to keep each other in check.”

They were made that way, and Yeomjae’s eyes shone at this.

He conjured an insignificant fire compared to the power of the sun that Blaze used.

“If you want to stop me, that guy has to come, not you.”

Life is born in that small flame.

Yeomjae’s body was engulfed in blue flames as he made a small move.

In the time and space that seemed to have halted, he moved with light steps, falling to the floor.

The gap between them was quickly closing.

Blazer opened his eyes and used his ability.



It was the owner of the chariot leading the sun.
The rider was charging again.

The power that could melt even the stars was approaching, but Yeomjae didn’t avoid it.

It couldn’t be avoided, and there was no need to avoid it.

He mumbled.

“Get lost.”


When the two forms of flame collided, both disappeared at the same time.

Blazer, who wasn’t afraid, swung the sword as if nothing had happened, cutting it.

He had every intention of cutting off the old man’s head.

“You should stop.”

The sword stopped right near Yeomjae’s neck.

Blazer stood still and extended his greatsword.

“You seem to have mercy.”

At those words, Yeomjae pulled back his hand that was on Blazer’s chest.

Yeomjae who controlled the power of birth, had a sword with nothing wrapped around it.
No flame could do anything to him now.

If it had touched his neck, maybe it would have hurt a little.

However, Blazer mostly would have died from the evaporation of everything.

“Since you still have some work you need to do, I can’t let you die now.”

“I try to kill your Apostle, and you appear.”

“Come out, Blazer.”


At this, Blazer pulled back his sword and lowered his head.

There was a man in a blinding light with his arms crossed.

Ra said to Yeomjae,

“It has been a while, brother.”


Yeomjae looked at Ra with complicated eyes.

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