Temple of the Sun.

The entire place was engulfed in huge flames.


Zenith screamed as he struggled to get up from his spot, and about a third of his body was blown away.

This wasn’t easy.

Receiving help from the Land of Victory has also reached its limits.

The spear that killed Cadelan was broken.
And he grinned.

“My victory.”

Although he lost a little less than half his body, he managed to live.
And the opponent?


The darkness took over Jamie’s body, and his eyes seemed unfocused.
Trinity’s effects seemed to be disappearing.
He was kneeling on the floor, looking weak, as if he would fall with just the push of a finger.

The time limit to use the Supreme Demon ability was over.
As the name suggests, it allowed Jamie to experience a heightened level of black magic.

And in return, the caster loses all of the black mana inside of his body when the time is over.
It would recover over time, but right now, he is nothing more than an empty shell with no mana.

“It was a long fight.
It has been so long since I was desperately pushed this far, so this is a new feeling.”

Zenith approached Jamie and dragged his right foot by pulling it.

His speed had slowed down, and he would recover once his soul was back to its original state.

Although the damage to his soul was serious, if he absorbed Jamie, then everything was worth it.

“How can things be like this? Such a strange feeling.”

He looked at Jamie with his head down.

The being who always looked down on others.
He could never forget such humiliation.

“Raise your head.”

Zenith grabbed his emerald hair and lifted his head to see a shabby face.

It seemed like he could easily pull out his hair if he used a little force.

“Be a part of me.”

If he absorbs Jamie, everything will be great.

He could challenge Ra, who has been arrogant toward him until now.
If that happens, would he be able to maintain the same arrogance?

Zenith smiled as he began to absorb Jamie.

[Absorb me.]

He could hear a voice.

It was a strange yet familiar voice.

He couldn’t remember whose voice it was.

[Absorb me.]

The voice was rough but sounded like it was having fun.
The situation itself was amusing.

[Stop being stubborn.
It’s not a big deal if you don’t stay human, right?]

The voice seemed low.

Like it said, did he have to remain being human?

Even if he were not a human, he could fight for humans.

Stop denying it and take me in.
The demon.
You can get a stronger power than now.]


A race that lives in the Devildom.

Those who handle the power of magi are quite ferocious and enjoy fighting in the world of the strong.

If that happens, he can become stronger than he is now.

[Zenith? He can be torn down.]

He could kill Zenith.

Are you going to lose to the one you always trampled on? If you lose, you will become a part of him.
That means you will become a part of your enemy.]

Hate it.

Not Zenith.
Not part of him.

The man uses his power to harass humans.
He has been terrible all this time and will continue to be so.

It couldn’t be like that.

[Then just hope.
You want to become stronger.
The power.
The essence that you have.]

The essence of Satan.

The magic stone holding the power of one of the five Great Demon Kings who ruled the realm.

Take it and kill Zenith.

Be strong.
You could do anything.

[Become omnipotent.]

The black stone floated in front of his eyes.
It was evil, but he felt a huge power from it.

The lump of mass.

His hand reached out for it.

Then it will work.
Make me yours.
Become a complete being.]

Complete existence.

[Do not be afraid of corruption.]

Right, it is just corruption.

The essence doesn’t change.

“Jamie Welton.”

Then another voice came, and he looked back.

A man with gray hair, a golden robe, and wooden monocles.
Someone he’d seen before but couldn’t remember right now.
He wasn’t sure who this person was, but he felt annoyed because he interrupted when he was trying to get stronger.

“Do not disturb me.”

He reached out again, and the man said,

“Are you someone who cannot do it?”


“A human being who throws everything away just because things get hard and gets buried by evil?”

[Do not listen.]

The voice of Satan was covering his ears.
Even so, the voice pierced his blinded eyes and blocked ears.

“Remember why you fight.
I have seen with my own eyes that you aren’t someone who kneels down at such a place.”

[Do not listen.]

“The king of humans must not give up on being human.
Even for you and your family.”


Jamie’s eyes widened at that word.

Mother Sears.

Father Argeno.

Sister Sarah.

Where were they? Would they be safe in a world with battles?

Why is he fighting now?

For humanity.


‘For family.’

To protect his family and live with them again.

This was the reason why he could not give up on being a human.
He could not stand by their side if he gave up on it.

“There will always be crises, and our limits will be felt.
Overcome them with time.
Even if you cannot do it, try to do it.”

Jamie remembered the name of the man who was encouraging him.

“I am sorry for making you shoulder everything, but I ask you, please.”

“… Akashic.”

“Push yourself once again.”

[Do not listen!!]

The magi ran rampant.

It was entangled around Jamie’s body.

But the magi couldn’t engulf him.
Jamie said to the fading Akashic,


And he just smiled.

This was enough.

By bringing him back to his senses when he almost lost everything, he completed his final mission.

So from now on…


“Kuak, w-what?”

He heard Zenith’s panicked voice.

Jamie caught him off guard and grabbed his wrist.

Jamie let out a low breath as he moved Zenith’s hand that was holding his hair.


Purple eyes shone softly.

TL/N: Flame Emperor ↩️

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