Chapter 374 – Good And Evil (4)

Sarah looked at the dead bodies of her enemies.
All with their heads separated.
Each one was neatly cut, and the cross sections were clean.

She rubbed her blood-soaked sword into the snow.
The white land was stained red.

She killed a person.

Not one or two, but about ten people were cut down with a single hit.

‘It is past the time.’

The first time she killed a person, her hands shook, and she couldn’t eat anything for days.
She felt nauseous just thinking about it.

The next killing was similar too.
Killing living beings was too much for a young girl.

She wasn’t killing animals, but people.
But was it because they said humans were like animals when it came to adapting?

As the process happened over and over again, the killing didn’t bother her anymore.

It was the same when cutting people down.

These people killed innocent villagers.
From Sarah’s point of view, they were the bad ones, but she had no intention of punishing them by wasting time.

They did what they wanted to do, and she did what she had to do.

In the process, they clashed with each other, and she was the last person standing because she was stronger.

When she kills people, she never thinks of it as good or evil.
In a world like this, does it even matter?

They raided a remote village to kill people.
Sarah felt bad for those who died without knowing the reason, but this was the new world.

A world where strength was everything.

It was a world where you couldn’t protect anything if you were weak.
In the first place, since three years ago, the line between evil and good has blurred.

What became of her family, who wanted goodness?


Sarah narrowed her eyes.
The terrible three years.

The girl, who didn’t know anything, witnessed her family suddenly being changed in a terrible way.

From then on, she didn’t differentiate between good and evil.

She didn’t feel like she had to consider any of it.
She just wanted one thing.

‘For my family to be one again.’

She would go to any length to achieve that goal, even killing without remorse.
Killing felt more familiar to her now.

Whether they were good or bad, she killed more people than she could remember.
And she would kill more in the future.

Sarah left the village.

“Are you back?”

“Yes, Teacher.”

Sarah sat down and bowed her head to her teacher, who was reading a newspaper.

Her teacher folded the paper, checked her condition, and got up.

I will bring you tea.”

When her teacher went to make tea, she stayed seated.
And after a while, the teacher came back with black tea.

Sarah looked at it and said,

“Taika’s troops were wiped out.”

“You did well.”

Even though the twelve-year girl slaughtered more than a hundred soldiers, the teacher didn’t say much.
She did what she had to.

Rather, he gave Sarah her next mission.

“A battle broke out on the border of Evolve.
It seems like there were casualties on our side.”

“Should I go there?”

You will train with your skills.
There is a rumor that a master appeared.”


A human being above the level of humans, and someone with enough power to change the flow of the battlefield.
And they couldn’t do anything about it unless they had a master on their side.

This was her primary goal—to become a master.

Anyway, the presence of a master class on the enemy side meant that she couldn’t do anything.
If it were in the past, she would have asked to be sent there.

“So what should I do?”

The most important thing that Sarah learned from her teacher for three years was ‘know your level.’

She had to know her level.

If she went, not knowing her level, then she would only die at the hands of a stronger opponent.
So she gave up.

And her teacher said,


His voice was calm.


“Count Gamon.
The commander of the enemy troops dispatched from the Samain Kingdom.’

The Samain Kingdom was located on the border of the Haron and Olvia nations.

Count Gamon was known to be there, and he was the current commander of the Anti-Demon King Alliance.

“Is that possible?”

Sarah asked.

When she thought about it, assassinating a master seemed impossible.
Even the escorts of a master would not be weak, and catching them off guard was even more impossible.

It wasn’t much different from telling her to die.

When did her teacher turn into someone who gave her impossible missions?

“We have intelligence saying that a week later, he is returning to the kingdom.
They don’t want his absence to be known, so he is being moved secretly.
There will be fewer escorts and many chances.”

“And the route?”

“We have a person there.
When you reach him, you will be informed of everything.”

“When should I start?”

“You must be tired.
Have a rest today and tomorrow.
We have enough time.”


Sarah nodded and tried to leave.
As she turned the doorknob, she glanced back and asked her teacher,

“But how is Brother?”

Her teacher was one of the few people who could see her brother, Jamie Welton.

Her teacher took the black tea cup that Sarah didn’t drink and sipped it.
The conversation was short, so the tea wasn’t cold yet.

And taking a sip, he said,

“As usual.”

“I… see.”


“… it’s your mother’s birthday soon.”

Her teacher nodded, and Sarah went out with a gloomy face.

After confirming that she had left, the teacher sighed.

“… it is already Sears’s birthday.”

A bitter voice.

“I really cannot do this.”

Beryl closed his eyes and leaned back on the chair.

“So tiring.”

Three years ago, he accepted Sarah as his disciple.
At first, he had no intention of accepting her, but he couldn’t be ruthless to a child who held on to him, saying she wanted to protect her mother.

He accepted her because he had no other choice, but he had no intention of teaching her how to kill.

He thought being able to protect herself was enough, but as she grew, she began to change.

‘Teacher, I want to be strong.’

The nine-year-old child said so.

They weren’t just empty words.
She was being sincere.

But Beryl didn’t want Count Welton’s daughter to walk down this horrid path.

‘Protecting her mother, remembering her deceased father… and the need to see her brother.’

The moment he heard of it, Beryl felt like he had been hit on the head.
A child who had lived happily and was protected by everyone had experienced despair and frustration and attempted to gain power in order to reclaim her family.

She longed for the happiness of the past and to get everything back with her own hands.
And from that day on, he treated her as his true disciple.

To kill.


Cutting people down.

‘Just like her brother.’

But with Jamie, it was different.
Now he knew who Jamie was.

He was aware that the young boy was not truly young, but Sarah was.

A little twelve-year-old child.

In front of her, he acted coldly at all times, but Beryl was more worried about her future than anyone else.
He wanted to tell her to leave this life.
He actually did.

But each time, she said,

‘I cannot stop until I achieve my goal.’

It’s not something a child should say, so he felt confused and walked to the window.

He could see the black tower.


Now it wasn’t a name he was referred to, but Beryl looked at the tower and mumbled the name he no longer used.

“Protect your sister.”


Magi was raging.

A space where only darkness existed, and there were two people there.

One was a handsome man in gold, which didn’t go well with the darkness, and the other was in darkness.

I don’t know why the Demon King called you and me at the same time.”


The man in gold spoke, but the one in darkness didn’t answer.

Abset smiled like he had expected this.

“Pretending to be silent.”

Abset didn’t talk anymore, as if it wasn’t funny.

He just stared at the existing door.
The one that harbored an ominous feeling of wickedness.

The door, protected by the magi’s power, was only accessible to the permitted ones.

Is it finally war?”

Except on the first day the tower was built, their master never called them.
So it was clear.

The Demons had to fight.

Tear the weak to death and crush the strong by overpowering them.
Yet for two or more years, this man was confined to a room.

Of course, with strong ones like Abset, who could even reach the man, especially the guy next to him?

‘I definitely want to fight this one.’


He was once under the control of Satan and a member of the Duke of Rage camp.
Abset was as strong as a Demon King, and he was under the command of Satan, but he suddenly disappeared.

And when one of the Great Demon King’s positions became vacant, a war broke out to take his seat.

It was a tough fight, but Abset enjoyed it.
The Devildom was a world where they all killed each other.

What could be more enjoyable than that?

In the end, he was in danger of turning into a prisoner of another Great Demon King, but then Diablo Volfir, who took over Satan’s essence, appeared.

He wiped out all the Demon Kings that existed and immediately led his troops to this place.

And now…

“War, war, war, war!!’

Abset thought it was finally time.

Fighting in the Devildom was fun, but he was curious about the human world.
Currently, the entire continent is divided between the Sun God and Diablo Volfir.
And war was happening.

There was no plausible war yet, but the Demon King called for them now.

As the two stood there, magi flashed, and the large door began to open.


As soon as the door opened, a tremendous amount of force was pushing them down.

Abset smiled at the tremendous power he felt, and the golden man frowned.

They went inside, and both had different expressions.

There were those who arrived earlier than them.

All of them were equal to or close to Abset.

But they didn’t care about that.
Abset gulped and continued to smile.

The high steps and a large purple chair above.

The man sitting there.

The black-haired man, with his chin resting on his hand, had an expressionless face.
He was looking down at the two.
Abset greeted the man.

“Abset greets the Demon King of Wrath.”

On the other hand, the man in the golden light looked at him and moved to the right.
No one pointed out his actions.

Because he was not a member of the Demon King’s troops.


“Get up.”

The Demon King of Wrath, Diablo Volfir, said,

“Start the meeting.”

His eyes shone in purple.

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