Chapter 383 – Reunion In A Long Time (2)

Sarah felt her body float in the air, and her surroundings had suddenly changed.


There was a dull feeling on her butt, but this wasn’t the time to worry about it.
She rubbed her neck.

A hot red blade cut through her throat.

She should have died but for some reason, her head was still connected to her body.

“I-I am alive?”

Or was this hell? All her eyes could see was darkness.

The world looked so dark to even see what was in front of her.
Was there any other world that was darker than hell?

She was dead.

Having killed so many, it was natural for her to be in hell.

“Am I… dead?”

Her throat was cut, so she couldn’t be fine.
They all say death is instant and there will be no pain.

She wondered if she could die this cleanly.

But the problem was that she couldn’t die just yet.

“I still have so many things to do…”

Who would take care of her mother, who couldn’t move, and who would bring her brother back to the light?

What did she hold the sword for, and why did she go on dangerous missions, risking her life?

All because of her family.

But to die in vain like this….

‘As I thought, I shouldn’t have come here.’

The mission was above her level.

A mission that she shouldn’t have accepted, no matter how good the opportunity was.
Isis was an amazing teacher, and yet Sarah died like this.

She should have just rushed back.

She couldn’t help but feel that if she died, there would be nothing left.

‘The things I wanted to do with… Mom… Brother.’

Lastly, she wanted to see her family one last time.
How would her family react to the news of her death?

Her mother would be unable to bear the grief of losing her child.
She broke down when her husband died since she was such a soft-hearted person.


‘My brother in his current state.’

Would he be sad?


She didn’t know.
Sarah hugged her knees and began to cry.

She shouldn’t have died like this.

She kept repeating it over and over again.


“What is she saying?”

The voice of an unfamiliar woman pierced Sarah’s ears.

Sarah jumped up from her seat and turned her head to the place where she heard the voice.
It was too dark to see anything, but then she slowly began to feel something.

As she used mana on her eyes, her vision changed.

‘I can use mana?’

She thought that a dead person couldn’t do it.
Was it possible to use mana in hell?

“Looking at your face, it seems like you are thinking about something else.”

Sarah spotted a figure in the fading darkness.

It was a woman leaning against something, her arms at her sides.

And the horns on her head reminded her of the demons she had heard about in the books her mother used to read to her.


“Who is the Devil?”


As soon as the word ‘Devil’ came out, the form went right for Sarah and flicked her forehead.


When the form snapped her fingers, lights in the form of spheres floated to the ceiling.

Sarah rubbed her hand on her forehead and frowned.
It hurt her eyes, which were trying to adjust to the sudden change from darkness to light.

Narrowing her eyes, she looked at the person standing in front of her.

It was hard to see with the sudden light, but her beautiful form caught her eyes, and Sarah screamed when she realized that the woman was half-naked.


“We are both women, so what is so shocking about it?”

The blue-haired woman named Mayatrey looked at Sarah, who was in shock to see her wearing a fabric that barely covered her body.

And Sarah shouted,

“E-Even if we are both women, it is strange to see an unknown person naked during our first meeting!”

Humans are ashamed of so many things.
I am quite dumbfounded.
Even though he was a boy then, he wasn’t too shy.”

Saying that, Mayatrey snapped her fingers, and a dark blue cloth wrapped around her body.

“Is this better?”

In response to her question, Sarah only turned her head and confirmed.

She nodded when she no longer felt shy.
Sarah was once the daughter of the most powerful noble family, so she wasn’t used to this.
And also, being young played a part in it.

“W-Who are you, though?”

Who else could possibly come here if not the Devil?

Was she like Cerberus?

Thinking of being misunderstood again, Mayatrey sighed and introduced herself.

“I am Mayatrey.
I am a dragon.”

“… Uh?”


Come to think of it, there were dragons in hell too.

“I am not that kind of dragon, so do not misunderstand.”

“… a real dragon? But I heard that right now, dragons are not able to move properly.”

“You little one, you aren’t so smart, unlike your brother.”

Sarah’s eyes changed at the word ‘brother.’

“Brother? You know my brother?”

Mayatrey smiled at her sudden change of attitude.

‘This part resembles her sibling.’

Of course, she didn’t spend a long time with him, and it was only a brief moment in her lifetime, but there was something about the child.

“I know him, I guess.
I only met him once.”

“When? When did you see him?”

“It has been so long.
Not recently, though.”

“I see…”

Sarah’s face darkened.
When it was related to her family, her emotions would change like a rollercoaster.

However, Mayatrey had no intentions of embracing that.
Even now, a fierce fight was happening.

“Well, you are not dead, so don’t think of useless stuff.
Cause all of that just makes me tired.”

“I’m not dead?”

“You almost died, but before that, I summoned you here.
The timing was too close.”

Then the sensation she felt of being afloat in the air wasn’t due to death but rather to magic.

“I am not dead.
Huh! Thank God.”

When she thought she wasn’t dead, her legs gave out.

She sat down and sighed in relief, and Mayatrey laughed.


When she was sure she was alive, she asked,

“Then why save me? Dragons hate humans…”

“You only know half of us, though?”


“Among the dragons, the Blue Clan is granted freedom by the Demon King.
Because we contributed to defeating the Dragon God by siding with the humans.”

Sarah’s eyes turned sad at the words ‘Demon King,’ because that Demon King was none other than her brother, Jamie Welton.

Mayatrey wanted to comfort her, but she continued talking.

“I wasn’t in the position to help then.
Well, isn’t it a good thing?”

“I think so.”

“It isn’t just because of that reason that I saved you.”


“I was saved to some extent by your brother in the past.”

Sarah tilted her head at the word ‘saved.’

However, it would take a long time to explain, and the story itself was embarrassing for her, so she didn’t bring it up, and there were more important issues.

“You just wait here because I need to help out a little.”

Mayatrey teleported after she said that.

Sarah, who had been left alone, stared blankly at the spot where she had vanished.

Isis’s greatsword scattered the huge sword’s energy in all directions as if she were tearing the heavens and land apart.

Albert, the knight, frowned and blocked her attack with the flames of the Sun God.
His sword was bent to the side as if it would break anytime, and the effect of the force was reaching his arm.

‘Stronger than I thought…!’

Being chosen by the Sun, he quickly crossed the wall, and he now had superhuman strength, but what Isis had was too much.

In particular, the Aegis, the power that blocked the flames of the Sun God, was so strong that the rumors about her seemed wrong.

That didn’t mean he would lose.


She wasn’t the only one who had an ability.
Albert’s eyes turned white.

Pure white flames began to spread around his back like the wings of a bird.

[Brutal Sword.]

All the flames began to condense into a single sword.

Albert’s sword, which shone, looked like a white sword now.
It had an odd form, but it didn’t matter since he was wielding it, and he was able to stop Isis’s attacks.

‘It isn’t just about the heat.’

Like the knight who tried to kill Sarah earlier, it wasn’t just about using the flames coming out of the sword.
It was more like a sword that embraces the Sun.

Its power to cut things down would probably be shocking.

There was a high chance that even Aegis couldn’t stop it.

“You are quick-witted.
A warrior who has gone through all sorts of battles, I guess.”

Albert complimented Isis with the sword in his hand.
Isis unwrapped Aegis, which was around her, and began to put it on her greatsword.

And she raised her aura to the maximum limit and directed it all around Aegis.

“The best defense is the best offense… right.”

“I don’t know why you keep using that mouth.”

Isis held her sword straight and took the stance for a forward slash.
And Albert felt a terrifying energy surround him.

He frowned as he focused on the sword.

‘This isn’t a joke.’

To be honest, they thought that the Rans, which had taken damage a while ago, couldn’t fight them.
But he was currently looking at his two subordinates struggling against the Rans.

Not everyone here was as strong as Albert, but he thought that the three of them were enough to deal with them.

However, the Ran warriors were not giving them a chance to fight back, and they continued to attack.

‘Gagor is unconscious now.’

Gagor was the knight of the Sun, who was hit by the Breath of the dragon, who suddenly appeared.
He was now sucked into the terrifying vortex.

Normally, it wouldn’t be a threat, but since he was unconscious, he was going to drown.
And they were not immortal.

‘If I lose here, I cannot look captain in the eyes.’

Right now, the troops of the Sun and the Ran warriors led by Hasyath are fighting a little further away from here.

Judging from their situation, the power of the Rans must be shocking.
If that was the case, he had to end this fight and go help them.

He didn’t think it would take this much time to fight three Rans, and now Albert’s eyes began to shine like his sword.

The two looked at each other without making a single sound.

They didn’t even blink, as they each wanted to exploit the other from a single gap.
However, their concentration, which had reached a high level, wasn’t something that could be easily broken.

Then, maybe they had to wait for a small sign.



His short sword had the power to cut everything, but Aegis, with the greatsword, had the best defense.


Suddenly, appearing behind Isis, was a blue dragon that spread its huge wings and flew up.
Using that as a sign, they rushed at each other.

The white sword moved in the air, leaving a white trail and a haze that distorted the space.

Isis took a deep breath, feeling the heat melt her skin.

Her lungs felt like they were burning, but this was nothing to her.

[Body Sword Unification.]

The sword and her body turned into one.
The power that slashed the Dragon God’s neck had manifested again.

The flame sword and the greatsword with Aegis collided in the air.
The sword’s heat began to pierce through Aegis.

The attack surpassed the best defense, and this made Isis frown.

But she didn’t stop.

She continued to make Aegis stay in the sword, and then brought another greatsword.

A state where she could freely move even if she abandoned the weapon in her hand.

In Ryo, this was called Air Sword.


Albert’s left arm was dismembered, and the power of his sword was reduced by half.

But regardless of losing one arm, his sword continued to push forward.

Eventually, it got close to Isis’s chest.

At that moment…

[Feel the power of flexibility.]

Isis heard a strange voice inside her head.

“For this.”

She reached out her hands in a way she had never done so before.

Albert’s sword cut through the air, making his eyes wide.

He looked at someone’s hand wrapped near his wrist, and the path of the sword changed.

‘My wrist is missing!’

Now that his left arm had been blown off, he had lost both of his arms, and this meant one thing.

“I don’t know how, but I won.”

Aegis separated from the greatsword and flew like a blade, piercing Albert’s neck.

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