Jamie flew high in the damp cold night’s breeze.

He was currently flying without Black’s help.

“This is what it feels like!”

He was moving in the night sky at his will.

It took two days to fully absorb that orb.
It took longer than expected, so it turned into a trouble, but now that it was completely absorbed, his body felt lighter.

“The level has risen.”

He didn’t reach 6th class, but it was just a matter of time now.

If his body fully adapts to the new power, there would be no difficulty in using 6th class magic.

Jamie performed several spells at the same time to make sure that nothing was wrong with his body.

The magic was smoother than before, and the power was also clearly visible to his eye.

“At this level, I can kill the doctor easily.”

With his abilities, he was strong enough to overwhelm the doctor.

And he wouldn’t have to use Black like the past.

‘I am still a long way off to reach my actual level.’

Since it has been a long time since his body has grown noticeably, he couldn’t help but feel excited.

If he continued to grow like that, he would have a body which no child his age could.

Jamie roamed the sky excitedly and went for the woods.
Now that he checked his condition, it was time to do his job.

“It feels like it has been a while.”

He hadn’t seen them for a few days, but it felt like a long time.

“But it will come to an end.”

Jamie smiled and accelerated.

Twice as fast as Black.

Jamie, who flew, arrived in the forest in an instant, but broke his magic and fell to the ground.

And just before hitting the ground, he applied floating magic and landed softly.

If other magicians would see it, they would be stunned.

“This can be done without much difficulty.”

Jamie smiled and landed.

And looked at two men coming out of a wooden place.

Azad and Raiza.

“Master is here?”

“You arrived faster than in the past.”

Unlike Raiza, who greeted him, Azad asked with a bright face.

As they were connected with Jamie, they knew that Jamie was approaching them.
and he must have felt the speed increase from the past.

However, Jamie didn’t think that he would bring it up instead of greeting.

‘Indeed, a unique one.’

As he’d already felt before, Azad wasn’t an ordinary undead.

His attitude was the most unordinary thing.
However, due to the contract of master and slave, Raiza’s attitude was more normal.

‘Maybe this one.’

Jamie’s eyes narrowed.

And then he smiled, shaking his head.

It was possible, but he had to wait longer.
If the prediction he was making now was correct.

‘Maybe he will be like, Peka.’

Peka was an undead he used to have in the past, the sharpest sword.

Azad might have such qualities.

“Let’s go in.”

Jamie entered the cabin.

Azad, who was the last to enter, closed the door and Jamie then spoke.

“I will be gone for a long time.”

“How long?”

“I don’t know.
But it will be a while since it’s Apton.”

“Apton is in the northern end.
Almost the end?”

“Quite far.
Even on horses, it would take a month for a round trip.”

Since there were things to be done, a month was more than enough.

“Then, are we cutting down trees until Master comes?”

“Why? Don’t like it?”

“It isn’t that I don’t like it…”

Azad seemed dissatisfied.

There seemed to be various emotions for someone who was dead.

The contract was unstable and things went wrong, but Jamie solved it right away.

Still, Azad had a distinct personality.

“It will be as usual.”

Raiza on the other hand accepted it without saying anything.
But he said he wasn’t fine.

Jamie looked at them and smiled.

“Looks like you both want to come.”

“We just follow orders.”

“… right.
We follow orders.”

Azad was really blatant.

Jamie looked at him.

“Fortunately, you both can come.”


“But we…”

Azad was shocked but Raiza tried to be as calm as he could.

Jamie reached out towards them.

“I remembered something I had forgotten.”

A small hand tinged with darkness.

[Gate of Reverse Heaven]

As he clenched his fists, the darkness turned into black mist.

“Uh? Strength…”

Azad felt his strength grow stronger as he was surrounded by black mist.
And the same with Raiza.

“I feel strong.”

Since becoming an undead, there was no particular condition, but if they compared themselves to the past, they could feel the change.

And that wasn’t all.


A terrifying roar.

When the two undead looked at the same time, a shabby iron gate appeared.

They could feel an eerie energy from the iron gate in black mist.

Even for the undead, the eerie energy was too much.

“What is that?”

Raiza swallowed and asked.

Jamie’s eyes were shining purple.

And he answered.

“The Gate of Reverse Heaven.”

It literally was the gate against heaven.

But Jamie called it.

“My Undead warehouse.”

“Undead… warehouse?”

“What is it?”

Both the undead were shocked.

Jamie crossed his legs and said.

“Your new home, what else?”

“New home…?”

“I don’t want to live in a warehouse.”

“The warehouse is a word I gave it.
It is a good place.”

“It isn’t good.”

“I feel the same.”

These people really.

Was it because they retained their thoughts?

‘Not a single person said such things till now.’

It was because they were monsters who lost themselves.
Complaints could never come.

But Jamie didn’t care about it.

“It won’t be bad.
At least it will be more spacious and comfortable than here.”


The evil energy coming from the gate was too much for the undead.
And it would only get worse when they went inside.
It didn’t look comfortable.

“That is because of my power.
Don’t worry, it will be fine.”

“If it is an order, I will follow it.”


Although they complained, they didn’t outright refuse it.

“Go in and see.”

The two looked at each other and then opened the gate.

Wheeing- a faint wind welcomed them.

Raiza went in first and then Azad.

And the gate closed.

“Funny ones.”

At first, they were made for the purpose of monitoring Zenith church, but they were now more capable.

Was it because they had a history of serving under a large criminal organization?

“If raised well, they will be of great use.”

In particular, he expected Azad to have outstanding potential.

After a while, the gate opened and the two came out.

Azad and Raiza’s expressions were different.
Unlike Raiza who was calm, Azad’s face was full of joy.

“How was it? good?”

“It is nothing like a warehouse, this has to be a joke, right?”

Azad was excited.

Raiza just smiled and nodded his head.

“It is amazing.
And something… I felt a sense of fulfilment.”

“That is my first power ‘Reverse Heaven’.”

The first one wasn’t necromancy.

If it was necromancy, then it wouldn’t be right to call it under power.

It was something which played a crucial difference between Jamie and the dark magicians.

“That subspace is a space created to carry the Undead I have.
And in there you will keep getting stronger even by not doing anything.”

“Now wonder I felt good.”

“And it is made of?”

“My strength.
All that flows in it is my power.
The reason you get strong is because you absorb my power.”

The Gate of Reverse Heaven was space made of Jamie’s power.
So, the extent of increase in the undead depended on the capabilities of the master.

“It won't be that big now, but it will get bigger and you will get stronger by time.”

“Isn't that too much of a burden on Master?”

“Are you worried now?”


If I couldn’t handle it, I wouldn’t have shown that.”

Because of that orb, Jamie’s abilities had increased.

In addition, it was possible to continuously replenish mana with the whole body breathing method, so it wasn’t a burden on him.

“But there were others in there.
Who are they? They were all skeletons and had rotten skin.”

“Your colleagues.
Take care of them.”


Azad showed his dislike.

Raiza beat Azad with a fist making Jamie laugh.

The day of departure.

Lars looked at Jamie with a frown.

“Is this fun?”

Aren’t you having fun?”

“I can’t let you make fun of an adult! Thanks to this, I had to prepare in a hurry!”

When Lars tried to catch him, Jamie laughed and ran away.

Lars shook his head as he couldn’t catch him.

“To suffer this much because of a child.”

“Ugh! Countess! No.
we are just playing.”

Shocked at Sears appearance, Lars smiled.

“Uh, where is Sarah?”

Sarah was always attached to her mother, but now she was nowhere to be seen.

“Sleeping in the carriage.
But, what about those kids?”

“They will come soon.
Ah, they are here.”

Lars pointed to the boy and girl who was following the soldier by holding hands.

Ricky and Anna.

“Oh my so cute.”

Sears smiled as she watched those two walk hand in hand.
She saw Ricky before but it was her first time seeing Anna.

She heard that they grew up without parents, but fortunately, they seemed courageous.


Anna greet them.”


Ricky greeted first and then spoke to his sister.

Sears smiled and patted their heads.

“I am Jamie’s mother, we will accompany you to Apton.”

“I saw you before so I know.
Uh… what should I call you?”

“Since you are my son’s friend, you can call me auntie.


Ricky looked at Jamie at Sears' playful words.

Jamie just shrugged.


Anna asked by tilting her head.

It was so cute that Sears rubbed Anna’s cheek without realizing it.

“So cute.”


Anna made a weird nose at it.

“Was it anna? Such a pretty name.”

So cute that she reminded her of Sarah.

Anna was two years older than Sarah, but she was still cute.

“E-excuse me.”

Ricky was flustered not knowing what to do.

“Should I do that to you too?”

“Huh? Ah, no-”

Without giving him time to answer, Sears rubbed his soft cheeks.

Ricky’s eyes went wide.



“Your mother is!”


Despite Ricky’s cry, Jamie shrugged.

There was no reason to stop it.

If he stopped, she would turn towards Jamie.

Jamie smiled in relief.

“Jamie, are you jealous?”

Sears, who was rubbing Anna and Ricky, looked at him and asked.

“Huh? N-No.
jealous, who- uh!”

“You have been staring at me with those jealous eyes! My son is cute!”

Jamie couldn’t avoid Sears' sudden touch .

He was touched more intensely than usual because of the misunderstanding.

When Sears’ affection was over, Jamie was exhausted.

“Kay! Let’s get into the carriage.”

Sears spoke in a bright voice to the kids.

Ricky was sweating.

Anna held her brother’s hand.

And Jamie felt exhausted.


For the first time, Lars thought that Sears was a scary person.

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