e a dragon?]

The owner of the voice was someone who used Mana Burn.

Even now, he could not use magic, which meant that Mana Burn was still being unfolded.

‘I was mistaken for a dragon.’

The reason seemed clear.

Perhaps it sensed a huge potential in Jamie that only dragons could have.
If not, there was no reason to mistake him for a dragon.

It was then.


Footsteps not far away from him could be heard.

Jamie closed his eyes and pretended to be unconscious.

The footsteps kept coming closer, and even as the distance shortened, he didn’t open his eyes.


No words.

It seemed to think that Jamie was still unconscious.

After a while, he heard footsteps getting farther away.

‘It doesn’t seem to want to force me up.’

Jamie sighed in relief and opened his eyes.

“I see you were pretending to be asleep.”

And then came a thin voice from behind.

It was a clear voice, but Jamie didn’t care how the voice sounded.

‘I am caught!’

It baited him!

Jamie was convinced that the owner of the voice was pretty smart.

“Did you think I wouldn’t know if you kept acting as if you fainted?”

He was right.

Closing his eyes would only waste Jamie’s time.

Even now, there must be people outside desperately searching for him.

He had to get out of it as soon as possible.

“… why did you kidnap me?”

He thought he was brought in because he was mistaken for a dragon, but is there another reason.

And the owner of the voice said.

Are you a dragon?”

“… Now that you’ve seen me, you must have your answer.”

As soon as I saw you, I knew that you weren’t a dragon.
But that doesn’t make sense.
You aren’t even a dragon, how is it that you have so much potential? And, the type of mana that you have.”

Low voice.

“The way you gather mana is very similar to that of a dragon.”

Humans created the whole-body Mana breathing method to imitate dragons.

The dragon’s body was used to it as it was a race that has existed along with mana from the beginning of history, but it was different for humans.

So, in order to be even a little similar to dragons, who were the Lords of magic, they created mana breathing methods.

“However, the way humans take mana is the other way around.
Since they weren’t born with mana in the first place, they only imitate dragons.
But you?”

Jamie put on an awkward expression.

It seemed like the reason he was here was because of the whole-body breathing method.

He wouldn’t have been misunderstood if he had just used Marquess Linmel’s method, but Jamie decided to take the method one step further and create the ultimate breathing method.

However, he didn’t know that it was the same method that dragons used.

‘Did I end up knowing how these lizards get their mana?’

The dragons during the time of Diablo Volfir were nothing but lizards.

In the past, he wasn’t interested in beings lower than himself.

Handing the 12 Gods was too much, so why would he pay attention to the weaker ones?

“It can’t be explained.
No matter how high your affinity with mana is, no human can be as good as you.
Are you a half-blood with elf blood in you?”

The owner of the voice seemed to be a talkative person.

When he heard the voice for the first time, Jamie thought that it would have a heavy personality, but it seemed to be the opposite.


“So you are not a half-blood? Well, even if you were a mixed race, it doesn’t make sense.
It is hard to get the feeling of a dragon from even a high elf.”

“What doesn’t make sense? You are looking at it now.”

Jamie was annoyed at the constant denial.

“Look at you! Why act so proud when you are held captive?”

“You keep underestimating my abilities.
Who even are you?”

“I heard that human children slur their words.
Aren't you pretty good?”

The owner of the voice seemed to have some prejudice.

Until then, Jamie didn’t know.

“Can’t you just untie me and we can talk?”


“… If I can’t use magic, then there is nothing I can even do, so you aren’t in danger with a kid.”

“I don’t want to let you down because this is fun to see.
And even if you can use the magic, it wouldn’t change your situation.”

The voice laughed.

Jamie frowned.

“That expression is funny too.”

Playful personality.

‘Rain and wind from the sky.
Thunder and lightning threatening the carriage, and Mana Burn.’

Last but not least, the story that Zach told him.

Thinking about it, Jamie asked.

“You, a dragon?”

He wasn’t sure, but the current mountain ranges were named after a blue dragon called.

Blue dragons had the power to control water and even change the weather.
Besides, the way the voice kept giving arrogant remarks like it was on top of humans.

‘Personality too is the same as a blue dragon.’


No answer was heard.

“I am right.”

The moment Jamie said that with certainty.


The darkness lifted, and a dazzling light tormented his eyes.

After a short time, his vision returned.

Jamie blinked to adjust his vision.

He was indeed inside a cave.

He shook his head and looked ahead.
Someone was standing there with arms crossed.

A woman with long blue hair that came down to her legs.
The clothes she was wearing were torn, and her body could practically be seen through the little clothes she had on.

“I am Mayatrey.
Like you said, I am a dragon.”

“… Why did a dragon try to kidnap another dragon?”


Mayatrey looked away.

“To kill.”

A tremendous amount of life blew within the cave.

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