s now in the executioner form and was getting quite tired.

But for the sake of finding Jamie, he didn’t mind it.

“I will definitely find you.”

Lars went back to searching again.

“It was 700 years ago.
The first time I met him.”

Mayatrey recalled her old memories.

“His name was Canon.
He was a dark magician.”

“Dark magician?!”

Jamie’s eyes widened at the word his ears had just heard.

‘Why would a dragon fall in love with a dark magician?’

Dragons were the masters of white magic.
Dark magicians were to them nothing but the embodiment of pure evil and corrupted people.

That was the reason why Jamie hated them in the past.

“It must be shocking.
A dragon falling in love with a dark magician.”

“Yes, well… Shocking.”

“But Canon was different from other dark magicians.
He was special.”

“What was special about him?”

“Unlike other dark magicians, he used dark magic as a tool to achieve his own purpose.
A tool to reach the truth of the world.”

Jamie’s expression went stiff.

He didn’t know the truth of the world that Canon was trying to find, but using dark magic…

Mayatrey continued.

“And aside from the dark magic, he had unparalleled skills among humans.
It was because he was a 9th class.”

“… No way.
For thousands of years, humans haven’t been able to reach 9th class.”

“Listen carefully.
You will know the reason soon.
Me and Canon went on many adventures to discover the truth of the world.”

They were looking for a lot of secrets.

Not just the ancient ruins but also forests and deserts that had existed for a long time.

They saw a lot and experienced a lot.

Some failed, and some were successful.

“Canon was such a wonderful person.
Surely humans are inferior to us, but he wasn’t inferior to me.
Rather, I learned a lot from him.”

Canon was a human being wiser than the dragon race, famous for its wisdom.

Two years passed like that, and the two learned a lot.
They were sure to be able to reach the truth of the world with just some more time.

It was then that the dragon clan intervened.

“I don’t know how they found it, but I was contacted by our lord.”

[Bring the human who accompanies you.]

She was happy at first.

It seemed like The clan acknowledged Canon.

Canon was a bit nervous, but chances to converse with the dragon clan were rare, so he complied with the request.

The problem came next.

You are a sin that shouldn’t exist.]

Lord’s judgement.

All the dragons moved to kill Canon.

Mayatrey defended him to the fullest, but the dragons ignored her.

Mayatrey and Canon kept running away.
However, they didn’t have enough time to escape.

“We headed to the ancient ruins we had seen a long time ago.
It was a place where only one person could enter, so we had promised to enter at a later time.”

A relic holding powerful magic.

There could be dangers lurking around, but Mayatrey decided it was better to face the hazards than facing her clan.

Canon was worried about her, but Mayatrey reassured him that she would only be punished and not killed.

Canon fled to the ruins, and Mayatrey, captured by the dragons, was exiled for a thousand years.

“How nice it would have been if it had ended there.”

A Thousand years was a long time for a dragon, but it was also a time that would flow quickly.

As decades passed, Canon reappeared.

“At that time, Canon had reached the truth of the world.”

Canon risked his life and appeared before the Dragon Lord.

Countless dragons surrounded him.
No matter how strong he was, surviving a battle against many dragons was impossible.

But Canon was brave.
He was furious as he fought the dragons.

‘Why are you standing by? Why are you turning their eyes away from the truth of the world!’

All the dragons gathered there were old ones that had lived for more than 5000 years.

If there were young dragons, his words would’ve made them confused, but not the old ones.

The annihilation began again.

Canon wasn’t easily defeated.
He broke through the siege and rescued Mayatrey from exile.

And the chase began.

“He and I arrived on this land.
It was a huge mountain.
I thought we would buy some time by hiding here, but he showed up.”

Black Dragon Aegos.

Young, but endowed with tremendous power.

He destroyed the place without mercy.

Mayatrey and Canon had no choice but to fight against him.

They fought nonstop for days.

In the process, the colossal mountain was destroyed and took the form of ranges.

“It was an intense battle, and we were victorious.”

But was it really a victory?

The dragons stopped the chase.

Because the reason for it has disappeared.

“Canon was dead.”

Canon was hit directly by Aegos’s breath and eventually died.

The end of the story was true.
I cried over his death and I still cry till day.”

Her eyes didn’t show it, but her heart seemed to be wailing.

“I thought that I should be happy that it ended like this.

Mayatrey’s eyes turned serious.

“The clan started erasing everything about Canon.
Not just his life, but even traces of his existence.”

She felt enraged.

“So, here, I stayed here to protect Canon’s traces.”

Her eyes were filled with sadness.

Anger towards her clan.

Sorrow for the one she loved.

Guilt for not protecting him.

Hearing all that, Jamie thought.

‘The Dragon God intervened.’

People were unaware, but all dragons were actually priests of a God.

They believe in Braman, their parent and creator, the Dragon God.

‘That was why they tried to wipe out Canon at any cost.’

The truth of the world that Canon discovered.

It was clear that the evil deeds of the 12 Gods occurred after Diablo Volfir’s death.

‘The reason he learned dark magic must have been to use it as a key to find my traces.’

How did Canon even know about Diablo Volfir?

And how did he discover the secrets hidden by the 12 Gods?

Too many questions, but it seemed like Canon hadn’t told everything to Mayatrey.
She lived here in pain while harboring various emotions.

“Is there a tombstone of Canon here?”


“Even as a dark magician, he was a great magician.
As a magician, I also want to see that he exists for real.”

From what he heard so far, Mayatrey was a good-natured dragon.
And she was a dragon who knew how to rejoice at the words of the one she loved.

“There is nothing I can’t show you.
Follow me.”

The restraints were lifted.

Rubbing his throbbing wrists, Jamie followed her.

And his eyes widened as he reached a huge cavity.




He was about to utter something without realizing.

Jamie couldn’t stop his trembling lips, so he covered them with his hands.

He kept staring at the tombstone in the centre of the cavity.

A bracelet was on it.

‘It is my bracelet!’

The Past.

One of the Diablo Volfir’s 3 artifacts, was placed there.

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