wanted to give up.

Sometimes, he thought that giving up would be better.

“But the man didn’t give up.
Even when he lost everything and was left alone, he threw away his emotions and waged war against the Gods.”


“In the end, the man failed.
He was sealed in a space for aeons.
However, the man didn’t give up.
He vowed to himself that one day, in the distant future, he would rise again.”

In a space of black nothingness.

Diablo Volfir longed for unseen hope.

And someone responded to that.

Maybe someone before him too.
And finally me.”

Jamie opened his eyes.

“I came here by inheriting the man’s legacy.”


“So I can’t give up.
Even if I die, for the sake of future generations.”

His small fists clenched.

“I will kill the 12 Gods.”

A firm expression.

Mayatrey couldn’t stop him.

“Follow me.”


She got up and walked somewhere.

Jamie just followed her without knowing the reason.

They arrived at Canon’s tombstone.

She walked over there and stroked the tombstone gently.

“If it is you, Canon will allow it.”


“Accept this.”

Then, something flew at him.

Jamie caught it in a rush, and his eyes widened as he looked at it.

“Can I really take this?”

“Take it before I change my mind.”

Mayatrey answered without looking at him.

Jamie looked at the bracelet in his hand, the Perfect Cell.
He thought he’d have to ask for it, but she was the one who offered it to him.

Jamie had no idea what had changed her mind.

So he just thanked her.

“I will use it carefully.”

“When everything is done, give it back.”

But it was his?

He wanted to say it, but Jamie decided to just take it.

The Perfect Cell was too big on his hand, but when worn, it shrunk in size.



The Perfect Cell began to emit purple light.

Having recognized its master, it greeted him after a long time.

“It seems like it recognizes you as its master.”

Mayatrey said with a startled face.

Jamie smiled as he stroked it.

‘Long time no see.’

Mayatrey laughed as she leaned on the tombstone while looking at Jamie.

And then said.

“If That time comes.”

Jamie looked at her eyes.

“I will do everything I can to help you.”

“Thank you.”

“Enough now.
Your family must be waiting.”

“… Be safe.”

Mayatrey looked at Jamie’s back as he walked, and mumbled.

“The dream you had is still continuing, Canon.”

She snapped her fingers.

The rain falling on the mountain ranges stopped.

Lars swept his wet blonde hair back and began to sense everything around him.

However, he could feel nothing.

‘Was what the commander said really true?’

He thought that Jamie must have survived.

But it has been 2 hours, and he hasn't seen him.

It was late.
How could he face Sears now?

“Jamie… damn it!”

He clenched his fists.

“I will definitely find you.
Even if it’s just the body, I will look for it.”

“So strong-willed!”

“I have to be.
Jamie is that kind of kid.”

“What kind of kid?”

“Great magic talent is one thing, but he is also a good kid who gets along well with everyone without being shy.
In particular, there was one incident last time…”

Lars, who was talking, felt strange and turned around.

“You see me?”


“What is it?”


Lars went to hug Jamie, who was floating in the air, as hard as he could.

Jamie moved back, and Lars ended up hitting the water.


“Hahaha! You look like a mouse drenched in water!”

“You, you come here!”

“Let’s go back.”

“Okay! Hahaha! Madam will be very pleased!”

Jamie quickly flew to where his family was, as he listened to Lars' laughter.


The first to run to him was Sears.

She looked at her safe son and hugged him tightly.
She cried a lot.
Due to that, Jamie’s heart almost reached his mouth.


Sarah knew that something terrible had happened to her brother, so she held his legs and cried.

“Damn it… I believed you.”

Ricky shed tears of joy, and Anna said she was glad as she wept on her brother's arm.

“Really glad.
Really… We have been blessed.
Thank you, sir Lars.”

“I haven’t done anything.”

The sky was dark.

The rain stopped.

The sun could be seen shining behind the dark clouds.

Jamie patted Sears ' back and looked back.

‘See you next time.’

He said goodbye to Mayatrey.

And the carriage departed for Apton once again.

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