en he was in his mother’s arms, a mother he couldn’t even remember now.

Those were the memories he had discarded, so why was he remembering them now?

‘This is bad.’

He couldn’t let himself get fascinated by it.

I need to kill him and study that strange black Mana.’

Now that he saw the black Mana, Jamie wasn’t a potential companion but a subject to be experimented on.

There was no longer a reason to delay the battle.

‘I will crash his confidence.’

Jamie’s ability to call the Undead was great, but that was all.

Other than that, Jamie seemed to be on the same level as Salom.

So Gav wasn’t worried.

He wasn’t, until something started to move in front of his eyes.

“What is this slow reaction?”

A voice came from close by.

The figure of the opponent couldn’t be seen in the fog.

Which meant that the opponent was messing with his mind.

“Different from Salom.”

Gav chuckled and raised his staff.


He groaned.

His brain felt like it was being crushed.

And the fog disappeared like a lie.

He forcibly pulled back his consciousness from the opponent.

“You are tough!”

Jamie smiled as he watched Gav come back.

The pain must have been indescribable.

Nevertheless, to have done such a thing without hesitation meant that he experienced it once or twice.

Which meant this man played with his own mind.

It was definite that he didn’t get the title of Curse Master for nothing.
However, the attack did the job.

“Still, you aren’t careful enough.”


A zombie suddenly approached and bit the right thigh of Gav.

The flesh was ripped off.

Gav frowned.

In that brief moment, when the fog was lifted, the Undead was resummoned.

‘This is fun.’

He succeeded in countering the mental magic, and dealt with the sudden attack too.

The opponent had excellent skills to narrow the gap.

“If you aren’t careful I will eat you up.”

“I think it would be better if you didn’t say those words.”

Gav’s eyes widened.

He was supposed to be standing in the labs.

But now…


Curse was, after all, black magic that stimulates the mind.

And Gav was a dark magician with excellent skills.

But he kept getting hit by the opponent’s mental magic.

More fun.

Gav grinned and looked at the purple eyes.

“Is this all?”

[Is this all, you ask?]

Devoured by fear and death.

All kinds of monstrous creatures began to rise within the Abyss.

His five senses began to fade.

His vision blurred, his skin turned numb, and his body got paralyzed.


Great Abyss.

Creating an Abyss was difficult even for a 6th class.

“This should be enough.”

Gav lost most of his senses, but he still raised the staff.

Jamie mumbled seeing that.

‘It directly interferes with the brain but he still moves.’

A fantastic skill, but it was too late.

[Curse of Dark Spear]

A spear of darkness was shot at Gav.

However, the location suddenly changed.


Jamie managed to dodge at the last moment.


The spear that was supposed to pierce Gav, pierced the wall behind Jamie and caused an explosion.

In an instant, a part of the wall in the hallway disappeared without a trace.

Jamie smiled as he looked at the Abyss.

A prison he had created was stolen from him.

And Gav’s voice was heard.

[Accept the Curse, this is quite a difficult black magic.]

‘Sending me into my own Abyss… not impossible, especially since he is in a higher state than me.’

This was possible if the opponent had enough time to grasp the situation, attributes, and composition.

And all that was done by Gav in a short time.

The man wasn’t even a Great Magician, but he did it.

The man who clung to the curse magic all his life.

[Cry desperately.
I’ll see you outside.]

The monster within Abyss was approaching.

The five senses were blurred.

To get out, Jamie would have to use the same method.
But now, it would take up too much Mana.

Even if he succeeded, there wouldn’t be any mana left to battle afterwards, and then the Curse would strike again.

Jamie was unable to see, hear or feel.
But his expression didn’t falter.

‘Only one chance?’

With his current Mana, it was impossible to aim for two attacks.

And that was enough.

‘The timing.’

Black Mana was sent into his mind.

He was beginning to feel awake.

The method Gav used.
There was no way Jamie couldn’t do it.
But he didn’t wake himself right away.

He planned on waiting a little longer.

‘I will definitely get the chance.’

The anger that Gav showed when his pride was snatched.

Jamie pretended to be calm, but the moment Gav would decide that he was above Jamie, he would make a mistake again.

And then the time came.

Gav looked at Jamie.

He laughed at the thought of making Jamie trapped in his own Abyss.

But that didn’t seem enough.

After all, the Abyss was created by Jamie to kill Gav in the first place.

It was annoying.
And Jamie was a smart one.

‘I’ll destroy his mind.
And then use him!’

Gav smiled.

The ultimate Curse he spent a lot of time on, but never used it.

He will carve that into Jamie’s body.

[Consider this an honor.
This is a great curse that I have worked on for decades.
You will be able to see it.]

A weird language began to flow from Gav’s mouth.

It seemed as if everything in the world vanished.

Black magic accumulated for decades.

[Aesthetics of Slow]

[You will fall into eternity within a moment now.]

A second split into ten, and then a time flowed a hundred times slower.

Cognitive dissonance of everything.

A supernatural phenomenon occurring in reality.

Even though it was just one second, can a human ever endure a time split?

“This is my ultimate curse!”

Among the curses made by Gav, this was the most horrifying one.

No matter how strong the opponent was, if they fall for the ‘Aesthetics of Slow’, they will turn crazy.

The Abyss was of no use anymore.

In the never-ending second, all the values that the person had would vanish.

“Where should we go now?”

There wasn’t time to head to his lab.

At this point, he wanted to experiment.
To thoroughly dissect the body and see the black Mana…

“What are you doing?”

Gav was about to put his hand on Jamie when his hand went stiff.

A voice from above.

“What are you doing?”


Gav’s eyes trembled.

His Curse was a success.
The guy should have been locked in time, and unable to do anything anymore.

So why was the kid looking down at him as if he was a bug?

“Does that do any good?”

Jamie chuckled.

“Let's get rid of that ugly face of yours.”


5th class magic [Explosion] right in Gav’s face.

Perfect Cell was shining bright.

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