“… why did a Tolke come out of this place?”

Jamie looked at the monster’s corpse and asked Sable for an explanation.
No matter how much he thought about it, it made no sense for a tolke to come out of a lake within the marquis mansion.

“Since the lake is connected to the Bills River, monsters come out sometimes.”


“… you may not believe it, but this lake was created for that purpose to begin with, call it the Marquis’ hobby?”

“I don’t understand.”

“In other words, ….”

To summarize.

The Marquis enjoyed hunting water monsters twice a year.
Luckily, ferocious monsters lived in the Bills River.

Therefore, the Bills River was drawn a little into the mansion's front yard, and the lake was created.

“Of course, we do our best to defend.
The entrance of the river is also covered with magic, so not many monsters can pass through.”

“Then what about today?”

“The magic seems to have weakened.
And today had to be the day.’

Jamie smiled at what he’d just heard.

He didn't know that the old man had such a hobby.

“I’ll head back.”

I am truly sorry for what happened on our first meeting.
Please get some rest, young master Jamie.”

Jamie went back to his room.

Hearing what happened last night, the Marquis ran to Jamie in shock.

“Are you fine? Any injuries? Or hurt anywhere?”

“Thanks to aide Sable, I'm all fine.”

“I am so glad!”

Hearing that there were no injuries, the Marquis sighed in relief.

“It was weird, it hasn’t been long since we did the checks, so how could a Tolke come in?”

His daughter and her kids were finally coming to visit after 7 years, so the Marquis made sure the place was children-friendly.

As they were still kids, he made sure that no minor accident could even happen.
However, a Tolke made it inside.

“It seems like the magician in charge of the inspection made a mistake.
I’m really sorry.”

“It is fine.
I was just a little surprised, that’s all.”

Marquis Bell was deeply moved seeing his grandson reassure him.

He even thanked Sable.

“Thanks to you, our Jamie isn’t hurt.
Thank you.”

“Not at all.
I just did what I had to do.
Besides, even if I wasn’t there, young master Jamie would have easily defeated the Tolke.”

If it was the ‘Lightning Thunder’ that Jamie cast, the Tolke would have turned black like coal.

“As the rumors say, he really is good.
It was an honor to see it with my eyes.”

“You are exaggerating.”

Jamie looked at the bowing Sable and thought he was a decent guy.

Despite being so skilled, the man was humble.

‘Because I am a Welton?’

Being respected no matter what, made Jamie feel better.

No matter how long one lives, there will be no human who dislikes praise.


Sears, who heard the news belatedly, ran to him and hugged him.

“Are you fine? Are you hurt anywhere?”

Jamie felt like he was being choked, but knew that he had to give an explanation in order to get out of her hug.

“Really dangerous.
Nex time, don’t go out alone, okay?”


Jamie replied.
If he didn’t, she wouldn’t have left him.

At that time, a servant brought news from outside.

“Lord Drex Bell has arrived!”

Sears looked shocked.

“Elder brother?!”

“He is finally here.”

At the Marquis’ words, Sears took Jamie in her arms and started to run towards the entrance.


Everything happened without giving Jamie a chance to do anything.

Fearing that he might fall, he ended up hugging Sears’s neck.

When Sears saw someone, she shouted with a bright face.

“Elder brother!”


The man, who looked exactly like Sears, was equally shocked.

“I heard you were coming, but when did you come? Yesterday?”

“Yes! How long has it been!”

“I know right.
By the way, this child is…”


Jamie was too distracted, but then looked at the man who looked like Sears.

“I am Jamie Welton.
Nice to meet you.”

“Haha! I finally got to see my nephew.
Nice to meet you.
I am Drex Bell.
Your eldest uncle, I guess?”

With a smile similar to his mother’s, Drex Bell grabbed Jamie's little hand.

“And daughter?”

“Still sleeping.
Something urgent came up so I ended up leaving her behind.”

“I will see her later.
Anyway, it has been so long.”

“It is late, but I must apologize.
I am sorry, brother.”

Siblings seeing each other for the first time in 7 years.
They resolved their feelings by hugging each other.

Drex released Sears and greeted his father, Marquis Bell.

“I’m back, father.”


I have something to talk to father about, so I’ll see you at meal time.”

“What do you have to talk about?”

Sears looked back and forth between the Marquis, Drex and Sable, who guided them.

“Is there anything more important than your younger sister coming to visit?”

Sears frowned.

And then asked her son.

“Isn’t that right, Jamie?”


Work is more important than me.
But what happened? They looked serious.”

As she said that, the three of them disappeared with dark expressions on their faces.

Was it something that serious?

Suddenly, Jamie thought of the serious-looking soldiers.

‘Maybe it is related to that.’

And then Jamie looked around.

‘Ah, I don’t see that man Beiryl?’

The Sword Master, who was there yesterday, couldn’t be seen today.

Marquis Bell asked his eldest son with a stiff expression.

“Did you find out anything?”

“There have been some results.”

Drex put a bag on the desk and took out the documents inside.

“You should see it too.”

“Thank you.”

The Marquis and Sable looked at the documents.

The Marquis spoke first.

“Is the [Daemon]'s notoriety spreading to the surrounding estates?”

“It seems like it.
The lords of the estates have been informed about the [Daemon].”

On the Marquis’ order, Drex had gone to visit the neighbouring estates.

“The other estates only seem to have heard about the [Daemons] and haven’t suffered any damages yet.”

“It looks like the damage was only on our side.”

Serial murders were taking place in Apton.

If it was normal murder, Apton would have easily solved it.
However, the vicious killing method, the movement of the unknown criminal, and finally the ‘mark of devil’, proved it to be the work of [Daemon].

“The soldiers searched for the traces, but nothing has been found.”

At Sable’s words, the Marquis sighed.

“They are seeking revenge.”

[Daemon] was completely disintegrated when the former head, Ispil Bell, killed their leader.

But now, 50 years later, they showed up again.

To avenge the long-standing grudge.

The corners of Marquis Bell’s lips rose.

Let’s go out too.”

With sharp eyes, he continued.

“Let’s show them what happens when one touches Bell.”

[Daemon] will be erased again.

By Bell’s hand.

“Swosh- Swoosh!”

Sarah held Venna high on the bed and kept shaking her.



Venna was feeling dizzy.

This has been going on for over 30 minutes.
She was bound to get dizzy.

But Sarah didn’t seem like she was going to quit anytime soon.

Gently, gently.
Venna is having a hard time.”


Sarah answered back.

But Venna’s situation didn’t change.

Sarah, who smiled, shook Venna back and forth while grumbling.

She wasn't a vicious child, but.

‘Innocent kids are the scariest kind.’

Venna thought she was going to die.

Can’t you see that Venna is suffering?”

“Venna is suffering?”

She stopped when she heard the world ‘suffering’.

Sarah looked at Venna.

Venna was drooping, as if she was out of strength.

“Venna, are you hurt?”

Sarah rocked Venna back and forth, but she didn’t move.

“Venna is dead?”

When the squirrel didn’t move, Sarah looked at her brother with a worried face.

Jamie sighed and walked over to her.

‘Wake up, idiot.’

-Master, any longer, and I might throw up.

She seemed sick.

Stroking Sarah’s head, Jamie said.

“Not dead.
But if you keep doing that, she will definitely die.
Does Sarah want Venna to die?”


Sarah said while crying.

Jamie grinned as he looked at her watery eyes.

Sarah gently held Venna in her arms.

“Don’t be hurt.”

She then gently stroked the pink hair with her small hand.


-Thank you so much, Master.

The squirrel’s black eyes were also brimming with tears.

Jamie shook his head and walked back to the window.

He saw people running around.

‘It looks like it’s serious?’

He was curious about what happened, but as they hadn’t told anyone yet.
It meant that they didn’t want anyone to be involved.

‘This isn’t the matter of another estate.’

Sears was a member of this family, and so were the two kids, but now they were Weltons.

He couldn’t say that it didn’t matter, but he didn’t want to involve himself and worry the others.

Jamie decided not to think about it, as it had nothing to do with him.

‘Besides, when do I go to the Pyro church?’

The reason he came to Apton was to have a conversation with goddess Pyro.

However, it has been two days, and nothing was mentioned regarding the church.

If he kept waiting, he was sure he would be going home without even meeting the God.

‘I will go alone.’

The sun was up, and there was plenty of time till evening.

Sarah was obsessed with Venna so she wouldn’t look at Jamie.

Having made his mind, Jamie told Sarah.

Brother is going out somewhere, so have fun with Venna, okay?”


After looking at his lively sister, he cautiously left the room.


He heard the screams of Venna in his head.

“Hehe! Venna-!”

Sarah, who knew nothing, began to move Venna fiercely.

Jamie cautiously left the mansion.

And flew towards the Pyro Church.

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