Master of the Forest (1)

What would one think if they saw a huge ass covered with brown fur right in front of them?


Venna saw the blunt tail rising slightly above the hip.
If the tail wasn’t seen, she would have thought that it was some weird garden.

Upon closer inspection, the round shape looked surprisingly cute.

It made her want to touch it…

“Venna, don’t be silly.”

Without realizing, she reached out her hand and got restrained by Jamie.

“It is so huge.”

As she said, it was indeed huge.

To have so much hair, and it was huge enough to be compared to a dragon.

The armored giant they faced before looked like a toy in front of this.

It was then.
Suddenly the ground began to shake.

“It is moving!”

Venna exclaimed.

The huge ass began to move.

The shaking was caused by the movement of the huge body.

Nervously, the two of them looked at the body of the creature rising up with tense expressions on their faces.
At first glance, it seemed like this being could exceed 50 meters easily.

And it was still sitting, so if it stood up, then…

‘This is ridiculous.’

What kind of creature would have such an absurd size?

Even when Jamie was Diablo Volfir, it was difficult to find a monster that was this big.
At best, he saw a dragon that was the same size as this.

“Master those things, aren’t they ears?”

Venna pointed to something which she thought was the head of the creature.

When he moved his gaze to that area, he saw two round things protruding up.

As she said, it did look like ears.

But there was something which stood out more than the ears-

“What is that?”

A blue cloth was hung around the creature’s huge neck.

Wasn't it a scarf that people usually tie around their pets to make them look cute?

A massive creature like this with a blue scarf around its neck definitely didn't seem cute.

Even though it only moved its body, a tremendous wind blew at them.

Jamie and Venna looked at the approaching wind, both trying to block it with their hands.

Various paintings were drawn on the scarf, which were neither too long nor too short, and the creature had round eyes.

The two hands were so plump that they looked like a huge-sized doll.

“So cute!”

Venna’s eyes lit up as she saw that.

And she ignorantly called the giant creature that looked like a bear cute.

Even Jamie thought it was cute.

But nonetheless, Jamie tried to keep his words to himself.

What kind of creature was this huge bear?

Although he didn’t think it was a monster, most monsters couldn’t even raise their heads in front of this bear.

And he knew even less about the ferocity of this creature.

But no matter how cute this gigantic bear looked, was it really calm?

“Venna, run!”


Venna tilted her head.

Jamie grabbed her wrist and tried to leave.

It was then,

“How dare you appear before me!”

The face of a cute bear was nowhere to be seen as it was now a monster that swung its front paws at Jamie.


It just swung its paw but the floor below and formed a huge pit.

Jamie immediately teleported inside the hall.



Jamie and Venna appeared at different places.

It was impossible to know where they would teleport as the coordinates weren’t set.

And Jamie wasn't strong enough to use teleport properly, so he restrained from pushing his luck.

And now wasn’t the time to think and perfect the teleport spell.

In disbelief, Jamie looked at the bear.

‘The bear spoke?’

No, rather, it spoke as if it knew him.

“Do you know me?”

“Don’t act like you don’t know!”

The bear jumped with its huge and heavy body and slammed it straight down the floor.

The ground below was crushed once again.


“I am fine!”

Fortunately, Venna jumped back to a safe distance, so she didn't get hit.

Jamie frowned as he shielded himself from the stones which flew.
No matter how hard he tried to say it, the bear wasn’t giving him a chance.

A huge wall of stones came for him.

It was the bear’s paw, which was using the debris from the broken floor.


Ten layers of shield formed right in front of them.

But it didn’t stand strong.

Watching the shield break down in an instant, Jamie felt like everything he knew was a lie.


Venna tried to snatch Jamie as she went for him at an incredible speed, but she simply couldn’t reach him.

Jamie was slammed into the wall.


He coughed up blood and slowly stood up.

The moment the bear's paw touched him, he brought out his mana and wrapped it around his body to minimize the damage.
However, that alone wasn't enough.
But he knew that once he was hit, the orb of life would begin to work.

Thanks to that, he was able to regain his consciousness.

However, that didn't mean that his body was in good condition.

'My ribs are crushed, and my arm seems broken.'

It was almost shocking that he was enduring such pain.

If it was another person, they would have fallen on the floor and grumbled about the pain.

Jamie felt the bones attach themselves and looked at the bear.
The cuteness that he saw a few moments ago was completely gone, and now it was just yellow eyes of disgust looking down at him.

“Master! Are you fine?!”

“… I'm not dead yet.”

But it hurt his pride.

He was like this in one hit?

If it was his past life, he could have completely destroyed the bear with no trace to matter how strong it was.

“W-what do we do now?”

“I don’t know.”

Some bones reattached.

He clicked his tongue and got up.

The ribs were healing, but the pain was still there.
His chest felt stuffy, and he couldn't breathe well.

“You bastard!”

Thump! Thump!

The bear approached Jamie with huge steps.

Venna looked at Jamie with terrified eyes and a nervous expression.
Jamie’s face was distorted in anger.

“I will kill you.”


Venna couldn't help but ask, 'How are you going to do that without black magic?'

Jamie said.

“It is possible.”

To be honest, Jamie didn’t know if killing it was possible, but he felt that if he didn't kill the bear, he would probably lose his mind.

A large amount of mana erupted from Jamie's body.

Venna was worried, but if they couldn’t defeat the bear, both of them were going to die.

Convinced, Vena clenched her fists and turned in the direction of the bear.

“These bugs are trying to fight.”

The bear sneered.

Jamie explained.

“Venna, get his attention.”


Venna put strength into her legs and kicked the ground.

The ground where she kicked caved in, and she rushed towards the bear.

At the same time, Jamie turned in the opposite direction and began to chant magic.

The bear grinned seeing two people coming from two different directions.

It raised both its arms and then brought it down.

The sight was simply shocking.


Dust and rubble rose to the ceiling.

The floor was smashed, and a wave of rubble rose ten meters high.

The ground which had cracked looked like it had been hit by an earthquake.


Even Venna, who was running, had no choice but to stop when the ground shook.

She fell back and tried to get back up, but she couldn't.

Within the first rubble, another layer of rubble rose.


A scream which could burst eardrums.

The front paw of the beast struck her.


She was unable to stand up as she felt the heavy pain resonate throughout her body.

The bear didn’t lose sight of its weakened prey.

A front paw flew in again.

Even a Valkyrie would be in danger if it was something like this.

A red signal rang in Venna’s head.
Due to the danger, something she had forgotten about had awakened in her body.

And she instinctively threw her fist.


The paw of the bear and the fist of a Valkyrie collided.

The bear seemed shocked.
However, the difference in power between them wasn't something that could be easily narrowed.


Venna was thrown to the ground.

At this rate, she would end up losing her life to another attack from the bear.
But the next attack didn't come.

Venna looked at the bear.

The bear was looking down at the palm which had just collided with Venna’s fist.

“You did well, Venna!”

It was then.

Jamie, who was done with the magic circle, moved.

The bear turned its head.

“It’s too late now.”

[Heavy Rain of Six Colors]

Huge mana flowed within the multicolored magic.

Before long, the magic circle shone a dazzling light and launched a bombardment of unstoppable beams at the bear.

The bear frowned at the sight of mana hitting its body.

The huge body was pushed back.


It was a bit confusing, but that was all.

It didn't hurt.
The thick skin on it made the bombardment feel like tickling.

The bear put its front paws on the ground.
Standing up on all fours, it ignored the beams and began to speed up.


The giant bear ran head-on into the beams.

Even in the bombardment, the blue scarf could be seen.

“As long as you can’t use that power, you are done.”

The bear had to be the one who sealed the dark magic.

But Jamie couldn’t think of ‘how’ it did it.

As it sped up, the bear stood on its two feet.

And raised both its palms and slammed them at Jamie.

“Me too!”

Venna, who was behind the bear, stuck her leg in the side of the bear.

The bear was a bit shocked at the surprise attack.

She was a Valkyrie, so her strength and attack power couldn’t be ignored.

But both Jamie and Venna knew.
Although this attack did give them some time, it wouldn’t do any damage to the bear.

“This is enough.”

[Chain Area]

Thick chains appeared from the air and bound the whole body of the bear.

And once more, he used Magma Blade.

“These are…!”

Ignoring the bear’s words, Jamie took out the huge flaming sword enduring the pain in his left arm for the second time.

And then jumped straight at the bear.

The Magma Blade was held at an angle, and he went for the heart of the bear.


The chains shook.

The bear struggled to break past them.

If it got stabbed, Jamie and Venna would win.

Jamie used his right hand as support and held the Magma Sword.

The burning pain was even more terrible than the first time.
At that moment, Jamie clenched his teeth and was ready to stab the bear's heart.

“Was this fun?”


The chains shattered, and a front paw which escaped from the chains smashed at Jamie.


The very idea of blocking this being with chains was ridiculous.
The bear played along with them and ridiculed them.

He will trample on them like this.

… was what the bear thought.


The bear’s eyes widened as the blood gushed out of its front paw.

The thick skin was clearly cut and was charred black.

Fortunately, its skin was thick, and the blade didn't reach an artery, but the kid hit him when he smashed his paw on him?!

“Sigh… phew…”

Jamie staggered to stand up.

Venna ran towards him.

“Are you fine? Can you stand?”

“Fine, I am fine.”

Jamie pushed Venna away a bit and struggled to walk ahead.

The orb of life inside his body was reaching its limit, and the regeneration was slowing down.

Jamie nearly collapsed, coughing up blood, but he stood up with sheer willpower.

The shine in his emerald eyes didn’t die.

“What are you doing? This isn’t over yet…”

At that moment, Jamie’s legs, which had already lost strength, buckled, and he fell over.

Venna was startled and then lifted him up.

The bear looked at its slashed paw, and then Jamie, and said.

“Why don’t you just give up?”

“… what?”

“Your entire struggle was just for this.”

The bear showed its paw.
It was a pretty bad slash, but it was a wound that would easily heal.

And compared to the two, it was clear who was more injured.

“Then why are you trying so hard to win?”

“Ha… you really are a funny bastard.”

Jamie huffed in anger.

“You received all the attacks till now.
Why are you acting so desperate to win? Are you insane?”

“I have sinned.
I allowed such a filthy thing in my forest, and I deserve to be punished.”

“What nonsense! I don’t know what you are talking about, but I am here in the forest for the first time!”

“Haa…That is really funny.”

The bear’s voice was calm.

“That power to cover this filth is surely yours.
Which is why I stopped that power from being used.”


“Don’t pretend like you don’t know.
Weren’t you the one who brought that disgusting ‘Demon Egg’ into my forest!”

When the word Demon Egg was mentioned, Jamie’s eyes went wide.

“I can’t forgive you.”

It took a stance, ready to attack.

“I will annihilate everyone who serves the Demons!”



Jamie shouted at the attacking bear.

“I have come to destroy the egg by the will of Pyro!”

The bear which approached him stopped itself.

The bear held back the paws and asked.

“Is that the truth?”

“I am ready to bet anything on the line to prove it.”

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