A force which seeks to open up the truths of the world.

At Beryl’s words, Jamie thought of a human who didn’t exist now.


He wasn’t sure if Canon was trying to open up the truth, but that dark magician was someone who explored the secrets others couldn’t reach.

He even had the Perfect Cell, one of Jamie’s three great artifacts and for some reason he knew about the existence of Diablo Volfir.

Was there anyone else in the world who wanted to know about the secrets of the world?

‘There is no way to know, but I didn’t think that I would meet someone so soon.’

Jamie pretended to not know.

Sounds nice.
So there are such kinds of people.”

“Isis is the head of that place.”

“Aha! A person’s name.”

“Not a person.”

At Beryl’s words, Jamie looked at him with round eyes.

A non-human being?

There was no interaction between other races and humans.

In the old days, elves and dwarves had been close to humans, but after some sort of incident they didn’t interact anymore.

They weren’t at war, but the races just didn’t care anymore about the others

Perhaps noticing the thoughts, Beryl said.

“Because there are always different kinds.”

“I see.”

“Did that satiate your curiosity?”

“… Yes.
Thank you for telling me.”

Beryl spoke to Jamie who bowed his head.

“All I can say is this.
There will come a time when you will have to make a choice.”

At those words, Jamie looked at Beryl again, but the man looked away from him.

He stayed silent, as if he wasn’t going to speak anything more.

‘It was the same before too.
You will have to make a choice if you want the answer…’

Jamie didn’t decide anything, but Beryl talked.

He was caring for Jamie.

Beryl took the responsibility and told him about the Frontier.

Of course, he only spoke a fraction of it.

‘What choice should I make?’

Beryl’s words were as if he didn’t see Jamie as a child.

Even with talent, Jamie was still a kid.
At least, that’s how others saw him.

Or was this man sure that Jamie would one day set foot into the wider world?

He wanted to ask, but it didn’t seem like Beryl would say anything.
He had his mouth shut as if a nail was pushed through it.

‘But, Isis huh… a different race…’

The Frontier seemed to be a force of several races.

‘And Theberon allowed Beryl to enter Gremia as soon as Isis was mentioned.’

Gremia, created 600 years ago.

And this Gremia could be related to Isis.
Which meant Isis was at least 600 years old.


Jamie thought of the life span of races over 600 years.

‘Dragon, Elf and Ran.’

Dragon was an exception.

And then, it had to be either Elf or Ran, and Rans last contact with humanity was hundreds of years ago.

So he thought that the most possible one here was an elf.

The leader of this secret group was believed to be an elf.

And the organization had a Sword Master with them.
Jamie didn’t know how big this force was, but it certainly wasn’t small.

‘I don’t know about choosing, but I would definitely like to meet them if there is ever a chance.’

The key to the secrets they were looking for was something Jamie knew about.

Even if not for Beryl’s words, one day fate will make sure that he and Isis meet.

What was important was to know how useful this Frontier is.

‘The link has been established.’

Jamie clenched his fist.

He still hadn’t decided if he had to walk a different path from his past.
So for now, he decided to just focus.

The new path could be correct or wrong.

He was already used to failure.

‘I just shouldn’t give up.’

Didn’t he manage to get his hands on the secret which could shake the Zenith church?

In a way, Jamie’s current life was surely different from the past.

And then he arrived.


“Is this where you need to be?”

“The most important thing is always placed in the safest place.”

All of Gremia was filled with trials.

If Jamie lacked strength, then he wouldn’t have been able to overcome the last stage of Theberon, so it wasn’t wrong.

“Normally, you should have gone through the trials, but I ended up making it meaningless.”

Beryl nodded without saying anything.

Theberon looked at Jamie.

“Keep your promise.”

“… I know.”

Jamie made a promise with Theberon.

If Theberon comes up to the ground and fights with Leueta, he would hand over the authority of submaster to the bear.

Jamie didn’t need it.
And he couldn’t use the forest after this day since his task would be done, and his useful abilities were already strong so he didn’t need this.

And the position was something Theberon wanted.

So he made a promise to hand it over.

“If so, then why didn't you ask for it earlier?”

“It takes power to open the door.”

The power of Gremia is operated by the Sub Master's will and thoughts.

Theberon was saying that he couldn’t even think.

Guess he was a bear till the end.

As Jamie touched the floor, a blue circuit spread throughout the ruins and then to Theberon.

And he said with a smile.

“Actually, you don’t have the Master’s authority, and once you leave the Mirinae forest all the authority you have will be revoked.”


“Did you think that an outsider like you could take over such an important place?”

“Then why respond to my request?”

Would I just watch my forest get messed up? I was just waiting for you to step back and bow down and ask me.”

“You clumsy sly bear!”

“That sounds like a compliment.”

The creator of Gremia seemed to have thought of this situation when building the place.

That great bastard.

Respect to him.

“Anyway, I’ll take it from here.”

As Theberon sat down and focused, the entire Gremia began to shake.

The authority of the submaster which Jamie took away and the already present authority of Theberon became one.

The whole room was dyed in blue.

Jamie could feel all the power converging into the centre.

All the circuits became entangled and the seal which was there began to slowly dismantle.

Pillars rose.

It was clear that the pillars were all full of ancient words which wouldn’t be accessed by Jamie even if he had the authority.

‘What the hell?’

Theberon beckoned Beryl to come closer.

Taking a deep breath, he put down the word.

And then approached the pillar with a lightly moving body and then nodded.

“Opening it.”

A line appeared dividing the pillar in half.

At Theberon’s will, the pillar began to spit in exactly half.



The light was bright and lightning began to scatter in all directions.

Jamie quickly opened up the shield, but the shield didn’t have much use.

A strong wind was blocking the lightning.

“That is why you are here.”

Theberon said with an understanding face.

Beryl shoved his hand at the lightning bolts which were frantically bouncing off inside.

The lightning, which isn’t supposed to be stopped by wind, moved with a speed to destroy everything, that was until Beryl’s hand touched it.

The Sword Master’s skin burned black.

Among the terrible pain, Beryl gripped the contents in the pillar.

And pulled it out.


Jamie was shocked.

Beryl lifted the thing in his hand.

Theberon spoke to the one who drew out the powerful lightning.

“Thunder Dragon Sword.
The Dragon Slayer has awakened.”

The sword of lightning with its blue blade awoke from its long slumber.

Lars was riding a horse with the paladins and running to the Mirinae Forest.

But now he had turned his direction towards the church.

The others didn’t feel it, but he definitely felt it.
The powerful Zenith energy which came from their church.

‘I need to go there!’

The speed of the horse moving up the hill slowed.

Lars jumped off his horse and used ‘Sword of Judgment’.

The cloak of light flapped, and he ran up in an instant.
The maintenance time wasn’t long, but now he could worry about it.

He sprinted towards the church.

Reaching the top in an instant, he opened the gate and entered inside.

He couldn’t feel anything.

As soon as he entered the main hall, he saw someone at a distance leaning back against the wall.

An old man whose pure white robes were now soaked in blood, breathing raggedly.


It was Archbishop Sephira.

Lars ran straight to him and checked his condition.

There was a large cut on his chest and hole in his stomach and three more piercings.

In addition to those, there were multiple large wounds on his body.

All wounds which just happened.

“… Sir Lars?”

Archbishop Sephira opened his mouth.

“W-what all happened here? Why didn’t you use the healing one yourself?”

Lars carefully traced the wounds.

And he saw that another holy power was interfering with it.

“… another holy power is interfering.”

A stronger holy power was blocking Sephira’s holy power.

This man was the archbishop of the Pyro church.
Except for the Pope and the Saints, he was the next strongest one.

Zenith’s holy power was stronger and was preventing him from recovering.

And a person of the Zenith church who could possess this level of power….

“Seven Knights?”

They were the only ones who could tackle a bishop level holy power.

“Uh, go… go… Apostle and Saint… Saint…”


“G-Go back.
Following them….

Sephira’s breathing turned slow.

“Are you alright?!”

“I… am fine.”

He smiled faintly to assure Lars as much as possible.

The intention was so obvious that it hurt Lars even more.

5 years ago Lars was assigned to Apton.

Sephira was the most compassionate priest he had even seen and was an example for everyone.

From the attitude to worshiping God and treating people.

Everyone who watched him wanted to be like him.

To Lars, Sephira was a teacher in life.
He always listened to the advice the archbishop gave and the archbishop would always listen to the concerns Lars had.

“I still have a lot of things I want to say.”

“I want to hear more from you too.
But… it seems difficult now.”

Lars clenched his hand.

However, Sephira couldn’t hold it.
The power was drained from his body.

“I- I will definitely take revenge.”

“… not revenge.”

“What do you mean? The one who made you like this needs to…!”

“You should protect.
So, let the revenge go.”


“I will go to the goddess now…”

Sephira couldn’t even finish the words.

Lars clenched his teeth as he looked at the dead archbishop.

He wasn’t sure what kind of bastard turned such a nice man into this, but he couldn’t stand it.

Sephira asked him to protect, but he was boiling with rage that he could only think about revenge.

The great archbishop of a church was killed so mercilessly.

He closed the eyes of Sephira which were open.

“How can he expect me to forget this? I will definitely make sure that the person who did this, pays for it.”

That was his operation.

The person who dealt with Zenith’s holy power must have released the demon in Mirinae Forest for this purpose.

Anger rose.

The Goddess he worshipped was one of mercy and punishment.

And he was entitled to punish those who committed sins.

“I will not forgive you.”

Enraged, Lars flew in the direction that Sephira had told him before he died.

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