7: My servants (2)

“There is one thing you need to do.”

Jamie ordered Azad and Raiza.

“Monitor the Zenith church and gather information.”


They bowed their heads politely.

He wantedly looked like a child when ordering them, but they perfectly knew just how huge the gap between them was.

Jamie passed by the two and whispered.

“Make sure to act like usual.”


Jamie, who was about to go home, remembered more things.

“Ah, right.
And the person from your organization who knows about the human trafficking, bring him to me.
Because I need to make him give the report.”

Since Azad and Raiza were turned into Undead, he needed another person to report

It didn’t matter who it was.
Jamie just needed someone to inform the Count about what was happening.


Leaving them, Jamie disappeared.

When their master disappeared, the two servants lifted their heads.

And looked at each other as they sighed.

“Let’s go, brother.”

We are ordered by him.”

Their reality was heartbreaking, but their master’s orders were absolute.

They hastened their steps to fulfil the order.

The first place they had to head to was their organization.

Because the needed information was there.


“It will be fine.”

Jamie smiled at Black’s concern.

The bond of subordination was looser than he expected, but it was okay.

The more he grows, the tighter its strength becomes.

‘And if the Count knew about this human trafficking, the issue would be resolved.’

In the past, Jamie wouldn’t have cared about issues like human trafficking, but Haiss was a place that would one day become his estate.

“It is a land that will be mine in the future, and I will not ignore it.”

It was better to stop the noise before it turned into chaos.

“We will go back tomorrow… ack!”


As he was leaving the alley, something hit Jamie.

As he was too distracted, he didn’t notice it.

Jamie frowned as he saw what he collided with.

“A kid?”

“You are a kid too!”

The child who collided with Jamie yelled at the word ‘Kid’.

How dare you call me a kid…!

That was what he was about to say.

It has been 7 years since he got inside this tiny body, but he still couldn’t get used to it.

Jamie frowned and stood up.

“Be careful.”

“You too be careful!”

The child shouted with an angry face.

Jamie looked at the child with an annoyed face.

Seeing a kid wander around in the middle of a night was enough to guess what kind of life he was living.

Yet, he didn’t feel any sympathy.

Those feelings didn’t exist for Jamie.

Jamie turned around and hurried back.

“Screw that black on your annoying face.”


Jamie, who had been walking along with Black, stopped.


His body stopped right away.

“Wh-what is with you?”

The child flinched when Jamie stopped.

He was sarcastic, but then as the other person stopped, he got scared.

Of course, Jamie didn’t stop because of the remarks.

He didn’t even want to stop.

Because his hair wasn’t black.

However, as the family of Welton had emerald eyes and blonde hair in Haiss estate, he had used Black to not get found out.

So it was none other than Black that had stopped Jamie.

‘Black, you jerk! How dare you control your Master!!’

No matter how much he insulted the color, what kind of a person would hold back their master?!

Jamie looked at the boy with an annoyed expression.

“Little boy.
Be mindful of what you speak.
If you value your life, that is.”

It was a kid’s voice, but the power within it was enough for the child to flinch.

“So sorry.”

He apologized.

Clicking his tongue, Jamie began to move away.
And then turned back.

The child was running away.

“What a jerk tch.”

Jamie shook his head and walked towards the mansion.

Returning to the mansion, Jamie took off Black and began to yell.

“You! You! No matter how annoyed you are, you don’t get to stop your master’s steps!”


Black groaned as if it was sorry and hid itself inside its wings.

It was like a child hugging himself.

“Do that one more time, and I!”


Black saluted with its wing to show that it would never happen again.

Where did it learn that from?

Jamie smiled and fell on the bed.

Unexpectedly, he used a lot of energy.

In particular, it took a lot of mental strength to create Azad and Raiza.

And to deal with his family again, he would have to sleep now.

‘I haven’t been this busy for a while.’

Has he ever been this busy since his reincarnation?

His life was going on inside the mansion.

Sometimes his mother Sears took him out of the city for outings.

But there was very little that could be done with a young boy’s body.

However, an enemy had appeared now.

The enemy he hated the most.


The moment he was sealed, he remembered the face of that man smiling brightly at himself.

Thousands of years have passed, but the memories were still there.

His small fist clenched.

His servants were ordered.

“I will make sure to drive you away.”

His purple eyes disappeared.

“Where is boss?”

“… Jance, you are still alive?”

A man called Jance, Azad, looked at the man who called him.

“Where is boss?”

“Hanni said that he was going to kill you himself… how are you still alive?”

I won’t ask again.
Where is the boss?”

The man named Pep gulped at Azad’s warning.

He wasn’t sure, but something must have happened with Hanni.

Hanni was a mad magician with one of the strongest skills in Lival.

‘Did Jance, did he kill him?’


A guy who couldn’t even handle Mana took down a mad man?


I’ll tell you.”

The atmosphere felt serious.

Among Lival’s executives, Pep was one of the most informed ones.

However, even he knew that if he dragged the situation, his neck would be sliced.

More than anything.

‘I can’t hear the voices of the members outside.’

Quite a few members were outside.

They weren’t directly under the boss, but they were involved with the current matter.

They wouldn’t be silent if they knew that Jance was back.

However, feeling that chilly silence, something must have happened.

“Well… even I don’t know where boss is.”


“I-I mean it.
I haven’t seen him since yesterday.”

“Is that true?”

Raiza walked out from the darkness.

Pep flinched.

“Brother Philip.”

“I asked if it was true.”

“Yes, yes.
It is the truth.
If you ask the others, they will also give you the same answer.”

“How bothersome.”

Azad looked at Raiza with an annoyed expression.

The reason they came back to the organization was simple to guess.

To retaliate against the boss who tried to kill them?


Lival was the largest criminal organization in Haiss, so everything that happened in the city was known to them.

Their master’s orders were to monitor Zenith.

They thought that Lival’s boss must know something about it.

“Where do you think boss might be?”

Raiza bent down and asked Pep.

Pep could see how scary their eyes were.

Again, one mistake, and it felt like his neck would fly off.

“Eh, he must be at that local bar.
He must be in one of those bars!”

Lival’s boss was a frequent bar visitor.

And loved women.

If they hadn’t seen him since yesterday, there was a good chance that he was drunk somewhere.

Since it made sense, the two went silent.

Pep sighed.

It was at the moment when he thought that his life was saved.


Azad turned around and hit his neck.

Without a sound, Pep fell down unconscious.

“Master told us to bring one, so we’ll use him.”

“He will work.”

“Anyway, I can’t seem to control this overwhelming power.”

Azad laughed and clasped his hands.

Except for turning into Undead, there were no notable changes.

They were Undead.

That was why they felt that unbelievable power all over their body.

Azad knew very well what that power was.


Pure strength.

Unbelievable strength, incomparable to what normal humans possess.

He seemed to be able to lift huge rocks as well.

“Same, I feel like a superhuman.”

Their bodies were reconstructed through black magic.

Raiza once again admired the black magic.

Compared to their master, they were nothing, but they were still strong enough to defeat 30 members of the Lival gang.

“I feel like I can do anything right now.”

“Let’s get going.
Master’s orders are absolute.”

“Yes, yes.
What should we do with this one? Should we just tie him up and throw him into the woods?”

“That isn’t a bad thought, but we never know, so let’s hold onto him for now by putting him in the warehouse.”

“My brother’s warehouse is so strong.
One of the best is Haiss! Haha!”

When Azad laughed cheerfully, Raiza shook his head with a small smile.

They went out within a short time, and someone entered through the door.

A boy with a bruised face, the boy who collided with Jamie.

He was beaten somewhere and seemed to have passed out till now.

What happened?”

He gulped as he looked at Lival’s members’ corpses.

Looking at that, he smiled.

“I thought I’d be hit again, but maybe I got lucky?”

Since he didn’t meet the quota yesterday, he was going to be beaten.

Such a chance didn’t seem like it’d happen again.

“Let’s run for now.”

If he stayed and another member came in, they would be shocked.

The boy called Ricky escaped.

The day was bright.

Jamie yawned and ruffled his hair.

He slept soundly without even dreaming.

It seemed that he was more tired than expected.

When he checked the time, he was one hour away from breakfast.

‘Today has started…’

Jamie sighed as he thought of the two people who would give him infinite love.

He had to get ready first.

After washing up with the nanny’s help, who came in 10 minutes later, Jamie got dressed and headed to the dining room.

Black sat on his head, and he was holding the whole-body breathing.

The Count can see him, so I’ll have to reverse summon him.’

The Count didn’t care, but Jamie didn’t feel uncomfortable.

When Black was reverse summoned, the Mana was cut off.

It was because he had taken in a lot yesterday, so he didn’t feel much different.

When he opened the dining-room door, he saw the Count.

He greeted his son with a smile.

“Good morning.”

“Good morning.
Where is mother?”

He couldn’t see his mother, whom Jamie always sat next to.

He thought that she was secretly waiting for an opportunity to raid himself from behind the door.

But she didn’t.

Jamie titled his head.

“She hasn’t come ye…”

“Your mother is here!”


Sears, who had been hiding by the door, jumped out and hugged Jamie.

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The way Sears loved her kids, some days more than normal days.

Among them, today was one of them…

‘This is painful!’

Today, Jamie was screaming silently.

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