such short notice.
I will definitely repay Baron Titonsser when I have returned to the capital.”

“Then let us eat.”

Baron Titonsser gestured, and the attendants stepped forward and pulled the chairs.

A variety of foods were spread out on the long table; it was too much for just four people.

The kitchen staff must have been a bit exhausted in order to prepare for my arrival.

The meal with the baron's family was quite satisfactory.

Throughout the meal, the baron would bring up topics in a conversational tone, allowing the duke to not be burdened as he ate while listening to the chatter around him.  

If Wells had one complaint or found something bothersome, he would choose Ilya Titonsser, who sat diagonally across from him. 

“Your Grace, is it true that the capital has festivals all year?”

“If the capital had festivals and events all year, the Imperial Family's finances would be depleted.
Festivals are held once in each of the four seasons.”

“I've heard that the parties held in the Imperial Family are splendid! They are said to be so dazzling that I would not be able to open my eyes fully!”

He was temporarily speechless.

“It's not that much.
The chandelier in the Imperial Hall that holds the banquets is the most splendid and largest in the entire capital—no, throughout the empire.
Maybe that's the reason for those rumors.” 

Ilya, who had never been to the Imperial Empire or its capital for the past eighteen years, was unable to hide her inquisitiveness.

Her father warned her to mind her manners and not behave rudely, but Ilya kept questioning Wells to confirm her fantasies.

Even though the girl before him was a year younger than Rose, it could have been the similarity in age, Wells patiently answered her interrogation as he thought of his little sister, who waited for him at Honeywell Manor.

One question led to another, and soon, Ilya's curiosity did not end until the table was empty.


“It appears it's been a while since I've spoken so much.”

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Having returned to his room, Wells was relieved as he headed to the desk.

He had protected the papers well as he walked in the rain, but his arms and coat were not enough, and they had still gotten wet.

“It looks like I will not be getting a proper rest today.”

He pulled out a chair, an empty sheet of paper, and an ink bottle.

Still, maybe it'll be easier to transfer it again since I've already written it.
See, some of the erased letters are coming to mind faster.

He worked tirelessly, filling out the papers and guessing the missing words without interruption.


“Who is it?”

“Duke, it is me.”

The voice belonged to none other than the Baron of Titonsser.

Wells replaced his quill and answered the door.
The baron stood outside, holding a tray with a teacup and kettle.

At Wells' inquiring gaze, the baron gave an odd laugh.

“You must have been resting.
My apologies.
I would like to have tea with you.”

Come in.
I was just surprised that you brought the tea yourself instead of an attendant.”

“Hahaha, as our manor is small, I tend to bring and drink what I want after a meal.
By the way, are you busy with work?”

The baron's eyes lingered on the sheets on the desk.

“I hope I have not disturbed you.”

His face showed his embarrassment.

The Duke of Honeywell treated the baron well, as, firstly, he was in his territory.
Secondly, he did not want to cause unintentional trouble.
Wells did not want any incidents to occur.

“It was nothing important.
I was thirsty, so the tea came just in time.
Let us have tea together.”

Baron Titonsser followed the duke to the table placed at the side of the room.

After the duke sat, he lowered the tray and set the teacups.

The warming functions are good.
The tea still has steam despite coming from the kitchen to the room in the middle of winter.

Wells accepted the cup handed to him.

“You must be tired from traveling under these rainy conditions and losing the carriage.
This tea helps to relieve fatigue.” 

“Yes, many thanks.
It smells delightful.”

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I like the scent of the tea.
It hasn't been long, but I can already feel the tension in my body drain away under its aroma.
Even my mind is calm.

I'll have to ask for some tea leaves when I leave for the capital.
It would be nice to bring some for His Majesty.

As he sipped the tea slowly, Wells discovered that Baron Titonsser, sitting across from him, was rather serious.

Knowing that he had something on his mind, Wells understood that having tea with him was not his intention.
He put the teacup down.

“Thank you for the tea, but I am not a talkative person.
Didn't you come here because you would like to speak to me?”

It looks like I've hit the mark.

Baron Titonsser's shoulders trembled.

Alas, he still waited until the duke had drunk the cup of tea before he dared to speak.

“Duke Honeywell.
Do you perhaps remember your words from the dinner earlier?”

“Hmm, what did I say?”

Normally Wells would not say useless words, so he tried to recall if he had said anything inappropriate.

During dinner, it was hard to notice what the baron spoke about when all he did was answer Ilya's questions.

Honeywell's duke was uncertain, so he smiled awkwardly at the baron.

If he noticed the smile or did not care, the baron ignored him and quoted his words from the dinner.

“You said that you would repay the favor when you returned to the capital.”


Enlightened, Wells remembered his words from before the meal began.

It wasn't just empty words, he meant them.
He intended to make amends when he returned to the capital to repay the kindness that Baron Titonsser had shown him today.

“I remember, is there something that you require? Say whatever it is, I will give it to you if it is within my power.”

As long as it wasn't nonsense, such as demanding the emperor's seat, Wells could keep his promise.

He was, after all, the Honeywell of the Tristan Empire.

Contrary to his thoughts, the baron desired something unexpected.

“My daughter.
I want Your Grace to support Ilya so that my soon-to-be-adult child can make her debut in the social world of the capital.”

TL Notes:

[TL/N: Who says, “It's me,” and just magically expects the other person to know who it is? ^^

Anyway, in my opinion, that's quite a big favor to ask for when all he's doing is lending him a carriage and making him stay the night.
But oh well, that could just be me.

Anyway, Rose's first plan looks like a bust.]

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