The bus slowed to a stop.

All the bus windows have shattered into a million pieces, and a huge hole was on the right side of it, revealing the pale blue sky and darker river.

The breeze carried the smell of water over, making Chu Feng’s white button-up flap against the air while he kept the bazooka back in his inventory.

“Get up.” He pats Lin Lan, who was still draped over the steering wheel.
“It’s over now.”

Lin Lan slowly stood up before dropping back onto his seat.
The leg he was using to press the accelerator was numb.

He got up again, a hand on the handrail as support and a pitiful expression on his face.

“Ge… I’m never visiting your Dream City ever again…”

“You graduate from the police academy this year, right?” Chu Feng asked, ignoring him, “Do you have a job yet? Why don’t you come work for my company as a bodyguard? 12 thousand a month and zero overtime.”

Lin Lan instantly stood up straight, saying, “One call and I’ll immediately go wherever you need me to be!”

Chu Feng pointed at the Xie Shiyus on the ground and asked the knowledgeable Lin Lan, “How can I defrost them?”

Xiao Xie had been shot with a frost gun by the Guardian.
His entire body was on the ground, covered in a layer of ice.
Even under the sun’s scorching rays of light piercing it, it didn’t melt.

“This ice can only be released with the signature of the Guardian.
But…” Lin Lan trailed off.

Would a Guardian who was just blasted off into outer space really agree to sign it for his ge?

“Uh… You could try contacting customer service.
I’ll check the community to see if there’s any other way.”

Chu Feng tsk-ed softly before turning on the VIP customer service that only people who have spent enough money get.

[Xiao Mei is at your service] [Xiao Mei: Hello, respected player of [Dream City], what do you need?] [CF4088: The Guardian froze my characters, please unfreeze them].


[Xiao Mei: Please wait for a second while I find your information file…] [Xiao Mei: Your characters are classified as malignant bombers.
Because they threaten your safety, we cannot allow for unfreezing.] [CF4088: He’s my husband.
We were just roleplaying as kidnapper and kidnappee.] [Xiao Mei: But he still kidnapped you, he even tied a bomb to your body.
This is an extremely dangerous crime, so we can’t unfreeze him.] [CF4088: I have Stockholm syndrome, I get off on being tied up.] [Xiao Mei: Then we recommend that you go to a psychologist and get it checked out.] [CF4088: So your company rules everything, even one’s kinks?] [Xiao Mei: That’s not it.
We only hope that you will be able to play the game with a healthy mind and body.
This way, we can work together to create a healthy space.] [CF4088: I already screenshotted this conversation.
You are shaming me for my kinks.]

Chu Feng even sent over one of the lines on [Dream City]’s website.

[We do not discriminate against any player.
You may build your world in any way you like in your Dream City, everything is at your command.
The company will not interfere.]

Xiao Mei instantly switched up their tone.

[Xiao Mei: Customer service has no authority over this, please request from the Guardian Center for a defrost.] [CF4088: How do I request it?] [Xiao Mei: You will have to fill out a request form and sign it at the bottom.
[Request Form.pdf]] [CF4088 has accepted the document.] [CF4088: Then why did you tell me they couldn’t be unfrozen just now?] [Xiao Mei: Please fill in the request form :)] [CF4088: How long will the request need to be processed?] [Xiao Mei: 30 days.] [CF4088: Why is it so long?] [Xiao Mei: Due to the fact that your characters have committed a crime, the original laws were for them to receive the death penalty.
Before they can be unfrozen, they need a 30-day period to calm down.
After the calming period and you and the Guardian sign the agreement form, then he can be unfrozen.] [CF4088: What if he doesn’t agree?] [Xiao Mei: Then that means that the Guardian believes that your character should take more time to calm down.
So they will continue calming down.]

Chu Feng rolled his eyes.

[Xiao Mei: Of course, if you’re dissatisfied with the Guardian’s judgment, you could always appeal again and wait for 30 more days.]

Chu Feng just left the customer service chat.

He went ahead and called the Guardian Center directly.

“Hello, this is Guardian 5786 at your service.
How may I help you today?”

“I’m the player from the bus bombing just now.
The Guardian you sent over froze all my characters.
Can you help me unfreeze them?”

“Of course, will you please fill in this appeal form.
We’ll forward the form to the Guardian that saved you.
It shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes.”


The generic ringtone of being transferred sounded on his phone.

In the Guardian Center, X took off the game helmet and sat quietly in his wheelchair.

Everyone else stared at him, not daring to make a sound.

This was the first time the overpowered X had been outplayed by someone in the game.

—Not only had he been played so beautifully, but he was also even blasted away by a bazooka.

[How evil! That man is a vile human being! How could he do that to you?!]

The system cried out.

[I told you so.
I knew there was something fishy about the situation so I told you not to go in.
What did you do? You went in! All pretty people are liars! You were completely enamored with his face and didn’t think at all…]


X took off his earpiece—

—And crushed it with his hand.

“Sorry about that.
Can you change the earpiece for me? Thanks.”

X spun the wheelchair around himself and rolled away.

The rest of the Guardians stared at each other, lost.

A (whispering) : He’s so mad this time…

B: God, this is the first time I’ve seen someone bully X in the game.


Guardian 5787 has sent a message.

[Is X there? CF4088 has sent a request for him to unfreeze his characters, will he sign it?]

A: Holy shit, this player is another breed.
He just sent X flying into the sky and now he’s asking for a signature?!

B: There’s no way X is gonna respond to that, right?

X stopped rolling his wheelchair and said, “Give it to me.”

Guardian 5787 sent Chu Feng’s appeal form to X’s screen.

He did a one-over of the form.

Player ID: CF4088
Contact Information: +86 13980788xxx

He silently memorized the string of numbers.
Continuing, he read the reason for the appeal.

Please unfreeze him as soon as possible.
Don’t get in the way of a legally married couple’s sex life.

[Do you approve of the appeal form?]

X didn’t even think as he raised his hand, slamming his finger over the reject button.

Five minutes were up.

The hold music finally stopped playing on his phone.

Chu Feng held the phone up to his ear and listened to the voice speaking.

“I sincerely apologize but our Guardian has rejected your appeal to unfreeze your character, have a great day!”

“May I know which Guardian rejected my appeal?”

“I’m sorry but all high-level Guardians’ information is kept a secret.
May I know if you need any other assistance?”

“I don’t, thanks.”

Chu Feng hung up the phone.

He took a look at the Xiao Xies lying on the ground, frozen, and felt an ache in his heart.

“Did you find anything yet?” Chu Feng asked Lin Lan.

“You’ll have to wait a while, ge.
I’m arguing with people in the community right now.” Lin Lan’s fingers flew across his screen at lightning speed, faint sounds of flesh hitting glass could be heard as he explained, “The person you gave 10 thousand to is getting destroyed by X’s fans!”

Chu Feng: ?

He went into the community and clicked on one of the comments floating at the top.
The topic of the post was written in red and bolded, meant to look terrifying.

[Exposed] @Yao Yao loves playing with string, reveal yourself!


God X painstakingly made that guide and didn’t get a single cent off of it.
He shared it with everyone for free.
Yet you sold it to a whale for 10 thousand dollars, do you have no shame?

I checked your activity just now.
You joined the X fanclub and took all the guides that X posted.
Not even ten days later, you left saying that you liked A.

That’s fine.

But then you sold X’s guide on the community today, earnt 10 thousand from it, and then spent it all on your A’s stream?


@Yao Yao loves playing with string has donated 5200RMb to @Guardian A: AA is so cute in today’s livestream! I will always love you~ I’ll make sure to give you all the money I have next time!

I attached the image already.
@Guardian A, @Angel AA’s Global Support, please deal with them.
They pretended to be X’s fans and joined our fan club just to steal his guides and then sold them to donate to A? Let me just ask you something, have you no shame???

Player ID: X Simp, 18,000,000

Floor 2:
[Sipping tea from the front row.]

Floor 3:
[A big boss that spent 18 million on this game… Are all X’s fans this rich?]

Floor 4:
[Holy shit, selling someone else’s God’s guide just to donate to another God… Are all A’s fans like this?]

Floor 5:
[I’m also an X fan.
After reading the post, I’m fuming here.
X’s account has already been deleted, please stop doing this to him! Stop sucking him dry!!]

Floor 6:
[I feel so bad for A.
After selling his dignity streaming for so many years, even his fans are getting bashed one-sidedly by X’s fans.]

Floor 7:
[I mean, playing the game is survival of the strong…]

Floor 8:
[X’s fans are all crazy.
The second someone does something they don’t like, it’s a call out post.]

Floor 9:
[That might be the case, but this time, it’s justified.
Who gave them the right to earn money from X’s guide? Both are wrong, in my opinion.
I’ve used X’s guide before, it’s insane, and that guess about the fluid device just crowned him God.]

Floor 10:
[The only thing X can brag about is the fluid device.

Floor 11:
[At least we have something to brag about, you guys only have, “Hi everyone, make sure you click 666 and send some rockets~”]1

Floor 12:
[AHAHAHAH just ignore them, no point wasting your energy.
X is insane no matter what they say, yyds.]2 [@Yao Yao loves playing with string, just return that 10 thousand to the big boss already! @CF4088]

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