Tap, tap, tap… 

Chu Feng clicked on nine letters on his keyboard with just one hand and replied to the message.

Lin Lan shuffled a little closer, staring at the screen in Chu Feng’s hand.

“What are you doing?”

“Can I take a picture of this?” He pointed to the chat and asked.

After some time…

Lin Lan opened the community and sneakily sent a post out.

[Wowza! My ge actually managed to add God X on Wechat~]

[God likes to pamper people so much.]

—Chat Log.jpg

Player ID: Yamabuki colored winds, 54 RMB

After he sent it, Lin Lan calmly turned off his phone.
Yet before he could even pocket it, a series of “Dings” sounded.

Notifications of “XXX replied to your post” popped up on his phone’s lock screen.

Lin Lan didn’t even have the chance to check what those replies were before the entire chain of notifications was mashed into one big one.

[There are 542 replies to your post.]

The amount… The speed… It must have instantly shot up to one of the hottest posts in the community!

Lin Lan’s hands froze.
He forced himself to look away from the screen and turned off his phone, pocketing it instantly afterward.
He was silently smug, feeling as if he had just risen to fame.


The ice wrapped around Xie Shiyu suddenly cracked loudly.
The ice glowed blue on the surface, and a crack appeared.

“God X actually signed the form?”

Chu Feng made a sound of acknowledgement and pressed the screen of the phone with one hand.

“Ah,  the God is so kind! He didn’t even curse you out after you blasted him like that.” Lin Lan sighed appreciatively.
“Wait a second! What are you doing on the phone? You’re not… Don’t tell me you’re deleting his contact?!”

“What? Was that not the obvious thing to do?”

“Waitwaitwaitwaitwait!” Lin Lan immediately stopped the finger that was about to press the [Delete Contact], crying out.
“Ge, listen to me.
In this society, the more friends you have, the better.
Leaving him in your contacts wouldn’t exactly be anything bad, right? The worst thing that could happen is you seeing him in your circle1.
They have something similar to a status in Whatsapp called friend circle.
Please don’t delete it, I beg you just don’t!”

What he meant to say was, My road to fame has only just started!


Chu Feng wasn’t used to adding strangers’ WeChats, nor did he like making idle conversation with people he was unfamiliar with.
He opened X’s contact settings.

[Allow them to see your Friend Circle? No]

[Restrictions: Chat Only]

While he was changing it, he conveniently changed his notification settings to [Do Not Disturb] and added a note [To be deleted.]

Lin Lan: …

Do you know how many people would kill to be in your position right now? Some of them can’t even say a word to God X!! 



The cracks on the ice shone under the bright summer sun.
The number of cracks on Xie Shiyu’s body was increasing by the second.

“Unfreezing takes about thirty minutes.”

Chu Feng said as he surveyed what remained of the bus—all the windows were shattered into tiny pieces, lying broken on the ground, while the right side of the bus had a 1.9m long hole still smoking from the bazooka.

“This bus can’t be used anymore.
We’ll need to get a new one.”

[Transaction successful! The System Market has sent you a brand new bus right next to you.]

“Let’s go.” Chu Feng patted Lin Lan on the shoulder.
“You’re driving.”

Chui Feng sat on the brand new bus, leaning against the window as the gentle sea breeze caressed their cheeks.
The Xie Shiyus, still getting unfrozen, were made to lean against the other seats.

The willow branches lined along the riverside were a flash of vibrant green outside the bus window.
Chu Feng watched the small Xie Shiyus running around the park, far away in the distance, lively as ever.

Chu Feng lowered his head, looking away.
He opened his phone and called forth the system fairy.
A large screen appeared in front of him.


[Handheld Bazooka (used)]

[Do you wish to sell the [Handheld Bazooka (used)]?]


The sound of coins falling to the ground sounded.

[You have successfully sold [Handheld Bazooka (used)] for 1158RMB.]

“Holy shit! This thing can still be sold for four digits even after being used?” After hearing the sound of coins, Lin Lan’s eyes shone as he stared at the rearview mirror.

“Oh! Ge! Don’t forget about the fishing hook! You can sell that too!”

Most of the items in Dream City were one-time uses, so they were typically useless afterward.
They would just be occupying space in their inventory if they didn’t sell it or throw it away.

“I’m not selling that one.” Chu Feng opened another inventory.

Lin Lan couldn’t hold back another curse.
The inventory his ge just opened was filled with pretty items, everything organized to the “T”.
It scratched his heartstrings just seeing it.

Chu Feng opened the dropdown of [Fish Hooks].

There was a night black one, a cherry pink one, a stormy blue one, and even a Christmas limited edition fish hook… Dozens of cute hooks were displayed in his inventory.
Chu Feng dragged out the mint green hook that he had just used and put it in.

Chu Feng’s eyes were blown wide open.
The dozens of fish hooks… If he remembered correctly each hook was worth about… 8899 RMB each in the system market.

Lin Lan made a hissing sound.

“I didn’t know you were a hoarder, ge.”

“I only get the ones that look nice.”

Chu Feng took a little time to admire his fishing hook collection before closing the inventory.

On his phone, the white system fairy registered the word “Hoarder” and widened its eyes as if deep in thought.
It looked at Chu Feng, the few strands of hair on its head standing up as if it had thought of a good idea.


Just as Chu Feng closed his inventory, the system fairy on his phone started chirping, “Sir Respectable Player! Due to the large number of characters in your Dream City, we recommend that you use [Xiao Xie Manual] in order to more efficiently organize them.”

“Our calculations say that every single one of the Xie Shiyus in the Dream City have a 10% chance of being in danger.
After you successfully saved them, the chances of your Xie Shiyus encountering danger is now 1%.”

“Thus, every time you save one Xie Shiyu, [Xiao Xie Manual] will light up one Xie Shiyu, making it more convenient for you to distinguish between them.
At the same time, you can also use the manual to check the happiness and status of all the Xiao Xies in the Dream City.
It’s very convenient!”

“There is a one-day free trial, but if you miss this, you’ll have to wait for a year! I recommend you immediately get it!”

Chu Feng took a look at the [Function] tab and found that it really wasn’t that bad.

The system fairy continued to persuade him, “Make sure to download it now~”

Chu Feng saw that the system fairy was trying its best to sell it to him and chuckled.
“The manual really isn’t all that bad.
Good on you for finally recommending something good.”

The system fairy celebrated secretly in his mind. Quick! Quick! Download it! 

—While the manual was downloading, the system quickly initiated [Quick Download].
However, there was a condition to quick installation,

[In order to manage your Dream City better, Character Settings will be transferred to the system.
Character Realism will be decreased by 10%.

99.9% of players wouldn’t bother reading the conditions before agreeing, much less bother changing the default settings.

The system fairy blinked its pitch-black eyes, staring expectantly at Chu Feng.

His sculpted fingers reached over, inching closer and closer to the [Agree] button.

—Click on it! Quick! Click on it! The system fairy screamed wildly in his heart, unable to hide his excitement.
As long as Chu Feng clicked on it, it would become the new owner of Dream City.
By then, all the characters would belong to him and Chu Feng would be nothing!

“Did you really think I would click on it so easily?” Just as he was about to click it, Chu Feng smirked at the fairy.

System Fairy: ?!

Chu Feng’s finger swerved upwards and missed the [Download] button, clicking on the three dots at the top right side of the screen instead.


[Advanced Settings]

[Ask the method of download? Always]

Soon, another notification appeared on the screen.

[Quick Download] or [Custom Download]

Chu Feng ignored the recommended [Quick Download] and clicked the [Custom Download]

System Fairy: ?!!!

“Are you sure you want to do a custom download? A quick download is really convenient, you know?”

The white system fairy bounced around on the screen and started dancing, its wide eyes blinking innocently.

“Xiao Gege, I’ll help you manage all the characters really well, okay~?”

Chu Feng raised an eyebrow.

You want to manage my husband? 

System Fairy: …

Chu Feng pinched the system fairy with his finger, clicking, [Force freeze.
Do not move.]

And then he turned off his phone, ignoring it.

The system fairy shivered.
It was trapped in the dark corner of the screen, terrified of making a sound.
He didn’t even dare to breathe heavily.

It silently made a note for its future self.

[Owner: Chu Feng]

[Status: Widowed]

[Note: Do not anger]

After a while, a notification popped up on his lock screen.

[[Xiao Xie Manual] 100%, download successful!]

There was a new book on Chu Feng’s screen, resembling a magic book with a color of parchment.
Clicking it open, there were a bunch of blackout silhouettes of Xie Shiyus.


[18-year-old Tyrant Xie Shiyu]

[19-year-old Repeat Student Xie Shiyu]

[26-year-old Driver Xie Shiyu]


Three of them were lit up.

Chu Feng opened up the lit up Xiao Xie.

[Happiness: 55]

[Status: Unhappy]

[Chances of Danger: 1%]

[Defrost Progress: 85%]

The image was made in high detail.
All the collected Xiao Xies looked very good.
As a hoarder, Chu Feng was very satisfied.

He went back to Settings just to double-check that Character Realism was still set at 100%.
There was a line of red warning below it.

[Warning: When realism is at 100%, the system is unable to deal with, interfere with, or change any of your characters.
The player is entirely responsible for anything that may happen within the Dream City.]

Only after reading that was Chu Feng satisfied, exiting the Settings page and returning to [Xiao Xie Manual], and clicking on one of the Xie Shiyus that weren’t lit up.
He found that the Chances of Danger to them were all 10%.

He quickly went to the Xie Shiyu that had been hooked with the fish hook just now.

[Happiness: 15 [Click to Expand]

[Original Happiness: 90]

[-50 from Fish Hook]

[-25 from wrecking brand new Lamborghini]

[Status: Relatively unhappy, in serious need of comforting.]

Chu Feng’s head shot up, turning back to the road behind them.

Thank God.
Xie Shiyu hadn’t come to find him yet.

—He’ll go comfort him at night.

Lin Lan drove the brand new bus, making a U-turn and driving back.

“Ge, we’ll reach the broken part of the bridge if we keep going like this.”

“Don’t drive that way, then.
Turn left and drive down, there’s a small road there that will lead us back to the East District.”


Lin Lan turned the steering wheel and caught sight of the abandoned bomb in his peripheral vision.

A defused bomb held absolutely no threat to them.
Lying pitifully on the side of the road, it looked a lot like an abandoned doll.

“Why do you think it was a bomb?” Lin Lan felt that something was off about the entire situation, “Xie ge passed away from an accident.
Getting into a car accident can be written off as an accident, but a bomb…”

—No matter how you looked at it, this was a crime.

Furthermore, there was only one person in Chu Feng’s Dream City—Xie Shiyu.

Lin Lan only then realized what he had said, so he scrambled to right himself, “I’m not suspecting Xie ge—I just…”

“You’re not wrong.”

Chu Feng had thought about this long ago.

“The bomb only activated after Second Secondary School’s stop.”

Lin Lan ransacked his memory and realized his ge was right.
He had boarded the bus at the same bus stop while lots of Xie ges got off.

There were a few students Xie ges left on the bus, no doubt getting off at the next stop—Second Secondary School East Gate.

Right after the bus drove past Second Secondary School, the bomb began its countdown.
If it continued its path and stopped at Second Secondary School East Gate, the bomb would go off immediately.
Had Chu Feng not stopped it, all the Xie Shiyus there would have died.

“Ge.” Lin Lan connected the dots.
“Which stop were you supposed to get off on?”

“Second Secondary School.”

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