>5-year-old Xiao Shiyu was confined to one spot, worried that Chu Feng was worrying, he reassured, “I’m fine.”

Under the intense flame, the wires holding the lift up, in a place they couldn’t see, gradually began loosening.

The heat was so unbearable Chu Feng could hardly keep his eyes open.
He took another step forward, poking his entire upper body into the shaft and reaching a hand out for Xiao Shiyu.

“I’ll catch you!”

Xiao Shiyu could tell that Chu Feng was risking his life in order to save him.
Even if he was wearing protective clothing, it was still incredibly dangerous.

“Take a few steps back.”

Xiao Shiyu bore with the pain, wearing his melted shoes and taking a few steps forward, and kneeling down.
This way, Chu Feng wouldn’t have to work so hard to save him.

Xiao Shiyu reached out his small hand through the gap of the lift.

Just a bit more.

Time remaining: 2 minutes

Chu Feng disregarded the boiling temperature, holding onto the metal frame of the lift, going on his tiptoes, and reaching his hand out further…

He caught him!

Chu Feng’s hand brushed past Xiao Shiyu’s.

Yet, the second those hands managed to touch each other, right before they could hold on—


The wires holding the lift up snapped!


In an instant, both the lift and the person inside had fallen down! Down and down, into the burning sea of flames.

Xiao Shiyu fell!

Chu Feng’s mind was filled with white noise—

In the next instant, he had already followed after him, jumping into the burning pit!

—Chu Feng fell straight down the lift shaft, everything flashing past his eyes.
There was only 1% of his oxygen tank left, and thick wisps of smoke clogged his nostrils.

Chu Feng thought, I wonder which will kill me first, the smoke, fire, or gravity?

When he was six feet under, he could ask Xie Shiyu to guess with him.

—Down, down.

Yet the sharp, stinging pain he anticipated never came.

I guess death wasn’t actually that painful after all.
He thought.
Did Xie Shiyu feel like this when his plane crashed too? It doesn’t seem to be too bad…

The eternal darkness he anticipated never came either.

—…Have I died or not?

Chu Feng felt as if he was floating.
There was a hand hooked under his knees, supporting him, letting him rest against a warm chest.

—Do all the grim reapers reap souls like this?

Chu Feng opened his eyes.

“Don’t move.”

A hoarse voice sounded next to his ear.

The man carrying him was very tall.
He wore a metallic gray coat and his silver gun shot out extinguishing fluid from his back.
It was as if winter had descended, calming the raging flames.


As the last spark of flame flickered out of existence, amber eyes turned to look at him.

“I’m not late, am I?” X smiled.

Chu Feng stared at X.
They were at the lift shaft on level one, the fire that once surrounded them had all been extinguished by X and quickly cooled down, snowflake-like foam floated around them.
X was currently holding up the extinguished lift with one arm, so easily it felt like he was holding a small cake on a plate instead.
Xiao Shiyu, who had been fished out of the lift, was currently on X’s back with a face of displeasure.

“…Chu Feng!” Five-year-old Xiao Shiyu climbed onto X’s shoulders and jumped into Chu Feng’s embrace, wrapping his hand around his neck, asking for a hug.

“It’s fine, we’re fine now.”

Chu Feng held tightly onto the Xie Shiyu in his embrace, patting his back gently.
There was no telling whether he had been comforting himself, or Xie Shiyu.

The ashes left behind from the fire were like dust particles, floating about in the air, landing softly onto Chu Feng’s eyelash.
X watched as the person in his embrace held the child tightly, his eyes closed but without tears.
The only telltale sign of his worry was his slightly trembling shoulders.

So this is what he looks like in danger, X had a sudden thought.

Despite having a bomb tied to his body, the beauty had still managed to calmly act out an entire scene in front of him.
Yet, after almost losing the kid, he had been so close to despair that he had mindlessly jumped into a lift shaft—which was no different from committing suicide.

X felt a little emotional.
He looked at 5-year-old Xiao Shiyu and asked, “Is this your child?”


“He doesn’t look like you.”


Xiao Shiyu reached out a hand and smacked X.

“Don’t touch him!”

“His leg’s injured.” X helplessly blinked his eyes.

Xiao Shiyu lowered his head and saw a huge cut on Chu Feng’s thigh, still dripping with blood.
He was probably cut by the deformed metal near the lift door.

Xiao Shiyu’s face crinkled and Chu Feng immediately held him tighter.

“I’m fine, it’s just a surface wound.”

X carried Chu Feng and his “child”, stepping on dirt charred black, and walked out of the entrance on the first floor.

The fire on the second and third floor was still raging on, painting their background bright red, smoke reaching into the sky.

On the flat land in front of the kindergarten stood seventy high-pressure water guns.

X walked past it, the wind blowing his coat upwards.
With a wave of his hand—


All seventy high-pressure water guns began shooting at the burning kindergarten, water raining down like a storm.

Three Xiao Shiyus stood in a small forest 500 meters away from the kindergarten, anxiously waiting and waiting, waiting and waiting…

Until they saw a stranger carrying Chu Feng out of the fire, walking towards them!

—And it was a princess carry!!


[Xiao Xie Manual] notified him:

[Red Hat Xiao Xie]

[Squeaky Shoes Xiao Xie]

[Popsicle Xiao Xie]

[Happiness -4]

Chu Feng: …

When they finally stepped foot into the small forest, 5-year-old Xiao Shiyus ran towards him.
Chu Feng got out of X’s embrace, knelt down, and opened his arms.
Xiao Shiyus ran with their small legs, jumping into Chu Feng’s embrace one by one.

“Chu Feng! Chu Feng! Chu Feng!”

“Call me ge.”

“No!” All four of them answered at the same time.

“Scoot over!” Xiao Xie with the water gun pushed Squeaky Shoes Xiao Xie.
“You’re squeezing me!”

“You should scoot over! Chu Feng already hugged you just now, I bet his arms are all sore!”

“Alright, alright.” Chu Feng laughed and hugged all four of them.
Five-year-old Xiao Shiyu was cute.
Their small hands and faces were soft and they stood beside him, alive and kicking.
The happiness it brought him could rival heaven.

X stood behind Chu Feng and couldn’t stop himself from asking, tone a little incredulous, “You… gave birth to 4 kids?”


Chu Feng had already rolled his eyes in his mind, too lazy to explain.

Red Hat Xiao Xie hmph-ed, burrowing his head into the crook of Chu Feng’s neck, asking, “Who is this weird uncle?”

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